Are You Worshiping a Cult or Jesus Christ? :: By Geri Ungurean

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world” (1 JOHN 4:1).

“For when they speak great swelling words of emptiness, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through lewdness, the ones who have actually escaped from those who live in error. While they promise them liberty, they themselves are slaves of corruption; for by whom a person is overcome, by him also he is brought into bondage. For if, after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they are again entangled in them and overcome, the latter end is worse for them than the beginning. For it would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than having known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered to them. But it has happened to them according to the true proverb: ‘A dog returns to his own vomit,’ and, ‘a sow, having washed, to her wallowing in the mire'” (2 PETER 2:18-22).


Brethren, is your pastor teaching from the Word of God, or is he teaching from his own mind and imaginations? Does he avoid Scriptures that might offend?

Does your pastor allude to the possibility that there are more paths to the Father in heaven than only through the Son Jesus Christ?

Is your pastor avoiding Bible Prophecy, the Book of Revelation, and all Scriptures which speak of the Rapture, saying to you that it is a profoundly confusing book and cannot be discerned by men and women?

Does he never talk about Israel, or if he does, is it in a negative manner?

Does your pastor teach that homosexuality is something to be embraced by the children of God – and to not do this is sinful?

Does your pastor never speak of the great sin of Abortion?

Is sin spoken of in your church, and the need for repentance before a person can truly be saved?

Does your pastor give the unsaved the opportunity to understand and hopefully receive the Gift of Salvation at each service? (like Pastor JD Farag and the ABC’s of Salvation)

When speaking about God, does your pastor only teach about God as LOVE – leaving out these attributes: RIGHTEOUS, JUST, and HOLY?

Does your pastor teach that the Bible is not to be taken literally?


If you became uncomfortable as you read the questions above because these are the things you are being taught or not taught, then the probability that you are sitting under a Wolf or Hireling is very great.


There was a young woman who had a huge following. Her name was Rachel Held Evans, and she was a teacher of the False “Social Justice” gospel. Rachel taught that God was only “Love” but left out His Holiness, Justice, and Righteousness.

She taught that a loving God would never reject any lifestyle. Of course, she was speaking of the LGBT movement. She taught all manner of heresies, and her following grew exponentially.

Rachel Held Evens died from unknown causes at the age of 37. Her family and her followers were devastated.

Here is an article I wrote about Evans before her death:

As Satan Comes Disguised as An Angel of Light – So Does RACHEL HELD EVANS: Pretty as a Picture Yet Slippery As a Snake

Paul said in 1 Corinthians 11:1:

“Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ.”

That admonition to the Christian is one of the most important Scriptures! Jesus warned us of the deception which was coming and had come already. To keep us safe, He had Paul write those words to only follow a person if that person follows Christ.

And that means to view the Word of God as inerrant and infallible. God never changes, and neither does His Word.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made” (1 JOHN 1:1-3).

Conservatism is NOT Christianity.

Somehow, the notion that if a person is Conservative in their political views, then that means they must be a follower of Christ. This could not be further from the truth.

My husband and I have volunteered at our local GOP headquarters in years past. We met many Conservatives who were not Christians. Many of them mocked the Bible, had no opinions about abortion, and obviously did not have a Biblical worldview.

Most of them were very wealthy and were against big government and high taxes. We feel the same about those issues, but first, we are Christians, and our worldview is Biblical.

The Devil lies in wait to deceive Christians.

Before the last election, I was sent many emails asking what I thought about QAnon. I suggested that people avoid that group completely. Many of the writers of those emails were tricked into thinking that because Q seemed to be Conservative, then they must be Christians.

Here is a Prophecy Update with Pastor Brandon Holthaus and Pastor Tom Hughes. Pastor Holthaus addresses QAnon in this: <watch video

The video is almost an hour long, but I urge the reader to make time to watch this. On a side note, Simon Parkes is a Q person. You know – the man who had millions tuning into his videos after the election, speaking of ‘secret intelligence’ he was receiving from D.C. He told his followers that President Trump would prevail and that Deep State would be rounded up and thrown into jail. He also says that his mother is a 9 ft tall reptilian alien. Need I say more about that?


Brethren, be very careful of where you land yourself on the internet. Satan, in his craftiness, is fooling many immature believers on New Age websites.

There is a site named “,” which I do NOT suggest that new or baby Christians visit. IF you choose to look at the content of this site – make sure that you PRAY that God will protect your mind and keep you safe from the enemy.

That site is NEW AGE on steroids. But they are also Politically Conservative, AND they talk about Jesus being Lord. The mature Christian will immediately see that the “Jesus” of whom they speak is NOT our Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

These people speak of aliens living among us. They talk about astral-projection, reincarnation, and channeling ascended masters. This is a site that all Christians should completely avoid!

Please tell friends and family about this. Be a watchman on the wall!

I went there so that I could write and warn the brethren about this New Age Cult. I will NEVER visit that site again. Please remember that Satan takes a bit of truth and then twists it. He even did this with our Lord Jesus in the wilderness! But our Lord came back every time with “IT IS WRITTEN.”

I pray that this article helped even one person who is being led astray.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


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