Sniffles, Common Cold, or Yearly Influenza? :: By Jim Towers

As I entered the emergency room of a local hospital a couple of weeks ago, I was confronted by a sign on the front desk that said videos were not allowed to be taken of the inside of the facility. This sent up red flags that something hidden was happening there. What were they hiding? Could it be the fact that people weren’t dying all over the place with doctors and nurses running back and forth trying to save their lives? Has Covid struck again? I was there for a checkup and stayed for the better part of a day and couldn’t help but notice how quiet it was. The hallways were empty as well.

I’ve had the common cold accompanied by an occasional cough for three days now, better known as the “sniffles.” This yearly malady got me thinking, whatever happened to this and the other yearly culprits everyone used to come down with? No one complains about these once-a-year happenings anymore. Everything is Covid this – Covid that, and having recovered from Covid is a badge of honor for some even though the recovery rate is over ninety percent, while even the yearly flu is more deadly to the infirmed and elderly – as it has always been.

I would be remiss to say that the covid pandemic is only a ruse posited by world leaders to keep their people in line, but what are we to think when the former vice president of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals says that covid has been blown all out of proportion and that it can’t transition from one virus to another? In third-world countries that had little resources, the virus took its toll and helped to polish off the elderly and infirmed.

Yet Dr. Anthony Fauci keeps insisting that we need to keep wearing useless masks and getting shots that have harmed many people and even killed some. While the odds are small, who would want to take a chance in being crippled in some way for the rest of their lives?

The virus began in China and happened at a time that the Chinese government was trying to suppress the riots going on in Wuhan (the very place that houses the bacteriological or biological warfare laboratory with whom Dr. Fauci and Obama were doing business at the time.) The timing couldn’t be better for some sort of sinister plot to unfold since the presidential election was just beginning.) The timing was perfect to subdue the Democrats’ enemies once and for all. Little did they know that the man-made virus would transmit so readily and cause problems on a worldwide scale. The Covid virus began threatening the whole world.

There is no doubt that some hospitals are propheteering from this virus. Pharmaceutical companies are also profiting immensely from the Covid plague.

Incidentally, the latest offerings of vaccines haven’t proven to be perfected and are faulty, causing more harm than good. Many of them in China of all places. Could it be that the Chinese government is so intent on being a dominant force in the world that they would cause harm to others just to be so?

I’m not much for made-up stories or for conspiracy theories. There is enough confusion going around these days without having to make things up or even expanding on conspiracy theories. The reality of life today is one of which a hardened politician recently said, “I’m scared!”

The whole world is in a state of flux as it pertains to the viruses and vaccines, with no one knowing what can be done about this epidemic. That is why I think it could be a “God thing” as opposed to human error or contrivance. Could God be saying, “I’ll finish what you have started? Doesn’t the God of the Bible say, “I will have them in derision”? In other words, just as people are saying “there is no God,” God will make a mockery of their arrogant insolence.

Perhaps, just like in the past, God may let things play out to the advantage of the perpetrators until they hang themselves by their own devices and means. That is to say that if this/these new strains of Covid were created by evil men to kill or subdue others, it could be that God is letting the perpetrators achieve some of their goals to see how far they will go before bringing down the hammer.

At the same time, although others may pray in earnest – it is too little – too late.

Until something of the magnitude of Covid strikes home, then life goes on nonchalantly as before without giving God due thanks or even acknowledgment or respect.

Although many are panicking, we have yet to see people repenting of sin in large numbers, and life goes on as usual with killings, riots, and ungodly perversion.

Some are saying that life will never be the same again since Covid 19 swept the earth.

To get vaccinated or not is a hard decision to make, given the horror stories out there of people experiencing neurological disorders and even death for taking the vaccine.

Was the Covid virus man-made? Did God engineer this plague in accordance with his prophetic warning, or does God use man-made means to chastise evildoers? Taken in conjunction with other prophetic scripture, it appears that latter-day prophecies are being fulfilled before our very eyes.

Wars and rumors of war, signs and wonders prevail in the heavens with UFO sightings and crazy weather patterns everywhere. Speaking of UFOs, I am on the way to the book store to get a copy of the newly released book by retired general Professor Haim Eshed of the State of Israel – titled The Universe beyond the Horizon just to see what he has to say.

The best we can do is be prepared for any eventuality, and by that, I don’t mean just stocking up on food but preparing to meet our creator as well.

Get right with God by doing His will and not always your own. “You shall find God when you seek Him with your whole heart.”


Jim Towers

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