4 Jan 2021


Brethren, this is the longest ever prayer concerns post, but we need to be aware (have or show realization, perception, or knowledge) and to beware (to be wary of; to be on one’s guard).


Strong Storms to End 2020in the US.

Prediction from Farmer’s Almanac 2021: New Decade That Will Start with Memorable Winter Weather.

Winter Storm Ivy Spreads Snowfall from Southern California to Plains, Midwest US.

In Colorado: Temperature plunges to minus-50 degrees at Antero Reservoir. The reading ties for the fourth-coldest reading at the reservoir since observations began in 1961.

Record-setting ‘bomb cyclone’ batters Alaska’s Aleutian Islands with hurricane force. A Pacific storm of record proportions swept a remote stretch of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands chain Thursday, battering a region used heavily by commercial shipping with hurricane-force winds and seas five stories high. “It’s the most intense storm ever recorded in the North Pacific, excluding typhoons.”

Large clay landslide leaves 26 people missing, 10 injured in Gjerdrum, Norway. Large amounts of precipitation in the past few days may have caused the clay soil to shift.

Floods ravaging South Sudan cause death, hunger and disease. Some 1 million people have been displaced or isolated for months by floods. The mud sucks at people’s feet as they engage in daily struggles to hold back the waters and find something to eat. Doctors Without Borders project coordinator recalled the sight of displaced people sheltering under trees without mats, blankets or mosquito nets. The charity’s mobile clinics were suspended due to COVID, further complicating efforts to reach sick people stranded by flooding.

Winter storms in northern Mexico were a surprise Thursday, attributed the phenomenon to the 4th winter storm which left temperatures below 3 degrees Celsius, with lows of up to 15 degrees below zero in mountainous areas. The 5th winter storm is expected over the northwest of the national territory, maintaining the condition of a frigid environment.

Severe weather conditions, up to 2 m (6.5 feet) of fresh snow through New Year’s Day, Japan. Warnings for blizzards, high waves, and freezing temperatures as a potent winter storm pressure system continues affecting the country, mainly along the Sea of Japan through New Year’s Day. The storm could remain over Japan until January 2 — potentially affecting facilities and transport systems.

Russia’s Siberia: extreme, record-breaking cold for a week. Air temperatures as piercing as -51°C (-59.8°F) have been holding for a week, and record lows are being recorded every day.

St. Maarten: Hazardous Seas Conditions. A strong Atlantic high-pressure ridge will account for intense gusty winds and hazardous sea conditions at least through the weekend.


Three minor earthquakes rattle Washington within 28 hours. There have long been predictions of a 9.0-plus quake that will strike Washington from the Cascadia Subduction Zone, a giant fault where oceanic and land plates meet that’s over 600 miles long, from Cape Mendocino through California, Oregon, and Washington to Vancouver Island. These plates reportedly cause a massive earthquake every 300-500 years. The question surrounding ‘the big one’ is not ‘if’ it will strike, but ‘when.’

2nd earthquake in 2 days strikes Croatia, killing 7, damaging buildings. A 6.4 quake Tuesday also injured over 20 and rattled several neighboring countries. “My town has been completely destroyed. We have dead children,” Petrinja’s mayor said. “This is like Hiroshima — half of the city no longer exists.” This is the largest quake to occur in Croatia since advent of modern seismic instrumentation.

A 6.8 earthquake struck off the coast of Chile on Dec 27. No reports of major damage.

Over 400 Earthquakes in One Day: Bible Scholars weigh in. It’s only fitting that as the chaotic year of 2020 makes its exit, the earth begins to shake. Even by standards, Tuesday was exceptional. Volcano Discovery categorized global seismic activity for Tuesday as “high,” 429 quakes in one day. The Croatian quake was most significant at over 6.0.

It’s all no doubt a foretaste, a warning, of what’s coming during the Tribulation when God’s wrath will be poured out on a sinful, Christ-rejecting world. Read Isaiah 24 about the impending judgment upon the earth.


Hawaii’s Kīlauea Volcano Eruption Continues. Lava activity remains confined to Halemaʻumaʻu Crater, with the lava lake deepening to 591 feet and maintaining 72 acres in size.

Strong eruption at Suwanosejima volcano, Alert Level raised, Japan on Dec 27. Alert Level from 2 to 3 — Near-crater warning: do not approach volcano.

Mexico’s Popocatépetl volcano spewed volcanic gases and ash Dec 28, prompting the disaster agency to issue a yellow alert.

Ebeko Volcano on Russia’s Kuril Islands Erupted with Ash Up 1.2 Miles on Dec 30.

Eastern Caribbean islands issue rare evacuation alerts as volcanoes rumble. Volcanoes quiet for decades are rumbling to life, prompting alerts Dec 29 in Martinique and St Vincent and the Grenadines as scientists rush to study activity that hasn’t been observed in years. The most recent warning was issued Tuesday for La Soufriere volcano in St Vincent and the Grenadines, a chain of islands home to over 100,000. Reported tremors, strong gas emissions, formation of a new volcanic dome and changes to its crater lake. Those living near the volcano were told to prepare to evacuate if needed.


Guardian newspaper journalist claims Christian forgiveness and redemption are ‘code for conversion therapy.’ Fred McConnell, a woman who lives as a man, called Christian teaching on forgiveness and redemption “insidious” and “a dog-whistle for conversion therapy.” Also, LGBT activist and General Synod member Jayne Ozanne (of Ozanne Foundation) launched a multi-faith declaration to affirm and celebrate LGBT practice, including a call to ban “all attempts to change, suppress or erase one’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.”

Earlier this year the Foundation urged the Prime Minister to introduce a law covering “the full range of religious practices,” including outlawing calls for sexual abstinence. It also called for the law to prevent trans people who regret changing sex getting help to detransition. Ozanne and former evangelical Steve Chalke urged the government to take action against any prayer, private conversation and preaching which does not affirm homosexual or transgender lifestyles.

Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard indicted in U.S. on sex trafficking charges. Peter Nygard was charged Tuesday with sex trafficking, racketeering and other crimes targeting dozens of women and underage girls over a quarter century in three countries.

Harvard Medical School Panel Refers to Pregnant Women As ‘Birthing People.’ They Say It’s Because ‘Not All Who Give Birth’ Are Women. Harvard Med Postgraduate Twitter account stated, “The webinar panelists used the term ‘birthing person’ to include those who identify as non-binary or transgender.”

“…They trust in vanity, and speak lies; they conceive mischief and bring forth iniquity” (Isaiah 59:4).

Told You So: Three ‘dads’ in California lead charge to normalize ‘polyamory.’ Three gay men living a ‘polyamory’ lifestyle together used surrogates to birth their children. They’re called ‘Papa,” “Dada,” and “Daddy.” Pro-family activists said polygamy and polyamory would be next after marriage was redefined by Obergefell, and everything is unfolding right on schedule. Before long we’ll be told only bigots believe children need mothers, and that to even insinuate such a thing is shocking and outrageous.


Massachusetts House overrides governor’s veto of abortion bill. After Gov. Baker vetoed a bill that would expand abortion access, the Dem-led House voted to override the veto. Baker had said “… I cannot support sections of this proposal that expand availability of later-term abortions and permit minors age 16-17 to get an abortion without consent of parent or guardian.” The House voted 107-46 to override Baker’s veto, and Demo-crats called Gov. Baker a coward.

We’ll see who the real cowards are when these baby killers find themselves facing the wrath of God in the Tribulation. “And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?” (Revelation 6:15-17).


Speaking of the return to days of Lot: Super Gonorrhea is spreading like wildfire thanks to COVID-19. Overuse of antibiotics during the plandemic has resulted in more rapid spread of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea; it doesn’t respond to normal first-line treatments, making it particularly dangerous. Doctors and medical experts have long warned that antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” could become more commonplace. The worst part is that the number of people reporting a new gonorrhea infection is growing year-over-year.

Israeli Scientists Vindicate Trump (proves he was right in his suggestion): UV Light kills Covid 99.9% of the Time. Ultraviolet (UV) lighting is a common means of killing viruses and bacteria. Now, scientists from Tel Aviv University proved Covid can be killed speedily, efficiently, and inexpensively with UV light-emitting diodes (UV-LEDs) at certain frequencies. Prof. Mamane explained how UV-LED bulbs need less than 60 seconds to kill over 99.9% of the novel coronaviruses.

DC passes bill to vaccinate children without parental knowledge or consent. The Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act permits children as young as 11 ‘to consent to receive a vaccine,’ with all vaccine administrators cooperating to hide the record from parents.

FORCED DETENTION. New York, Assembly Bill A416 2021-2022 Legislative Session: Quote: “Relates to the removal of cases, contacts and carriers of communicable diseases who are potentially dangerous to the public health.” What do you think this will lead to, brethren? … Yep.

The numbers are exaggerated, as if we didn’t already suspect it. State lawmakers ask Trump to demand a ‘full audit’ of COVID-19 death certificates at state and national level. Rep. Franson, R-Alexandria, and Sen. Jensen, R-Chaska, recently released a video explaining their strong concerns about COVID-19 death claims after reviewing 2,800 death certificates from the Minnesota Dept of Health. 800 of those counted as COVID did not have coronavirus cited as the underlying cause of death.

Alleged COVID “Mutation” Stories Show Lockdowns Are Designed to Last Forever. “The design behind the pandemic lockdowns is a perpetual one, MEANT to last forever. We can see this in the very commentary of the establishment elites pushing for the mandates; their most frequent argument being that pandemic restrictions are the “new normal.” This assertion is outlined by globalists like Gideon Lichfield of MIT in his article ‘We’re Not Going Back to Normal.’”

Claims of a new mutant strain of Covid in UK used to spread worldwide fear and used for political ends despite scarcity of scientific data. This supposed new strain has been described as “up to 70% more transmissible.” Media and policymakers in the nations are eager to display knee-jerk reactions described as “decisive leadership.” Over 30 countries have banned entry by UK citizens over fears of the new strain. Never mind that the Dept of Health committee expressed considerable uncertainty about the transmissibility and dangers posed.

Anthony Fauci blames states’ rights for coronavirus spread. Fauci aka Faux Fauci, the doctor at the heart of the coronavirus storm — the one whose words of advice and guidance have been taken by politicians as sacrosanct, to be carried into mainstream America as orders — believes that pesky ol’ 10th Amendment is a real detriment to disease-fighting. He wants total federal clamp-downs and few-to-zero sovereign state COVID decisions. Of course, he didn’t explicitly say all this; he gave it the Fauci Treatment — meaning, he said as much using subtle rhetoric.

Israeli man dies 2 hours after receiving vaccine; 5K+ “Health Impact Events” Reported In US. Following reports, including one involving a priest from Philadelphia who volunteered as a trial participant; about patients who received a vaccine dying in the weeks following the second dose; one man in Israel has died 2 hours after receiving the vaccine.

For Second time in 2 Days: Israeli man Dies hours after getting Coronavirus Shot. The 88-year-old man collapsed inside his home. On Monday, a 75-year-old man from Beit Shaan also died of a heart attack just two hours after getting Pfizer’s Covid vaccine.

240 Israelis found with COVID days after vaccination, underscoring need for vigilance. Among the nearly one million Israelis vaccinated against coronavirus so far, some 240 Israelis have been diagnosed with the virus days after getting the shot. The claim is that individuals must protect themselves for weeks after inoculation, as the body takes time to develop effective antibodies.

Swiss Patient Dies Shortly After Receiving Pfizer COVID Vaccine. Authorities in Lucerne said Wednesday that one of the first people in the country to receive the vaccine has died, but has yet to release details about timing. Lucerne was the site of the first vaccinations in Switzerland beginning last week, with a shot from Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech given primarily to elderly people.

Over Half of Health Care Workers at California Hospitals Refuse Vaccinations. Vaccine doubts among healthcare workers have come as a surprise to researchers, ‘who assumed hospital staff would be among those most in tune with the [so-called] scientific data backing the [fast-tracked] vaccines.’

Major Covid Vaccine Glitch Emerges: Most Europeans, Including Hospital Staff, Refuse to Take It. All is not going according to plan with the vaccine, and it’s not just growing US mistrust in the Covid injection effort that was rolled out in record time. An unexpected spike in allergic reactions to the Pfizer/ BioNTech vaccine (now, Moderna too) may prove catastrophic to widespread acceptance. Even more Europeans than Americans are skeptical of the speed at which the vaccines have been tested and approved, and they’re reluctant to have the shot.

“Don’t Be A Sheep”: Washington Sheriff Voices Support for Restaurant Facing Shutdown, $100K Fine. Sheriff Rob Snaza questioned the science behind closing dining in Lewis County and voiced support for a local restaurant in the midst of a standoff with the governor. Spiffy’s Restaurant is facing over $100,000 in fines as a result of allowing indoor dining, currently prohibited in the state. The restaurant has been in business nearly 50 years and faces threat of shutdown if it can’t continue its business.

After barring New Yorkers from celebrating in Times Square, de Blasio celebrates New Year’s by dancing in Times Square. Yet another politician who’s exempt from their own coronavirus rules, apparently.

Reminds us of the hypocritical Pharisees: “…For they preach, but do not practice. They tie up heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to move them with their finger. They do all their deeds to be seen by others….” (Matthew 23:3-5).

Spain will keep a register of those who refuse the coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine will not be mandatory, said Health Minister Illa, but whoever decides not to do so will be included in a “register” which will then be shared with other European Union countries.

Beijing Boasts It Can Save the World: Says Trust China to Supply Coronavirus Vaccines. The world should look to China for its coronavirus vaccines and ignore alternatives, the Chinese Communist Party warned, adding that to do otherwise is an explicit example of racism. Oh yeah, let’s trust the Communists… NOT.

Masks contributing to ocean pollution and animal deaths?

More than 1.5 billion?? masks believed to have entered oceans in 2020, claimed by a conservation group. For months, we’ve seen face masks where they shouldn’t be. A marine conservation group has been tracking the number of face masks washing up on a remote island south of Hong Kong since the pandemic started. Masks are made with polypropylene, which are described as thin fibers of plastic. These tiny pieces of plastic can remain in the ocean for hundreds of years, threatening fish and even polluting the air.


Professor Wants Blacks’ Votes to Be Worth Twice Whites’ Votes. With “equality” passé and the new buzzword being “equity,” racial discrimination is back with a vengeance. The latest example is an academic who wants black Americans’ votes valued at twice those of their white countrymen — as a form of reparations.


Iran says Trump’s life ‘will end,’ won’t stop until revenge on US for killing Soleimani. The statement was made Wednesday by Iranian President Rouhani. Soleimani was one of their best murdering terrorists.

Iranian commander Hossein Salami: We’re fully prepared to respond to US military pressure. “Today, we have no problem, concern or apprehension toward encountering any powers. We will give our final words to our enemies on the battlefield,” he said, without mentioning the US directly.

US B-52 bombers headed to Mideast amid intel of ‘complex attack planning’ against Americans in Iraq. U.S. Air Force bombers made a “deliberate appearance” in the Middle East Tuesday to deter potential attacks against U.S. troops.

Shia (aka Shiite) Muslim militias threaten US, Israel in Iraq. The inability of the Iraqi central government to rein in the Shia militias might be dismissed as a colorful and lurid tale from somewhere distant. Unfortunately, it is not.

Russia Suspected of Developing Ebola-Based Biological Weapons. The Russian Federal Security Service is suspected of developing biological weapons using the lethal Ebola virus and related Marburg virus, British website the Mirror reported, quoting an unidentified former UK intelligence officer and French nonprofit organization OpenFacto.

Secret North Korean facility likely building nuclear centrifuges. A mysterious North Korean facility whose purpose has been speculated for two years may in fact be a manufacturing plant for making nuclear centrifuges, according to a Dec. 18 report by the 38 North project.

Blast rips through Yemen’s Aden airport as new cabinet members land. No reports of casualties among the government delegation, but officials say they saw bodies on the ground.

1 Syrian soldier killed, 3 injured in alleged Israeli airstrike north of Damascus near Syria-Lebanon border. Intelli Times said the strike targeted a weapons stockpile intended for Hezbollah located along a weapons smuggling route. A round-trip flight between Iran and Damascus was reported by civilian flight tracking sites Monday. The airline is suspected of being used to smuggle weapons from Iran to Syria and Lebanon. This is the second alleged Israeli strike in Syria in the past week.

Syria blasts US for sanctions, following so-called UN expert’s remarks that called on Washington to remove unilateral sanctions. The Syrian Foreign Ministry described U.S. sanctions against the country as equal to “crimes against humanity” that impact the life of normal citizens as the country looks to rebuild after 10 years of civil war. U.S. Special Envoy for Syria Joel Rayburn rejected this statement as “misguided and false.” He said that the blame for Syria’s economic situation and humanitarian crisis falls on “Assad’s brutal war against the Syrian people, not on U.S. sanctions.”

Israel: Major flare-up on northern border almost certain. The Israel Defense Force noted on Thursday that Israel and Iranian-backed Shi’ite terrorist group Hezbollah were on the brink of a major flare-up in 2020, and that trend could very well continue into the new year.

Iran tells IAEA it plans to enrich uranium to up to 20 percent. This step was one of many mentioned in a law passed by Iran’s parliament last month in response to the killing of the country’s top nuclear scientist, which Tehran has blamed on Israel.

Beware of Turkey bearing gifts: Israel suspicious of Erdogan’s overtures. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan cannot harbor Hamas terrorists and try to forge closer ties with Israel, a senior diplomatic source said Sunday. “I don’t really believe he’s being honest,” the source said. “We need to see actions.” The comments came after Erdogan on Friday told reporters Turkey “would have liked to bring our ties [with Israel] to a better point.”

Turkey’s goal in Caucasus was to increase Russia’s role. Turkey and Russia are increasingly becoming strategic partners in an effort to work with Iran and remove the US from the Middle East. This is Turkey’s overall goal, and the recent conflicts and chaos that it has spread from Syria to Libya, the Mediterranean and Caucasus are designed to partition these areas into Russian and Turkish spheres of influence.

Ezekiel 38-39 tells us what Turkey’s true intentions are regarding Israel. They, along with Russia, Iran and others will attempt to annihilate Israel in the Golan, but will instead be annihilated by God personally.

IDF thwarts two attempted infiltrations from Lebanon and Gaza. Several suspects approached the Lebanese border Friday and escaped after encountering IDF troops, while a suspect crossed the border from Gaza and was arrested. The incident took place as tensions between Israel and Hezbollah are relatively high. The IDF expects that Hezbollah has not given up its intention of avenging the death of one of its operatives in Syria during a July airstrike attributed to Israel. Several incidents followed, including a squad of Hezbollah operatives infiltrating Israeli territory in the area of Mount Dov, which has kept the IDF and Israel’s defense establishment on edge ever since.

Islamic Jihad, Hamas, PFLP Hold First Joint Drill in Gaza to Prepare for Confronting Israel. Twelve so-called “Palestinian” groups participated Tuesday in an unprecedented joint drill in Gaza, which saw the use of drones and firing of several rockets into the Mediterranean as a warning to Israel. Mohammed al-Breem, spokesperson of “Palestinian” factions in Gaza, said, “Today we are united….”

And soon, they will be decimated: “Indeed, what have you to do with Me, O Tyre and Sidon [Lebanon, has Hezbollah terrorists], and all the coasts of Philistia? [Gaza; has Hamas terrorists]. Will you retaliate against Me? But if you retaliate against Me, Swiftly and speedily I will return your retaliation upon your own head” (Joel 3:4).


DOJ’s ‘Operation Legend’ arrests 6,000+ violent criminals in 9 cities since July. Over 6,000 arrests were made across nine cities during the Dept of Justice operation, created to crack down on skyrocketing violent crime fueled by the global COVID-19 pandemic and widespread civil unrest.

Liberal Seattle May Pass “Duress Legislation” to Give Criminals “Poverty Defense.” Elected officials plan to pass a law allowing thieves to sell items they steal if they do it to earn money for basic needs and trespassers to set up camp on private property when it’s to obtain adequate shelter. Dozens of other crimes, including assault and harassment, will be excused if suspects are poor, mentally ill or addicted to drugs. The proposal was put on hold over a budget process bureaucracy but has gained incredible steam and appears to have enough support to alter the city code early next year.

27 Shot over last Weekend in Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago. Par for the course in Democrat-run cities. Yet they vote to defund police.

Mother Earth-worshiping Asses in Aspen Intentionally attack gas lines, leaving thousands with no heat in freezing temps. “Earth First!” was written on the pipes.

“They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator… Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts…” (Rom 1:25-26). “An idiot will get understanding when a wild ass’s colt is born a man” (Job 11:12).

Interesting How the Violent Riots Of 2020 Ended Right After the Election. 2020 devolved into ongoing violence in American streets that most of us haven’t seen in our lifetimes. But since the bogus election results giving it to the usurpers on the left, things have slowed down. Guess the bought and paid for Marxist extremists have been given instructions that they can cool it now.


Go Boldly and Bravely into New Year 2021. In never-ending Election 2020, “every vote counts”—with the exception of millions of votes cast for President Trump, who, in the planned outcome, NEVER stood a chance of winning because of a Democrat/Media coup d’état. After all is said and done, you don’t have to be the captive audience. Turn them off. Only in God do we trust.

From Dave Hodges: Pedophiles, Traitors and Satanists Will Now Determine Your Physical Destiny! Your Spiritual Fate Is Still Up to You! “We are now going to be ruled by a political party that took God out of their party platform and clearly serve Satan. They advocate for post-birth murder. They lie down with the foreign enemies of the Republic. And if this was not bad enough, now we will have a president who has verifiable dementia, takes bribes from our number one enemy, has engaged in pedophilia as has his son. This soon-to-be president has covered for his son’s drug use, pedophilia (involving underage girls) and influence-peddling under the banner of the Vice-President of the United States. Also, Biden’s running mate has slept her way into every political position she has every held, and Kamala Harris is also owned by the CHICOMS. Congress and the White House is now one big whore house. Who are the losers in all of this corruption and abject treason? Well, you know the answer to this question.”

At Least 140 House Republicans Plan to Object to Biden Electoral Votes. “If you only could count lawfully cast votes by American citizens, Donald Trump won the Electoral College.”

Audit in Savannah, Georgia Shows Tabulation Machines Were Sending Results to China, according to Russell Ramsland and his team of IT experts who were recently hired to investigate the Dominion Voting Machines in Antrim County, Michigan.

DeBlasio Turning New York City into Third World Country with Illegal Street Vendors Everywhere, taking business away from pandemic-ravaged shops. Comrade DeBlasio ordered the NYPD to stop cracking down on illegal peddlers in early June.

VIDEO: Arizona Gov. Ducey Cozies up to Communist China: “Lots of opportunities” to exploit “our defense industry, mining and ores.  The video is shocking. As Americans only begin to wake up to the reality of just how severely compromised their political leaders are by a communist superpower, Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey’s alarmingly frank language resounds like thunderclaps: “We just had a great meeting with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce just now. And, very exciting, lots of opportunities, including public-private partnerships. I’ve mentioned semiconducters, electronics, aerospace, our defense industry, mining and ores that we do…. So I think from the franchise business to the aerospace and defense business, we would like to do more business with China, with Chinese business people.”

18 TRAITORS that SOLD Out America to China. There is no doubt that this list is FAR from complete.

Ukraine Press Conference Explicitly Ties Hunter & Joe Biden to Corruption. While Democrats obsess about Trump’s purported criminality, despite absence of any evidence, their chosen standard-bearer [Biden] is extraordinarily corrupt.

Biden has once again slipped up and referred to Kamala Harris as the “President-Elect.” During a COVID-19 briefing Tuesday, Biden asserted that “President-elect Harris” took the COVID vaccine to “instill public confidence.” Biden has said he will “develop some disease” and resign if he and Harris have a disagreement. [Facebook will not allow anyone to post this.]

Senate Investigation Finds Obama Admin Knowingly Funded an Al-Qaeda Affiliate. A new Senate report found the Obama administration was funding an al-Qaeda affiliate in 2014 knowing its connections to terrorism. The report found Obama was funding the Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA) despite it being sanctioned by the US since 2004. Those were our tax dollars at work.

Soros Devotee, Smartmatic Chairman Lord Malloch Brown: “A Global Economy Needs Global Institutions to Govern It” – Helps Steal US Elections, Promoted! Who is this Marxist now running Soros’ main national restructuring shell organization? Lord Mark Malloch-Brown was chairman of Smartmatic. Smartmatic has provided voting technology in 16 states including battleground zones. The software was licensed to Dominion, and Brown has acknowledged Smartmatic’s connections to Dominion voting machines. These two companies are a significant piece behind the massive fraud in this year’s election and probably many others going back to two decades.

Quotes from Lord Malloch Brown: “National governments are no longer equipped to address complex global issues.” “As national politicians lose control to impersonal global forces, they will be forced to become more effective participants in international mechanisms, such as the United Nations, that may offer the only viable solutions.” He calls for us to “embrace more powerful international institutions and the values needed to underpin a truly globalist agenda—the rule of law.”


Fox News erroneously depicts ‘Palestine’ as independent state. Shame on Fox News. It was inevitable that they would eventually go more left than on the right (in more ways than one, if you catch my drift). A graphic on Fox News last week showed “Palestine” as a country, despite it not being an independent nation. A similar “error” occurred in April when an MSNBC graphic showed “Palestine” in a rolling list of countries.


Trump Admin Declassifies Intelligence that Indicates China Also Offered to Pay Non-State Actors in Afghanistan to Attack US Soldiers. Of course, the mainstream Pravda media says these reports are “unconfirmed.” When was the last time the mainstream media reported all of their Trump hit pieces were “unconfirmed.” Never. Earlier this year, news reports indicated that the Russians had secretly offered bounties for Taliban militants to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

Chinese artist puts hammer and sickle flag over New York Stock Exchange in future ‘People’s Union of America’ artwork. China being promoted as a triumphant world power was reflected in Fan’s image of communist Manhattan.

Major leak exposes CCP members secretly embedded all over the world. It shouldn’t surprise us since we have Communist-loving politicians on the left that are in bed with the Communist regime.

China Uses Private Companies to Process Stolen Data. China has stolen personal information like Social Security numbers and credit card information from around 145 million Americans. “Look at Equifax. Add Anthem, the financial stuff, Marriott, there’s nothing they don’t know about us,” an official said, referring to a series of recent hacks by Chinese spies. National security officials believe China may be attempting to undermine the American economy by using stolen personal information. The information can be used to strategically put financial stress on certain areas of business, or give Chinese firms an advantage. The data can be used for market research and industry insights, or be used to create better algorithms for artificial intelligence.


The Great Reset: Deep State Globalists Taking Over the World and You! “In the not-too-distant future, you will own absolutely nothing, but you will like it and “be happy,” according to the totalitarians and Deep State globalists pushing what they call the “Great Reset.” You will also have no privacy, they say. Everything will change. And yet, somehow, the advocates of this communistic-feudalistic vision of the future — the World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations (UN), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the British royal family, and more — have decreed that “you’ll be happy.” Even leftists are freaking out. After peddling coronavirus lockdowns that crushed the economy and funding riots that terrorized the public under the guise of fighting “systemic racism,” Deep State globalists are stepping in to offer their proposed “solution” to the crises they themselves unleashed.”

UK’s Boris Johnson Tweets Praise for the Great Reset. Strap in Everyone; 2021 is Going to be a Wild Ride. ‘Build back better’ is, as Johnson is perfectly well aware, the slogan of the World Economic Forum’s deeply sinister Fourth Industrial Revolution — aka ‘the Great Reset‘ – whose aims include the deliberate crashing of the world economy, the crushing and destruction of small businesses, and the creation of a new cash-free society in which no one (save the technocratic elite) owns private property. Unfortunately for Johnson, people have started wising up to what Build Back Better actually means, and they let him know with no punches pulled in their response to his New Year message.

A 2020 ‘What If’ Year in Review examines what may be a precursor, a global set-up if you will, for those dreaded final years (of the Tribulation). It focuses on a series of very provocative ‘what if’ questions, designed to encourage us to think Biblically, critically, yet outside the box. 


The Pentagon has 180 days to disclose UFO information. There was one odd item, included as a “committee comment” attached to the annual intelligence authorization act. By order of the Senate, the bill includes language that directs the director of national intelligence to submit a report within 180 days to the congressional intelligence and armed services committees on unidentified aerial phenomena…. “Beyond everything we already know to expect and everything else that will crop up between now and 180 days from now, this is one more piece of news that will make the start of 2021 interesting.


From MSN and Washington Post: For psychics, a year like no other: Everybody wants to know what’s coming. “Dorothy Kadosh has been a psychic astrologer and a fixture at Eastern Market on Capitol Hill in DC every weekend for many years. ‘Some people, they need to see the light that comes out of me before they believe,’ she says. ‘Many people say, ‘I was just walking down the other end and I saw this light, and I followed it.’ But since the pandemic, she and other psychics across the country have been spending many hours with phone calls from worried, woeful clients asking when is this all going to get better?

‘We are going to be in this a while, you understand,’ said Kadosh. ‘This is the oil spill cleanup of planet Earth. People think they can do whatever they want and guess what? Mother Nature will let you know.’

‘Everybody wants to know what’s coming up for the next year, and we are one of the only services that can provide that information,’ said Tom Singer, co-owner of Sacred Circle, an Alexandria shop that offers psychic readings, crystals meant to provide health protection and sage for burning away negative energy.”

Anyone who looks to psychics and astrologers is looking in a wrong and extremely dangerous place! “There shall not be found among you… one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. For all who do these things are an abomination to the Lord….”


Church leaders abducted, Christians killed in Nigeria during Christmas week. Armed Muslim Fulani tribesmen abducted at least three Christian leaders and killed 18 Christians in the week leading to Christmas Day as they increased attacks on farming communities in Nigeria’s Kaduna state.

China: Christian who saw her work as ‘God’s will’ sentenced to 4 years in prison for Wuhan reporting. What else should we expect from a Communist country?

“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come… Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. But evil men and seducers [impostors] shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived” (2 Timothy 3:1, 12-13).


Barack Obama Hates Israel and Wants You to Hate It, Too. His latest autobiography goes out of its way to demonize the Jewish state. The narcissist has now written more autobiographies than any other presidents who have written autobiographies.

God says, “I will bless those who bless you [Israel], And I will curse him who curses you….” (Genesis 12:3).


NASA tracked a whopping 1,400 asteroids in 2020 – including one big enough to end civilization. There were space rocks the size of the Tower of London, Big Ben and the Empire State Building.


Palestinian president in hurry to resume talks with Israel, official says. PA (aka PLO) President Abbas reportedly told officials in the future Biden administration that he wants to “resume negotiations with Israel as soon as possible with American mediation and without preconditions.” Abbas would like to take advantage of the fact that no clear policy has been formulated by the Biden administration yet in regard to the [so-called] “Palestinian” cause and the Israeli-“Palestinian” conflict, he said.

The Abraham Accords: The strategic aspect. “Behind all the talk of advanced technology exchanges and economic cooperation, there is value for the Gulf states in publicizing that they have a new ally [Israel] with nuclear teeth—one that shares their determination to curb Iranian aggression… The bloc of conservative countries in the Mideast is apprehensively watching the U.S. withdrawal, which is continuing even as Russia and China deepen penetration into the region, and Iran and Turkey expand their regional influence [Russia, Iran, Turkey agendas portend Ezekiel 38-39. China backs Iran, and is also a threat to many nations.] If the US continues to disengage from the region, Israel’s relative weight will increase in the growing regional alliance, and it will have to be prepared to take military action in situations where there is not necessarily an existential threat to Israel.

From Jerusalem Post: The Abraham Accords domino effect will lead to more peace deals. “With 2020 behind us and 2021 beginning, there is discussion of even more dominoes falling, and even more countries joining the Abraham Accords. Trump administration officials have said they’re working to even make it happen in the next three weeks, before Biden takes office. Looking ahead at the unfolding new year, it seems likely that the Abraham Accords domino rally will continue, and it seems almost inevitable that it will feature the biggest coup of all, Saudi-Israel peace. But if there’s anything we learned from 2020, it is that January can be drastically different from December in ways we never expected.

Brethren, U.S. good intentions aside, these Abraham Accords are leading us to the fulfillment of Daniel 9:27’s confirming of a covenant by the Antichrist. He will confirm a covenant with many that is already in existence.

“And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate” (Daniel 9:27).

“For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape” (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

The nations will end up at the Battle of Armageddon which will see the return of Christ Jesus and judgment (Joel 3).

For those who don’t know, God will use these last seven years of what we call “the Tribulation” to bring Israel back to a relationship with Him and to realize that Jesus is the Messiah.

“Ask ye now, and see whether a man doth travail with child? wherefore do I see every man with his hands on his loins, as a woman in travail, and all faces are turned into paleness? Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble; but he shall be saved out of it” (Jeremiah 30:6-7).

Unfortunately, two-thirds will still reject His free gift of salvation and will be doomed for eternity. The same goes for all the left behind after the rapture who reject Christ and take Antichrist’s mark of worship.

God is in control, and last days prophecy is unfolding just as the Bible tells us.