His Timing Is Perfect :: By Dennis Huebshman

There are people today, including myself, that wonder why we’re still here. After all, Jesus, Paul, James, John, Peter and other prophets gave us signs to look for, and every one of them, except for the Rapture and the appearance of the antichrist, are here right now. (all emphasis mine)

The Ezekiel coalition has been formed for the first time in history, and God has made sure that Russia, Iran and Turkey are in desperate need of resources to survive. Then, there sits tiny Israel with all those natural gas and oil reserves, and they appear ripe for the picking. The “big three,” and some lesser nations that will join them, are having the “hook” set, just as God said it would be. Ezekiel 38:4; “And I will put hooks into your jaws, and I will bring you out, and all your army, horses and horsemen; all of them clothed in full armor; a great host; all of them with buckler and shield, wielding swords.”

This will be the attack on Israel by what would appear to be overwhelming forces that, under normal circumstances, would be able to wipe Israel out in no time at all. However, the Heavenly Father has other plans, and when the dust settles, it will be obvious that He, not Israel, defeated the masses that attacked them. Ezekiel 39 describes the destruction, and at the end of the conflict, all Israel will know that the Lord God Jehovah protected them. The tribulation will still take place, and before it’s over, the Jews will be severely persecuted. However, the surviving remnant will enter the Millennial reign under the guidance of Jesus Himself.

Sadly, even with Jesus on the throne at Jerusalem, there will still be those who will turn away from Him during that 1,000 years. The final conflict will take place at the end, and Jesus will put it down with just a word from His mouth.

Matthew 24:43-44 and Luke 12:39-40 say that if the homeowner knew what day and hour the thief was coming, he would have been ready at that time. Jesus went on to say that we need to be ready for the “Son of Man” to come at an hour we do not expect. Human nature being as it is, if we knew for certain the moment that we would die or the moment the Rapture was to take place, many would wait right up to the last hour to call out to be saved. This is why it’s obvious that Jesus said we must be ready; right now.

No one knows for certain when they will take their last breath here. God provided many examples in His word about people who were unprepared. He also gives us the formula to follow so that we are constantly ready to leave here and be with Jesus. More about this further on.

Through Satan’s influence, false prophets are twisting God’s word to fulfill his evil plan to pull as many away from the Savior as possible. Saying that there’s plenty of time, or that we all worship the same god, or it really isn’t necessary to have Jesus in our lives are some of his most popular lies. How about, there’s really no such thing as hell, and even so, a loving God would not send anyone there. Before the creation of this earth, Lucifer went against the Father because of destructive self-pride and even had about 1/3 of the angels follow him (Revelation 12:4).

Today, there are more people that follow Satan than follow Jesus, which doesn’t surprise the Lord at all (Matthew 7:13-14). For Satan and his angels, or demons, there is no pathway to forgiveness. Jesus’ sacrifice was for all humans, as Satan and his demons had already been in the presence of the Lord God. They had witnessed His majesty and glory yet turned against Him anyway (Isaiah 14:12-14; Ezekiel 28:13-19; Revelation 12:7-9; Jude 1:6; and others). Hell was prepared specifically for Satan and his fallen angels, as stated in Matthew 25:41.

Having worked in several hospitals and then a number of years in law enforcement, I witnessed the deaths of hundreds of people of all ages and under a variety of circumstances. Some had terminal illnesses, yet even then, they weren’t sure exactly when they would die. More than a majority were people who started out a day not realizing it would be their last one here. If they could, they would most likely tell you they believed they had more time.

God knows the exact moment each of us will depart from this planet. As stated, He gave us ample signs of what would be happening at the end of this age. To prepare us, He has given us a great outline that would help us to be ready.

First and foremost, He knows we are all sinners, yet He loves us anyway (Romans 3:23; Romans 6:23; John 3:16-18). He sent a part of Himself, Jesus, to be the perfect sacrifice that would be able to cover our sins. There is no way possible that any other human could provide a pathway to the Father that would be acceptable.

Jesus is the only way, as stated in John 14:6, Acts 4:12, and Romans 5:8. We can do no works nor pay any price for our Salvation, as it’s provided by the Grace of our Savior and through the Mercy of our Father (Ephesians 2:8-9).

For the formula mentioned earlier, we have the ABCs of Salvation given in Romans 10:9-13.

A – Admit we’re all sinners and cannot save ourselves.

B – Believe and have faith that Jesus’ gift at Calvary was made for all who will receive and accept Him as their Savior. He died for us and was raised by God to conquer sin and death for us once and for all.

C – Confess we’re sinners, and call out to Him and ask for forgiveness and to save us.

Verse 13 says, “All who call on the name of the Lord will be saved.” That’s an absolute promise from our Heavenly Father.

He also says in numerous places that all who reject His Son will end up in the Lake of Fire after attending the White Throne Judgment of Revelation 20:11-15. Those that will already be in hell are the antichrist and false prophet (Revelation 19:20); then, 1,000 years later, Satan will join them (Revelation 20:10). There will be no pardons given; no forgiveness available for all who are at the Great White Throne. That judgment is final, and the sentence of hell is forever. And, no, God will not have sent anyone there other than Satan and the demons. It will be a choice that was made by every soul that will be in that long line.

God would rather have all to repent and seek forgiveness from Jesus and spend eternity in Heaven (2 Peter 3:9). He will force no one, as that wouldn’t be true love. All who go through the Judgments of Jesus will receive or lose rewards for what they did while here, yet their outcome will still be forever with the Savior, in their forever Home prepared by Him (John 14:1-3).

And now, a plea from one who has witnessed so many souls depart from their earthly bodies. Please, don’t wait another minute without Jesus in your life. Call out to Him and ask His forgiveness and to save you right now. An hour from now could be too late. He’s waiting and will accept all who put their faith and trust in Him.

The event of 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17 and 1 Corinthians 15:51-53 is just about here right now. It could be any second. This would be the Father keeping His promise to prevent all true believers in His Son from going through the Wrath/Tribulation. Once it starts, the events that will take place will be more terrible than has ever been on this earth. Your eternity – your choice.

Come, Lord Jesus!