Stupidocrisy: Biden True to His Word :: By Bill Wilson

During the campaign, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he was going to shut down the petroleum and coal industries, stop the border wall, and re-up the US in the Paris Climate Accords. Within his first week in office, he did most all those things and more through executive orders.

The stop-work order on the keystone pipeline killed 11,400 jobs. The American Petroleum Institute says halting oil and gas drilling on federal lands will cost a million jobs. The Chamber of Commerce estimates the Paris Climate reentry will cost 6.5 million jobs. All in all, the new president may have put over 7.5 million Americans out of work in his first week. Plus, his actions raised fuel costs, which raises the cost of everything.

On January 18, just before Joe Biden took office, the national average of gasoline at the pump was $2.464 per gallon. On March 1, it was $2.796, an increase of 33 cents per gallon or about 12% in only 40 days. Similarly, in January of 2009, just before Barack Obama was inaugurated, pump prices were $1.74 per gallon and rose to an average of $2.79 ($1.04 higher), and they peaked in 2013 at $3.53 and ebbed to a $2.14 per gallon average in 2016. I can actually remember paying over $4.05 per gallon several times during the Obama years.

Let us also remember that Obama’s economic policy increased unemployment to 9.6%, and the only reason it decreased was that 94.7 million Americans had given up and dropped out of the workforce. There were record numbers on welfare, and the economy grew at only 2.1% per year.

Under just four years of Donald Trump, the economy grew at an average of 2.5% per year, but the last year was mostly under COVID lockdown. Under the first three years of Trump, unemployment declined to 3.5%. Democrats and the mainstream news media like to say that Trump’s final employment report was far worse than any president, but they fail to say that the COVID lockdown turned Trump’s employment record upside down. Prior to the lockdown, the number of employed Americans broke 25 records, reaching an all-time high of 158.8 million. More Black folk were employed than in any time in US history.

All this is gone as Democrats lock down the economy, kill jobs, and vote to give you some small payment as a consolation.

The man comes out and says he is going to kill the oil and coal industries and do all these things that will financially harm every American. The city population areas vote him in anyway. Then he does it, costing us all, especially those poor fools who voted this guy into office.

Proverbs 18:2 says, “A fool has no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself.”

You would think that when a guy says he is going to put you out of work, raise your taxes, and his actions will raise the cost of living for everyone, that people would understand his words. But as Proverbs says, a fool has no delight in understanding. Say it with me… Stupidocrisy. Biden was true to his word. I smack my forehead and repeat: Stupidocrisy.

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