Police State Looming :: By Jim Towers

owersLiberals would have us think they know what’s best for us, the American people. Why is that? Because the “Deceiver” (Satan, Lucifer) has planted in their minds that they possess the ultimate answers to everything by osmosis. They never stop to think that there are other beings (God and Satan) who possess mental powers vastly more powerful than they can even imagine, and so they go about positing theories and cures for the nation’s ills. Inwardly though, for them, it’s all about power and control, and yes, money too. Now they would like to stifle free speech.

I dropped out of Facebook, first of all, because they began interfering in what I had to say about certain’ politically correct’ things. As all of you know, I try to tread lightly on political issues unless they threaten our God-given rights or our very lives. They were even willing to shut down our president, who was only speaking truth about the sordid swamp that dominates our government.

Today I got an email from a website called “Frank” – named as in “Let’s be frank with one another.” They sent me three videos, one of which was produced by Mike Lindell, the My Pillow Man, a man who is dedicated to exposing the voter fraud perpetrated by the Chinese Communist government – among others. With this new evidence, Mike hopes to overturn the presidential election through the Supreme Court. In the video, Mike Lindell interviews a cybersecurity expert who has (along with others) deciphered raw encrypted data known in his area of expertise as Pcaps, which are set in stone – as it were – and cannot be doctored in any way. These transmissions tell the full story of how the Chinese Communist Government stole votes from Trump to give to Senator Biden and how many.

Upon receiving the email, I eagerly tried to open the video files but failed in the attempt. Then looking down at the bottom of the email, I read that the file was no longer available. (They do this with all videos with opposing views.)

This now happens more often than ever before and if it has anything to do with President Trump. Nobody has been vilified and threatened more than he. They are deathly afraid of him and those who speak truth to power. You would think he was Hitler come back to life when in reality, it is the Left who are hell-bent on abortion, euthanasia, and as of late, Covid inoculations that are killing and maiming countless men, women, and now children too. If they didn’t have something to hide (and they do), then they would let Trump have his say, but you and I know that Communist Liberals are determined to have their cake and eat it too – at our expense, and so they stifle free speech and indoctrinate our children to their sordid way of life.

Today, Liberals are doing everything they can to dismantle all the good things that President Trump instituted, things like tariffs for Chinese goods, a fence at our southern border, and exploiting our own oil. At the same time, they are once again building bridges with our sworn enemies, Communist China and Iran, and giving them money to buy their fealty.

We Christians can’t be church mice any longer and must – in a loving way – reach the blind sheeple with the truth of scripture. But with the way things are going since Liberals took over, I can’t help but believe a police state is looming on the horizon. That means our freedoms will be taken away one by one—first, the freedom to gather in groups (as in church settings). Then the muzzling of opposing points of view will be more rigorously enforced – dubbed as hate speech. Already the powers that be are trying to make us have proof of vaccination to travel from one state or province to another. In Canada, that law is already in place, and you can be arrested for not being inoculated.

In Florida, the Governor talked about this problem with the many Cruise lines in the state who wanted just such a law. No vaccination, no travel aboard a cruise ship was about to be implemented. But somehow, Governor De Santis’ rejection of that plan was implemented – for the time being. But you can rest assured that the Left will come up with something else to take away our basic freedoms. Soon they will try to take away our guns like Beto O’Rourke said he would do when running for office.

By tying the hands of Conservatives, they hope to take away our God-given rights of free speech, not to mention the freedom of assembly and right to bear arms – but this only applies to Conservatives while they (Liberals) can let Antifa and BLM loot and burn and raise hell across the county. In fact, they encourage violence whenever it helps them win approval from their constituency, which, more often than not, are Godless troublemakers.

With Rachel Levine (a man who thinks he’s a woman) at the helm of health and human services and other freaks of nature in the present administration, the Left is determined to bring right-thinking conservatives down to their level of depravity. We must therefore be vigilant and do all we can to stop the madness. God is not the author of confusion and is certainly against burning and looting.


I just finished reading an excellent book by a budding writer who has already had his first three books on the top 10 list in the country – Jason Chaffetz.

Jason Chaffetz pulls no punches and doesn’t try to dazzle with his extensive vocabulary. Telling it like it is in Washington D.C., he’s been there and done that. As a congressman who was the chairman of the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, he was privy to the deception, treason and criminality that takes place every day in politics, beginning with Hillary Clinton, Obama, and James Comey. Not that Republicans are immune, but most scandals and criminality are committed by Liberals. The title of this new book is They Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste.

Although I, for one, find it hard to do, we are admonished by Christ Jesus to “Bless those who curse you and pray for those who despitefully abuse you.” In light of where these people are headed in the hereafter – I would heartily agree.


Jim Towers

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