Motives :: By Jim Towers

Motive 1. a reason for doing something, especially one that is hidden or not obvious. As in “a motive for his murder.”

The motive for most people for clamming up when everything around them is destroyed is generally self–preservation. Today we see it on a grand scale, especially in politics, while religion runs a close second. Is it any reason why people choose not to speak of religion or politics?

In politics, the politicians often make promises they can’t keep and friendships based on opportunity or monetary gain. I can’t help but think about those who have turned their backs on President Trump. Not necessarily that they were wrong in doing so, but rather, when it got hot in the kitchen, they chose to abandon him. With friends like that, who needs enemies? I would not care to share a foxhole with the likes of some of them.

The other motives I speak of are the motives of religious so-called “leaders and so-called latter-day apostles. These are people that will say anything to garner attention and a following of gullible people who don’t know scripture or who know just enough to get by.

Sad to say, but there are far too many Christians who are followers of these “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” as in those who make wild proclamations or so-called predictions concerning visions or dreams that they had. Obviously, these false prophets never read that false prophecies espoused by shrewd men that didn’t bear fruit were beheaded in the Old Testament. That ought to be enough to discourage anyone from making false statements as it pertains to prophecy.

The Old Testament prophets often passed out from fright at their encounters with Almighty God. Nevertheless, our modern-day prophets talk about encountering God as though He were a mere man.

Let me assure you that upon hearing His voice and experiencing a vision is not a pleasant experience, at least not for me. I’ve been there, done that as I write in my manuscript. I was so affected that I didn’t or couldn’t eat for days. The message was simple, containing about twenty words. The words were these: “Get those manmade ideas and philosophies out of your life and plant your feet firmly on the foundation Jesus Christ has already set.” Being an avid reader, I had just come back home with yet three more books from the public library. The titles were Think and Grow Rich, The Power of Positive Thinking, and Psycho-Cybernetics, as I had always been a reader. Having been a Christian for six years, and although I loved the Word of God, I just found it hard to believe its every word.

In any case, that existential experience laid me up for at least a month or so.

The reader can see I did not have a message for others, but the experience was directed specifically at me. During that time, I buried my nose in the scriptures and began to see things in a new light and with clearer understanding. Nevertheless, I advanced at a normal rate in my spiritual understanding as the Holy Spirit led. I was weaned from milk to being spoon-fed, to finally being able to chew – even the grisliest of meat (some things hard to swallow).

I’m sure you’ve heard people say God told me this, and God told me that, and so on and so forth. I remember a certain elderly man who claimed to be a doctor and who made appearances on the Trinity television show. He told of how he was transported to the throne of God in a vision where God told him he wouldn’t die and would survive to be included in the rapture. That was over twelve years ago, and the man has been stone cold dead for over ten years now. I can only surmise it was all just wishful thinking.

Wishful thinking where we talk to God as though He were Santa Claus or a rich old uncle may be only our imagination. Make very sure that what your mind tells you jibes with the Bible – which you might say is written in stone – just like the Ten Commandments.

A poem from my next book – a book of verse.


By Jim Towers

Awaken dear people, judgment is at hand. – Corruption and evil roam this once promised land.

Storm clouds are forming – unseen forces will clash – good against evil – life against death.

Surrounded by liars fully laden with sin. – We’ve been highjacked and robbed by corrupt, jaded men.

Our sweet, wounded county – once a beacon of light – to the rest of the world is now lost in the night.

By the saying of nothing – we let them take rule – inflicting confusion and unseemly rule.

Hard times may be coming – men taking up arms – will you be ready to stand in the storm?

Sons of perdition – harlots of fame – our day has come to be tested by flame.

God is not fooled, and come heaven or hell – one thing for certain, His truth will prevail.

We’ve been weighed in the balance – for our many bad deeds – no need to explain – we know where that leads.

Sons of perdition – harlots of fame – our day has come to be tested by flame.

God is not fooled, and come heaven or hell – one thing is for certain, His truth will prevail.

But if you love God, you have nothing to fear. – Stand on the Bible – unshakably true – inspired by our Father and delivered to you.


Jim Towers

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