11 Jan 2021



Record 22 Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters Struck the U.S. in 2020, by far a record number of such events in any year. The 22 disasters with damage estimates of at least $1 billion obliterated the previous record number in any year.

US: Yet again, North Pacific churns another explosive extratropical storm, now heads for Alaska with violent winds this weekend. There was a massive triple storm threat a couple days ago – Last weekend also – Also a monster storm New Year’s Eve. The North Pacific has been producing so many extratropical storms this winter, it’s hard to follow up. It reminds us of an incredibly active North Atlantic hurricane season last year that generated storm after storm and became the most active season on record.

South America: Intense rain and flooding killed four people in Bolivia on Monday. The storm lasted about 30 minutes.

China Power Demand Hits Record As Polar Vortex Split Pours Arctic Air Into Region, featuring a “dramatic temperature drop,” “significant wind-chill effect,” and “prolonged period of low temperature.” On Jan. 7, Beijing recorded the coldest day since the 1960s while cities such as the eastern port city of Qingdao recorded the lowest temperature in history.

Spain recorded its Coldest-Ever Temperature as Madrid prepared for Historic Snow. Spain registered its coldest temperature in recorded history on January 6 with Catalan Pyrenees logging a bone-chilling 34.1C (-29.3F). The reading busted the all-time low temperature record for the Iberian Peninsula–which also includes Portugal. Spain is forecast to have more record-breaking Arctic weather. Storm Filomena: Spain sees ‘exceptional’ snowfall. Three deaths have been reported so far.

Australia: Queensland hit by massive flooding as ex-tropical cyclone Imogen blasted through parts of the state’s north. Roads were cut off after a week’s rain fell in one day, while trees uprooted during wind gusts smashed cars and homes. More widespread heavy rainfall up to 300mm (nearly 12 inches) and damaging winds were forecast. Residents were warned to expect life-threatening flooding.

India: Historic low temperatures sweep North India; a month’s rain in a day hits Delhi. Heavy rains, snow, and a persisting cold wave have created difficult conditions. In Delhi, heavy rains have already surpassed its monthly average for January. The city also recorded its lowest temperature in 15 years, while Hisar had its coldest in 47 years.


Shallow M6.1 earthquake hits Andreanof Islands, Alaska. No people live within 100 km (62 miles). Overall, the population in this region resides in structures resistant to earthquake shaking.

Two strong earthquakes hit Kermadec Islands, New Zealand this week. The first was a 6.2 on January 6th, and the second was a 6.3 on January 8. There are no people living within 100 km (62 miles).

6.1 earthquake hits Sulawesi, Indonesia at intermediate depth. Overall, the population in this region resides in structures that are vulnerable to earthquake shaking.

Dec 29 6.4 Croatia earthquake aftershocks migrating north toward capital Zagreb; liquefaction, sinkholes reported. This is the strongest earthquake to hit Croatia since records began in 1880.

Another earthquake in Croatia January 6; a 5.0, triggering panic and damaging some buildings.

6.1 earthquake hit off the coast of Isangel, Vanuatu on January 8.


Indonesia: Mount Merapi volcano spews hot ash clouds, prompts evacuation. Hundreds of residents around Mount Merapi volcano on Indonesia’s Java Island were evacuated after the volcano spewed hot ash clouds on Jan. 7.


Lockdown Measures Catastrophic for Recovering Addicts, Mental Health. Depression has “skyrocketed” since lockdowns began. Recovering addicts are struggling even more now due to boredom, inability to see family and friends, and lack of social activities. Nationally, drug overdose deaths are at historic highs.

Young man commits suicide following false COVID-19 diagnosis. Mario Alberto, 29, from Mexico, experienced severe anxiety after taking a rapid COVID-19 test and receiving a positive result. While waiting for results of his second test, he was admitted to a coronavirus hospital ward where he decided to end his life. The second test came out negative after his untimely death.

Despite No Lockdown/Mask-Mandate, Florida Has Same Hospitalization Rate As 2018 Flu Season. From Daniel Horowitz:The entire pretext for shutting down our liberties is built upon misinformation…

The missing flu riddle: ‘Influenza has been renamed COVID,’ maverick epidemiologist says. “Influenza has been renamed COVID in large part,” said the former head of biostatistics, epidemiology and research design at Rockefeller University. [Good way to bump up those numbers, you know.]

The US Has Lost Over 110,000 Restaurants, Setting Stage for Commercial Real Estate Collapse of Epic Proportions. Adam Piper lamented the fact that over 100,000 U.S. restaurants have gone out of business during this pandemic. According to Bloomberg, it’s over 110,000.

FDA Admits PCR Tests Can Give False Results. Fauci, then WHO, now FDA admits false positives, but have until now done nothing about it, allowing daily fearmongering of soaring “cases” to enable their twisted 1984-esque controls. All they need do now is decide to cut the Ct for a “positive” PCR Test to, say 15x or 20x, and suddenly, we’re rescued from the “Dark Winter” as Biden’s plan can erroneously claim to have slashed positive cases dramatically. This also explains “disappearance” of the “flu” this season since they’ve actually blamed those on Covid to bump up their count and scare us peasants into subservience. [The so-called fact checkers dispute this.]

Top US Official Says ‘Growing Body of Evidence’ Shows COVID-19 Leaked from Chinese Lab. US National Security Adviser Matthew Pottinger said, “There is a growing body of evidence that the Wuhan lab is likely the most credible source of the virus.” [Note: Many traitors are in bed with Communist China, as we are discovering].

California: 1 dead, 60 infected in COVID-19 outbreak at San Jose Kaiser hospital. Blamed on air-inflated Christmas costume. A COVID-19 outbreak killed one and infected dozens of employees at a San Jose hospital after Christmas. The hospital said the spread “may” have been connected to an employee who appeared briefly in the ER wearing an “air-powered costume” Christmas Day. The person had no symptoms at the time. Dr. Chin-Hong explained how an inflatable costume could contribute to the spread of the virus: “These random air currents from the leak, in concert with the random movements creates an unpredictable flow….” The ER staff was first to receive the vaccine less than 10 days ago. The hospital says they wouldn’t have reached immunity yet since two doses are required to be protected.

About “Super-COVID” And Other Mutations. Viruses mutate; it’s their nature and can have many different results. Just the fact that the virus mutated is not a death knell. The new variant was discovered in the UK, so more research on it has been done there. UK Minister of Health Matt Hancock said there’s no evidence to suggest this mutation is deadlier than the one we’ve been dealing with.

Death of Florida doctor after receiving COVID-19 vaccine under investigation. Dr. Gregory Michael, 56, has died several weeks after receiving the vaccine, although it’s not yet clear whether his death was related to the shot. He died after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke apparently resulting from a lack of platelets. Michael’s wife said he sought emergency care three days after the shot because he had dots on his skin that indicated internal bleeding.

FDA staff recommends watching for Bell’s palsy in Moderna and Pfizer vaccine recipients. FDA staff recommends monitoring people who get Pfizer or Moderna’s Covid vaccine shots for possible cases of Bell’s palsy, saying it’s not necessarily a side effect but worth watching after a handful of trial participants got the condition, which causes half of your face to droop.

Over 1,000 people injected with a new COVID-19 vaccine have experienced an adverse event, with hundreds taken to emergency rooms. Still, health officials say the vaccines are safe for most people. A team led by allergists at Massachusetts General Hospital said allergic reactions generally happen at a rate of 1.31 cases per million vaccine doses. Reactions are frequently attributed to inactive ingredients in vaccines, they said. They recommended people administering vaccines ask about the history of severe allergic reactions. If people answer a certain number of questions in the affirmative, they should be skin-tested for PEG. If they test positive for that, they shouldn’t get one of the new vaccines.

In Israel, 21 retirement home residents tested positive for Covid after vaccination but before developing antibodies. Health officials say the 2-dose Pfizer vaccine “means” it’s only fully effective about 5 weeks after the first dose. 15,000 who received the first dose were screened; 428 confirmed positive for COVID; 12 hospitalized. Officials say it’s possible some were exposed to the virus before being vaccinated. Times of Israel reported that out of nearly a million vaccinated, 240 Israeli citizens have been diagnosed with the disease days after getting the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. The same reason was given, that a second shot is required a few weeks later.

More desert locust swarms to hit parts of Ethiopia, Kenya. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization warned that “More swarms will arrive during January and spread throughout southern Ethiopia and northern, central, and eastern counties of Kenya where they will mature and lay eggs that will hatch and give rise to hopper bands from late January onwards.”

Dead birds fall from the sky in Rome, India, Sri Lanka. In Rome, the deaths are blamed on New Year’s fireworks scaring birds and causing them to fly into windows or electrical cables. In Jhalawar, India, authorities imposed a curfew after it was confirmed that 50 crows died of bird flu. Deaths of 100 crows, peacocks, and other birds have also been reported in Jaipur. In Sri Lanka, hundreds of birds mysteriously fell from the sky (not from the bird flu).

Senegal confirms outbreak on poultry farm of the highly pathogenic H5N1 bird flu. The outbreak has killed 58,000 birds in the 100,000-strong flock, with the remaining animals culled.


This Democrat’s Prayer Before Congress Left Everyone Baffled. Just when you thought you’d seen it all, wokeness broke new ground in crazy town. The 117th Congress opened with a prayer, delivered by Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), that concluded with the words “amen and awoman.” Political commentator Ben Shapiro aptly described the moment: “Amen is a Biblical Hebrew word: אמן. It is a word simply meaning may it be so. It has nothing to do with the word man or woman….This is some of the dumbest s*** I have ever seen in my life,” he said.

“For this people’s heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them” (Matthew 15:13).

And There’s Even More To It: Amen And Awoman’: Minister Invokes Hindu God, Offers “Gender Lesson” During Opening Prayer For 117th Congress. This Democrat congressman who opened the session with a “prayer” is a Methodist minister. And besides ending with “Amen and Awoman” he appealed to so-called deities of “many different faiths,” implying they’re all the same. “We ask it in the name of the monotheistic God, Brahma [4-faced Hindu deity] and ‘god’ known by many names by many different faiths.” he said.

Jesus warned that at the end of days signaling His soon return, “many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many” (Matt 24:11).

They Worshiped and Served the Creature (Created Things) Rather Than The Creator. Prominent House Republicans warned that changes included in a Democrat-backed rules package were meant to stifle GOP dissent and allow progressives to bypass budgetary limits in order to pass the Green New Deal. The Green New Deal is estimated to cost as much as $100 trillion over the next decade should it be enacted.

“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections…” (Romans 1:22-26).

According to Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) What does the future of the evangelical church look like amid intergenerational tensions? In a virtual meeting, leaders of the *Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) spoke about how [they believe] God intends to unite the generations amid different experiences and perspectives on how ministry is done. They spoke about how the loss of truth has fundamentally changed the culture into “what’s true for me.” [It isn’t likely many eyes will be opened to biblical truth in these last days – rather, a continuing decline.] *PCA separated from PCUSA due to its long-developing theological liberalism which denies the deity of Jesus Christ and the inerrancy and authority of Scripture.


Trans-identified male athletes maintain advantage over women even after 1 year of female hormone use. “Male and female bodies are fundamentally different, and no amount of hormones can change that.”

Demonicrat Dirty Deeds: Pelosi Bans ‘Gender’ Terms Like Mother, Daughter, Father, Son in House Rules. In clause 8(c)(3) of rule XXIII, gendered terms, such as “father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, first cousin, nephew, niece, husband, wife, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, stepfather, stepmother, stepson, stepdaughter, stepbrother, stepsister, half brother, half sister, grandson, or granddaughter” will be removed.

She can call herself a Christian all she wants, but she and others with their Godless policies spit in the face of Christianity.

“Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? I will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

“Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it” (Matthew 7:20-27).


Brethren, this is so much more ominous than many realize! Pro-abortion Democrats seize full federal government with apparent Georgia Senate wins. Ossoff and Warnock’s victories give the Senate a 50-50 split, effectively giving Demo-crats control because all tie votes would be broken by incoming usurper of the vice-presidency, Kamala Harris. Democrats are expected to use their unified government to pursue a litany of far-reaching agenda items, such as legislation to codify Roe v. Wade in federal law or the so-called “Equality Act.”

More worryingly to conservatives, however, Democrats can also pursue a range of agenda items that could effectively immunize themselves from future elections, such as “packing” the Supreme Court, permanently increasing their Senate seats by granting statehood to Washington, D.C., and/or Puerto Rico, and granting citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants on the expectation that most would become Democrat voters.

And Who is Raphael Warnock? Pro-Abortion “Pastor” Raphael Warnock Defeats Pro-Life Senator Kelly Loeffler. Radical pro-abortion “pastor” and Demo-crat Warnock claims to be a Christian pastor but supports abortion on demand and has endorsement of the largest abortion group in America, Planned Parenthood. Warnock is a deceived (and deceiving) black so-called pastor. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, the largest baby-killing organization, had a low opinion of “colored people.”

Abortion Was the Leading Cause of Death by Far Worldwide in 2020, Killing 42.6 Million People. Worldometers estimates 59.6 million deaths worldwide in 2020, which doesn’t include unborn babies’ abortion deaths even though they’re unique, living human beings from moment of conception and die brutal, violent deaths in abortions. In most cases, the unborn babies’ hearts are beating when aborted, too. Regardless, life begins at conception.

“Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; And in Your book were all written The days that were ordained for me, When as yet there was not one of them” (Psalms 139:16).


Rise in anti-Semitism reflects moral decline in the US. Barry Moore, a Republican who was sworn in as a member of the 117th Congress on Jan. 3, was asked, “What’s your reaction to the rise in anti-Semitism at home and abroad?” He said, “It’s very troubling to me. It has to do a little with our nation and the moral decline in our country… The left in this country don’t seem to care for the Jewish people.”

Bill by Algerian lawmaker looks to criminalize promoting peaceful relations with Israel. If the law is passed, an offender could be “punished by imprisonment from three to 10 years,” and may have their professional accreditations rescinded as a punitive measure. Offenders may also be subject to a fine ranging from 300,000 to one million dinars ($2,273 to $7,619).

Islamic terrorism: Iran group investigated in UAE for suspected terror plot against Israeli citizens. The attack was planned to take place outside the borders of Israel, as the UAE is one of the new tourist destinations more frequently traveled by Israelis due to the recent normalization between Israel and the UAE. The US, Israel and Gulf states are on high alert as a result due to fears that Iran will attempt to carry out attacks against Israelis there.


Nigeria’s Christians trapped between COVID-19 and terrorism. “Life became very, very brutish. You will wish you had not been born in this part of the world. There was no way out. Behind us are the Egyptians; in front of us is the Red Sea.” Nigeria’s government has advised Christians to stay in their homes to avoid Covid, but if they remain locked down, they can’t escape when terrorists attack. The government fails to respond to these attacks, which have increased in frequency across Nigeria.

Godless Communism: Chinese officials raid home Bible study, detain preacher and 5 worshipers. China has over 60 million Christians; at least half worship in unregistered or “illegal” underground churches. China is ranked as one of the worst countries in the world for persecuting Christians.


Man Wielding Bat Goes on Crime Spree in Lower Manhattan. Days after a gang of thugs attacked multiple cars in broad daylight, a man went on a violent crime spree with a wooden bat, attacking people and vehicles. The pandemic has transformed parts of New York City into a hellhole as violent crime surges. Residents are quickly moving to rural communities to escape the mess.


Alleged Israeli airstrike reported in Southern Syria, around Damascus. An alleged Israeli airstrike targeted locations in southern Syria as explosions were heard over Damascus Wednesday night. This is the third alleged Israeli airstrike reported in Syria in the past two weeks.

A foretaste of what’s coming. “Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap” (Isaiah 17:1).

Iran’s Ayatollah warns that its Lebanese, Gaza proxies can ‘level Haifa, Tel Aviv to the ground’ “if any foolishness is committed against Iran.”

The ‘USS Nimitz’ turns around: US 100,000-ton message to Iran. Ninety-six hours after being told to come home, the ‘Nimitz’ got another order to “halt its routine redeployment” and remain on station.

Iran seizes South Korean-flagged chemical tanker in Persian Gulf. Iran is demanding that South Korea release $7 billion in funds frozen in South Korean banks because of US sanctions.

Iran’s IRGC unveils underground missile base in the Gulf at an undisclosed Gulf location on Friday.

At max speed, new Iran enrichment could cut nuke breakout to 6 weeks. As long as the Islamic Republic was stopping at the 20% level, it could take six months or more to significantly cut down breakout time to a nuclear weapon. Netanyahu reiterated on January 4 that “Israel will not allow Iran to manufacture nuclear weapons.”

Iran warns Trump of ‘revenge’, Iraq court issues arrest warrant for president for killing Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. The terrorist Al-Muhandis was “a puppet” of the terrorist Soleimani. “While it appears that al-Muhandis wasn’t directly targeted, his demise is good news for America.”

Iran claims Israel was behind hit on its nuclear mastermind. Iran on Wednesday again blamed Israel for the assassination of nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, claiming “strong evidence” of Israel’s involvement in the Nov. 27 killing of the man believed to be the head of Iran’s military nuclear program. Iranian Defense Minister Gen. Amir Hatami hinted that the lack of response from the international community could lead to an Iranian response to the assassination, which might undermine regional and global stability.

Kim Jong-un pledges to expand his nuclear arsenal as he dubs the US his country’s ‘biggest enemy.’ In a fiery speech, the North Korean leader ordered his military to develop hypersonic missiles with “super-large warheads,” underwater nukes, spy satellites and nuclear-powered subs. “No matter who is in power in the U.S., the true nature of the U.S. and its fundamental policies towards North Korea never change,” he added as he vowed to expand ties with “anti-imperialist, independent forces.”


We do not support breaking into the Capitol by Trump supporters or anyone else. However, we are saddened by their loss and grieve for their families. At least four of the five who died were said to be Trump supporters: Ashli Babbitt, 35, was shot by Capitol police as she tried to breach a barricade. Kevin Greeson, 55, suffered a fatal heart attack. Rosanne Boyland, 34, was trampled by the crowd. Benjamin Phillips suffered a stroke and died. Also, Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, 40, died after physically engaging with protesters. He returned to his division office and collapsed.

Biden Claims U.S. Capitol Rioters Treated ‘Differently’ than Black Lives Matter Protesters. Not excusing what happened at the Capitol at all; it was wrong; but seriously – one day of rioting by Trump supporters compared to months of destruction and death caused by BLM rioters. Give me a break! And the Left tried to make us believe BLM riots were peaceful protests. And how about the Trump supporter who was shot by Capitol police? Does Biden, in his demented mind, not count that?

Bumping hypocrisy: Leftists took over capital building before too. Media praised them. The media spin is incredible. Leftists took over the capitol while protesting Kavanaugh. The same journalist, Matt McDermott, praised them. Point made by Andy Ngo: “Why was similar language not applied to the rioters who stormed, destroyed, looted and torched government buildings in 2020? Why was the months-long attempts to burn down the federal courthouse in downtown Portland not called ‘insurrection’?”

Matt Gaetz Destroys Democrats’ Hypocrisy on Contesting Elections and Violence. Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) gave a speech in defense of President Trump, pointing out that “President Trump explicitly called for demonstrations and protests to be peaceful. “He was… far more explicit about his calls for peace than some of the BLM and left-wing rioters were this summer when we saw violence sweep across this nation.” Gaetz also pointed out Democrats’ hypocrisy following storming of the Capitol by protestors. “I’m sure glad that, at least for one day, I didn’t hear my Democrat colleagues calling to defund the police,” Gaetz said to a loud round of applause.

Peter Schiff: Congress Is the Real Threat. Somewhat lost in the chaos of the DC protests was that Democrats won both Georgia Senate runoff races. That effectively gives Democrats control of both houses of Congress.

Did Antifa play a role in storming Capitol Hill? Some social media users claim that some of the people who stormed Capitol Hill had tattoos indicating they had Stalinist sympathies and also wore black backpacks, which gave away that they weren’t really Trump supporters. According to one counter-terror expert, who prefers not to be named, “Some Antifa were seen bussed in and were escorted by the police, who allowed their demos to happen just fine. Antifa also got into buildings and the news will focus on those Antifa who happen to be wearing Trump hats backwards as a symbol to each other.”

According to a report in Washington Times, a retired military officer claimed “the firm XRVision used its software to do facial recognition of protesters and matched two Philadelphia Antifa members to two men inside the Senate. XRVision also has identified another man who, while not known to have Antifa links, is someone who shows up at climate and Black Lives Matter protests in the West Coast.”


With certification, Congress has betrayed the nation. Michael Master notes how evil often happens in the middle of the night. Congress certified the Electoral College vote for Joe Biden in the middle of the night… just like five states committed election fraud last Nov. 3-4 in the middle of the night.

US criticizes India, Italy and Turkey over digital taxes. These digital service taxes discriminate against US companies and are inconsistent with international tax principles, US Trade Representative’s office said, paving the way for potential retaliatory tariffs.

Exact Fallout of Presidential Election Predicted in 2019 War-Game Paper. A 55-page paper was published in the winter of 2019 by the Loyola University Chicago Law Journal called, “Preparing for a Disputed Presidential Election: An Exercise in Election Risk Assessment and Management Election Risk Assessment and Management” by Edward B. Foley. Foley’s paper, more of a Democrat war-game analysis [aka plan] takes readers on a complicated electoral journey that may well prove to accurately foreshadow events through Jan. 20. In effect, Foley provided a complicated—but thus far surprisingly accurate—electoral roadmap to be used by Democrats. He also suggested that the dispute could lead to Pelosi as acting president (until when the dispute is resolved, if it even is).

Also read this from September: Transition Integrity Project founder calls for execution of former National Security Council official, mocks those who express disgust. Transition Integrity Project is an unholy alliance of NeverTrumps and Democrat Party operatives of the sleaziest kind. It was founded by Gilman, professor of history of intelligentsia at University of California Berkeley, and Rosa Brooks, former Obama Pentagon official and daughter of former Democratic Socialists of America co-chair Barbara Ehrenreich, who’s still their honorary co-chair. Its players include John Podesta, Bill Clinton, Donna Brazile, etc. Not a pretty picture. The Transition Integrity Project put out a conspiracy-theory set of scenarios forecasting big instability under various election scenarios… in their magnum opus, called “Preventing a Disrupted Presidential Election and Transition.”


Cruz: Google Is “Most Dangerous Company on The Face of The Planet.” “Google is the most dangerous because it’s the biggest by far. It is the most powerful by far. It controls the vast majority of searches people do,” he noted after describing big tech as the “single greatest threat” to “free and fair elections.”

Singapore Police Access COVID Tracing App Data for Criminal Investigations. In another instance where conspiracy theory becomes fact, a coronavirus tracing app in Singapore can now be used by the police to track citizens for criminal investigations. In June, Singapore rolled out a mandatory COVID-tracing program that would identify people who’d come in contact with virus carriers. The private data is managed by the government’s health department and stored on a server for 25 days. All data is encrypted to restrict access by third-parties.


Venezuela’s Maduro Plans Shift to Fully Digitalized Economy as hyperinflation has made worthless bolivar notes practically disappear, and dollarization expands through the local financial system.


The Usurpers Allegedly Won the Electoral Vote. Well, didn’t we know they’d make sure they’re plan went through this time? No surprise.

‘No stopping them’: James Dobson sounds alarm bell for America. Biden’s support of transgender surgery for children is “lunacy.” “Promises made” by the Biden camp “should disturb every conservative Christian.” He’ll force taxpayers to fund abortions, implement abortion on demand without limits, force us to fund Planned Parenthood-biggest abortion provider, and force Christians to fund abortions in health insurance plans. His regime will also usher in other forms of moral depravity. America is about to lose “government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Demos Play the Race Card to Incite Chaos: Part of The Marxist Plan to Destroy the US. The US is… correction… “was” the only nation that stood in the way of their evil agenda. A judge in Virginia ruled that a black defendant wouldn’t have a fair trial unless all portraits of white judges are removed from the courtroom. Apparently, even the mere presence of portraits of judges in a courtroom can lead to “inequity” according to Demo-crat Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge David Bernhard. Republican Chairman Steve Knotts didn’t hesitate to call out the divisive insanity of the judge’s ruling.


From the Hal Lindsey Report: “Facing The Future”:

2021 is not a year for wringing hands. It is a year for joyful expectation. Bad things are happening in the world, but so are good things. For everyone in Christ, a great day will shortly dawn. Knowledge of the soon coming of Christ does not relieve us of responsibility to fix what we can in the world now. Instead of making us complacent, it urges us forward to “work while it is day.”… When we walk down the street, we do so in confidence because we are in Him. When we rest, we rest peacefully because we rest in His hands.

Proverbs 3:24-26 says, “When you lie down, you will not be afraid; Yes, you will lie down and your sleep will be sweet. Do not be afraid of sudden terror, Nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes; For the Lord will be your confidence.” Read the rest of his report at this link.