What Living a Lie Looks Like :: By Gene Lawley

Living a lie means denial of truth, and denial of truth requires constant vigilance to keep your tracks covered. However, if you have the authority to demand that denial, then the truth is kept hidden a little longer. In the spiritual arena, denial of truth is sinful, and the Scripture says you can “be sure your sin will find you out!” (Numbers 32:23). In fact, it is the very foundation of the unpardonable sin when the truth is known and then rejected decisively (Mark 3:28-29).

In the 2020 election, the evidence of fraud and compromise is rampant—that means tremendous! Yet, this evidence never got a fair hearing—well, let’s say, “No hearing at all.” Election officials, secretaries of state, local and district court judges, the Supreme Court—all refused to look at the evidence. Now there has been time to allow a more intensive investigation by those who care, and the bank of condemning evidence continues to rise.

Just like we have seen displayed in Communist countries and other dictatorships around the world, suppression of truth is maintained with great vigilance and harsh penalties. You don’t have to wait long nor look hard, now, to see how this is developing in America. The devious purpose for America is the intent of those who tell us “the future is bright and everything is just great.” It really shows up as they shut down our energy independence, open our borders, and call evil good and good evil by rejecting law and order.

The Supreme Court votes for equality of morality with immorality, with the Chief Justice leading the vote. A pestilence called Covid-19 allows an excuse to isolate potential victims into camps made for the situation, but for an alternative reason—but wait, is that still future? Covid-19 is working great for the purpose of “dumbing down” the nation’s children in order to have more submissive slaves in the future. Socialism needs a horde of people who have no challenging motivation to improve themselves.

What are some signs of living a lie that is becoming the hallmark of Biden’s first few weeks in office, along with his stated intentions for the future? Along with those mentioned above, they are truly massive:

  • The immediate cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline construction. In Biden’s view, energy independence is much worse than putting hundreds of people out of work, thus increasing unemployment. A goal he vowed to reverse in defiance of “Trump’s failure” to increase employment. That is what living a lie looks like.
  • As sudden as the defunding of the border wall construction was the opening the border to all comers, including criminals of the worst kind, people and drug trafficking, and you name it for all kinds of destructive possibilities. It is all for the desire to add to votes for the Democrat Party’s power grab as well as increasing the US population with subservient, dependent people for a Socialistic state. This is what living a lie looks like.
  • Establishing an all-out support for the agenda of the LBGTQ+ to push for forced equality of immorality with morality in every specter of life in America. Dignity and respect are demanded for those who chose to live lives of immorality. That is what living a lie looks like.
  • The T in LBGTQ+ means “trans-gender,” a Pandora’s Box of demands that no one can point to a youngster’s private biological makeup and know what gender the person is. Parents must wait until the child can decide for himself or herself (themselves) what gender they want to be. It has ruined women’s sports activities when a biological male maintains he is a woman and thus must be allowed to compete as a female. This is what living a lie looks like.
  • Two cities in Massachusetts have now voted to be havens of “families” that are made up of three or more adults united in “marriage.” Will the many sanctuary cities be next in line? That is what living a lie looks like.
  • Gearing up for an all-out battle for solving the “man-made climate change crisis before it is too late.” Their plan is to cease the use of fossil fuels by stopping oil drilling and processing in favor of wind power and solar power. At the same time, America is suffering under heavy freezing temperatures and power outages. Wind turbines freeze up because their oil freezes—a fossil fuel product needed for the wind mills to run. That’s what living a lie looks like.
  • The intent to reinstate as many social medicine programs as possible when it turns out that the government cannot get the new virus vaccines out to the people who are in greatest need immediately.
  • The idea that raising taxes on the rich by reversing Trump’s tax cut is a foolish notion. Taxing the rich 100 percent would only fund the government about a week, so the result of such a plan always ends up hitting the middle taxpayers a lot more. Plus, those who build things and hire workers are those who have the financial means. No poor person will be able to do that. So, it is a falsehood, and that is what living a lie looks like.
  • The idea of defunding police, protecting criminals with sanctuary cities and allowing crime to go unchecked with encouragement to organizations that openly focus on eliminating law and order, such as Black Lives Matter, when they have no interest in the welfare of black lives, in actuality. That, too, is what living a lie is like.
  • Are there more? No doubt but that we will see open destruction of American sovereignty in order that their New World Order might be successfully in place. The Scriptures clearly show there is no question about what happens to a house built on sand—the sand of deception and fraudulent principles thrust forward as truth. Beware, for it is doomed for destruction, as the winds of truth reveal its lack of a strong foundation. (See Matthew 7:24-27.)

As Isaiah, the prophet, looks forward with his eternal words of warning—”Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20)—for that is what living a lie looks like.

That very descriptive phrase in John 10:10a tells more than it seems to tell when the word “only” is thoughtfully considered:

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy….”

That thief is already on the scene, working quietly in the shadows. He is stealing, killing, and destroying—stealing authority in elections, killing babies in the womb by the millions, destroying freedom for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” That thief will soon ride into public on a white horse, “conquering and to conquer,” meaning steady progress toward his goal of a claim to be God and demanding that all people worship him (Revelation 6:2 and 2 Thessalonians 2:4). He can only steal, kill and destroy. There is not one ounce of good in him. None.

It seems obvious, to me at least, that we are experiencing the fulfillment of prophecy told in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-8 where the “falling away from lawfulness” is predicted. It looks like the nation, and the world, is beginning to adopt the characteristics of the Sodom of Genesis 19. America has been the citadel of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” before the whole world, and those who long for her destruction have known that her sovereignty stands in the way of their purposes. Thus, we have no borders, essentially, and therefore, we are no longer a nation with independent sovereignty. That tale is being told almost every day now.

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