What Drives Liberals Mad? :: By Jim Towers

Writers on the Left are trying to come to terms with the resistance of conservatives to accept their stolen administration, asking themselves why can’t we all be friends. To criminal liberal writers, the resistant militants are all white, Christians, and gun owners who were upset over the recent election results and are hateful bigots just because they don’t buy into the liberal narrative and agenda.

While it’s true that most middle Americans are gun-owning patriots – most of them are pacifists. This can easily be proven by the fact that they let extremists infiltrate our institutions and try to destroy the country without lifting a finger. They had better things to do – like work.

Political Correctness was instituted by The Clintons, then expanded by Obama, and kept alive by Pelosi, Schumer and Joe Biden, who really don’t care about the politics involved but in making money hand over fist for themselves.

Now that Biden has usurped his position of power, he can pretend to be a gregarious leader simply by grinning a goofy grin and not engaging in serious political conversation. (It makes you wonder who is pulling the strings.) Wasting no time to undo the good that President Trump did, liberal communists continue to undermine the will of mostly conservative working people.

Forget that Trump was probably the most popular president we ever had; he has been vilified and hated by the Democrats just for being patriotic and bringing about change that would only strengthen our country instead of handing it over to communists, subversives, and sexual perverts.

The Democrats apparently hate our country and all that it stands for, namely life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They have supplanted life with the Planned Parenthood death machine. Liberty has been supplanted with gun control, and they are trying to stifle freedom of speech (which – if the ideas expressed aren’t to their liking or in line with their evil agenda – they harangue the writer, of which I am one. Ergo… I was constantly harassed by Facebook and finally decided to leave two weeks ago).

With the stroke of a pen, Joe is taking us back to the dark ages imposed on us by previous presidents whose only aim was to enlarge their offshore bank accounts. We are going back to the legacy of corruption they have ingrained in society.

If Ghislaine Maxwell were to tell us all she knows about corrupt politicians, lawmakers, and prominent people in government, our whole system of government would collapse and meld into a putrid mass of corruption, murder, pedophilia and sex slavery. But would Hunter Biden or Hillary Clinton even be prosecuted for their open crimes? Probably not. There are far too many criminals walking free in the halls of Washington D.C.

These assorted criminals seem not to understand that they will also face persecution at the hands of killers that are worse than they are and that they will be roasted or thrown off high buildings with their hands tied behind their back. (Unless you live under a rock, you would be familiar with the images of ISIS doing so a couple of years ago.) Still, they go about trying to pretend that the Democrats’ communist agenda is the right one to adhere to. Incredible!

I think it’s safe to say that God has left us to our own misguided devices for abandoning Him and His guidelines. We’re left to go our own way, a way that can only lead to hellish chaos on earth.

Speaking of hell on earth, it appears that the Tribulation period is right around the corner, and it’s only a matter of time that all we fear or dread will be upon us. Imagine with me, if you will, human holding pens for indoctrination (brainwashing) into communism, lack of food, medical experiments on your body, chains, guillotines, graves, and the stench of rotting bodies. Such is the fate of those living during that period in time. It’s not a pretty picture.

Soon, and just before the tribulation period, the rapture of the church will take place. It will happen without warning – one day, you will be working, and you or your coworker will disappear, and one of you will be left behind to endure the cleansing that will take place. Maybe you will be in bed with your spouse, and you suddenly wake up alone. According to scripture, people from all walks of life and everywhere will suddenly disappear from all parts of the world. These are the chosen ones who have put their faith in Christ Jesus; all others will remain to face God’s wrath during the tribulation period.

In the meantime, pestilence and diseases will continue to spread throughout the world. Storms of various kinds will increase exponentially, and the seas will pitch and roil as earthquakes open up fissures everywhere. Panic will abound – even as pilotless airplanes crash to earth and driverless eight-wheelers plow into automobiles and people.

In the meantime, U.S. citizens will be required to wear two masks – one over the other, I presume, and take a vaccine that has proven to be fatal or debilitating to many. In desperation, they will do anything the government asks of them. Those who resist will be thrown into re-educating camps to indoctrinate them in the ways of communism. Already, the framework is being assembled to implement this diabolical scheme.

If ever there was a place and time of spiritual cleansing, it will be here and now – the time of tribulation spoken of in the book of Revelation. A time when you can neither buy or sell or even grow your own food without permission from the One-World Government.

The One-World Government will rule supreme, and many will die.

This harrowing true-to-life scenario has been written about in my latest screenplay, “Pandemonium” – even as it becomes a reality.

Although all we want is a safe and stable society in which to work and play, the Godless socialists who have taken over the country are hard at work trying to circumvent our laws and constitutional rights, to lord over us. We conservatives must take a stand and not relinquish our God-given rights. We all have a job to do – a calling as it were – to fulfill a job only you are gifted to do.

When I hear a Christian say, “I just want to be taken away from it all,” I wonder what would happen if that desire was granted? Without Holy Spirit-filled people doing what they’ve been called to do, our country will most certainly fall apart from the unsustainable weight of sin and iniquity in it and its governance – something that will ultimately happen during the rapture of the church.


Jim Towers

Write me at jt.filmmaker@yahoo.com or visit my webpage www.propheticsignsandwonders.com or visit www.dropzonedelta.com (Warriors following Christ).