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This is a testimony sent to me by one of my readers. Jody wrote in response to my recent article “Effective Prayer,” which got me thinking that articles/stories such as this would be a great way to encourage others that God is on the side of believers in Christ, and He does answer prayer in His timing (usually at the very last minute) when we have exhausted all effort and find ourselves in desperate need.

Hi Jim,

I had a very similar experience to your food prayer in this article. It was the first answered prayer God ever gave me, and I have NEVER forgotten it. In my case, God did not provide money but the actual food from the hand of a very standoffish person I worked with.

One night, I had exactly $1.00 in my bank account and no food in the house. And I have hypoglycemia, so I need to eat regularly. I was not getting paid until the next day and had no idea how I would cope without food for the next 24 hours. I worked the night shift and left my apartment that evening to head to work. In the hallway of the apartment complex, I said a prayer to God. I said, “Lord, you know I need to eat, and you know I have no money and don’t get paid till tomorrow. Will you please provide something for me to eat tonight?” Then I continued out to my car and headed to work.

Once at work (I was a little early), I took my bag upstairs and set it at my station, and then headed back downstairs to the cafeteria to relax before my shift. As I was coming down the stairs, a coworker that I had hired in with and attended training with was coming up the stairs. In her hand, she had a McDonald’s bag. As we passed, she looked at me and said, “Jody, would you like this McDonald’s meal? I only bought it because I had to get the Dances with Wolves video that came with it.” This was the early 90s, and that movie was relatively new and had just come out.

I can tell you that I almost fell down the rest of those stairs; I was so shocked. I gladly accepted her offer and then headed to the cafeteria and ate my meal that the Lord had just so graciously provided. I also have to say that this was not the friendliest girl I’ve ever known either. Pretty standoffish and not warm or touchy-feely. So God not only provided exactly what I asked for, but He also used the most unlikely person to do it. A few years later, I heard that this girl became a Christian.

From that moment on, my faith was cemented, and I knew I could count on God no matter what. Answered prayer doesn’t come as instantaneously as that one did anymore, but He is still just as faithful even when it takes longer. I am currently going on 10 years waiting for the fulfillment of my last prayer of this kind (regarding finances and housing).

When I read your article, I knew you’d be able to appreciate my comment. Thanks for sharing, and I enjoy reading your articles at Rapture Ready.

God bless you,


LATER, after I asked Jody for permission to share this story. Jody wrote:

I can’t say I’ve had many (miracles) like that, but I have had a few more and had much bigger ones happen.

That same job terminated me in 1998 due to illness, and I asked God if He would like me to fight the termination or walk away. The word came back to fight but that the battle would be His and not mine. Two years later, I walked back into that job after beating them in federal court. He always comes thru when I let Him choose the answer and the action. The result did not surprise me, but more than a few people were in awe and amazement, and I made sure I gave all the glory to Him. I hope a few people came to know Christ thru that answered prayer.

I’ve also had some equal disasters when I have not allowed Him to choose or asked Him what to do.

I don’t mind a bit if you use my story. Just let me know when you do so that I can read it and save it. Thanks! I love to talk to people who also know God this way and have similar experiences. I don’t know many people that allow God this level of control over their lives.

Best wishes,



If you would like to share your story about God’s faithfulness, send it to me, and let’s see if and how God can use YOUR testimonial. Please try to make it two pages or less and try not to ramble too much (as I often do).


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