First, Do No Harm :: By Geri Ungurean

I remember when I was a little girl – my pediatrician had a Norman Rockwell painting hanging on his wall. Many of the readers will remember the painting with a little boy bending over to receive a shot. I viewed my doctor as a little bit under God. I don’t mean that in a flippant or blasphemous way.


I figured that my mother trusted the doctor; therefore, I also trusted him implicitly. After all, no good mom would place their precious child’s welfare in the hands of just anyone, right?

I had ear infections frequently as a child. I knew that my mom would be rushing me off to the doctor’s office for antibiotics prescription.


We rejoiced when we were vaccinated against Polio. In years to come, the MMR vaccine was regularly given so that the body would recognize the Viruses and quickly wage war against these microscopic offenders. And the body remembered them so that the same person would become immune to the disease.

Doctors who Play God – THEY THINK

Brethren, our bodies are so miraculous. God created the body to heal itself. He also has given many doctors medical knowledge for treating us when we need more help.

But some doctors actually have the “god” complex and are determined that they alone must be the healers. Doctors are scientists and, therefore, are mostly atheists.

Can you imagine a person who desperately tries to heal a very sick patient yet shuns and mocks prayer on behalf of the person? Well, that sums up the majority of doctors.

Enter COVID-19

Something was just not “right” from the very beginning with Covid-19. Something was going on, and it seemed planned and manipulated.

The actions of Tony Fauci and others were nefarious. My CNN-watching family thought that I had lost my mind when I announced that I would not be getting the jab.

I tried to explain to them that Covid was not fatal in almost all cases. I would ask them if these doctors had our best interests in mind, then why did they reject drugs like HCQ and Ivermectin? Both of these medicines showed promising results in patients, and these are approved by the FDA.

And oh, by the way, both meds are very Cheap.

Covid 19 is the ultimate worldwide Genetic Experiment on the human race. Yes, it has to do with depopulation, but it goes further. This is mostly about Power and Money and the so-called Globalist Great Reset.

No surprise there, right?

It seemed like overnight they had the public convinced that these meds were dangerous.

Fauci instantly became America’s hero.

Back to Trusting doctors… OR NOT

It presents such a conundrum for those of us to seek health providers who have taken the proverbial Blue Pill, and if the patient dares to ask for HCQ or Ivermectin (even as prophylactics), they are looked upon as nut jobs or just plain ignorant.

Back to DO NO HARM

So, brethren, is it not glaringly obvious that the “do no harm” mantra is the exact opposite of the fast-tracked jabs, which usually take 5-10 years to be brought to market?

The jabs are causing HARM in a big way. Devastating life-altering side effects and deaths are grossly under-reported.

Praise God in heaven that doctors and lawyers all across the world are pooling their resources to educate the public about the dangers associated with the shots.



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