The Deception is Thick, and We Need Truth! :: By Geri Ungurean

And the so-called Vaccine is KILLING Many More Than We Are Being Told.

For the past year, my readership knows that I have done extensive research on Covid-19. When I do this research, I make sure that I am on credible websites, and I thoroughly vet the information.

I have researched Cytokine Storms, which is what ultimately kills most Covid-19 patients. Pastor Farag really did his homework in his last Prophecy Update. He is warning the brethren about these ‘pretend’ vaccines. For the rest of this article, I will refer to the vaccines as “Messenger shots.”

I have decided to place Pastor JD’s Prophecy Update in this piece, which I urge the reader to view in its entirety. I am also going to place my articles here so that the reader has a text version of what is happening as a reference. Print this out if possible.

There is a good chance that all of this information will disappear from the internet.

Here is Pastor JD’s Prophecy Update aptly named Something Isn’t Right. <Watch Pastor JD here.

I will be sharing my articles at the bottom of this piece, but first I would like the brethren to see a disturbing video. This courageous brother in Christ is telling the world the TRUTH about how many seniors are dying in nursing homes after receiving the Messenger Shot.

CNA Nursing Home Whistle Blower

Here are my articles, which I began to write after Covid-19 hit in 2020:

If the reader only reads ONE of my articles on Covid, THIS is the ONE:

First, here is an excerpt from the Cytokine Storm piece:

“The Chinese, the Americans, and the Europeans all got together and said, ‘We need to develop a vaccine against coronavirus.’ Around 2012, they had about 30 vaccines that looked promising. They took the four best of those and … manufactured the vaccines. They gave those vaccines to ferrets, which are the closest analogy when you’re looking at lung infections in human beings.

“The ferrets had an extraordinarily good antibody response, and that is the metric by which FDA licenses vaccines. Vaccines, as you know, are never tested in the field. They never give 5,000 people the vaccine, 5,000 people a placebo vaccine, and then tell them to go out and live life and watch what happens to those people. That never happens.

“The way that vaccines get licensed is that the FDA gives people a vaccine or the industry gives them the vaccines, and then they do a serological response [test to] see ‘Did you develop in your blood antibodies to that target virus?’ The ferrets developed very strong antibodies, so they thought, ‘We hit the jackpot.’ All four of these vaccines … worked like a charm.

“Then something terrible happened. Those ferrets were then exposed to the wild virus, and they all died. [They developed] inflammation (cytokine storm) in all their organs, their lungs stopped functioning, and they died.”

You will understand why they are administering the Second “dose” after you read the article. The second dose is the KILLER. The Second does bring about the Cytokine Storm!

The FATAL Covid-19 CYTOKINE STORM: What Is It and How the Coming Vaccine Could Actually CAUSE This

These articles are packed with information that the public needs to know:


Agenda 21 and the Plan to Depopulate our Planet by 95% by 2030

Doctors from Around the World: DANGER, DANGER – COVID 19 VACCINE IS DANGEROUS!

Just Do the Math – Covid-19 Could Kill Millions: A Letter of Warning From 50 Physicians in MA

The Georgia Guide Stones, Population Control and the Coming Antichrist: We Are So Close Now  (Brethren, THIS article explains the reason that the Eugenicists are killing a massive number of people right now.)

There are many more articles on Covid on my WordPress. Just go to the search box and type in the word “Covid.”

Brethren, PLEASE share this article with friends and loved ones. People need to be informed and not behave like cattle. I have devoted most of my days to researching so that I can write articles to educate the brethren on these perilous times! 

Covid-19 was made in a lab and released intentionally. ALL of this was planned out by the Globalists!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


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