The Bottom Line Is… :: By Jim Towers

Did you ever think we would see the day when men would desire to be women and women desire to be men, when good is bad and bad is good? Did you ever think you’d see the day when our government would be so corrupt that we can’t trust them or what they say – ever? We know that such corruption existed in every society in the past, and politicians have always lied (read my lips), but here in our beloved country – the United States? Never.

During our lifetime, total corruption and lunacy have taken over our country, and seemingly, it all happened very quickly. But while we slept, the enemy of our souls had infiltrated all segments of American society, including churches, government, learning institutions and the law. It all happened slowly and incrementally, so we barely noticed. Now the full-blown monster of deceit and corruption has taken over the country.

For the past 200 years, we have led the way in evangelizing the huddled masses through our God-given freedoms. Christians from all parts of the world have come here to make this the greatest country in the world. But today, we stand at the brink of self-annihilation through ignoring God’s commands for a fulfilling and prosperous life and instead living for the sinful pleasures of the flesh, often without restraint and far removed from God’s laws.

It is amazing how resilient we human beings are. After the initial response to 9/11, we recovered after a bit and went back to living a life of leisure and corruption, finding new ways to make money and enjoying life’s pleasures. This in spite of the fact that many were begging forgiveness when they thought we were on the cusp of war, but it wasn’t long before we put that behind us and rushed headlong into our next calamity, sparking another wake-up call – the recent presidential election.

What makes these people in high places act out their perversions is that they don’t like being told what to do and are being driven by lust and greed. There are so many on the take that it will be almost impossible to thwart our march toward Godless communism that they are being paid to advance. Albeit some would say that we should pray like never before, it is too little too late. If you were God, would you listen to a people who went along with the Devil’s agenda?

Even some of our church leaders are asking us to submit to the rule of tyrants and outright thugs who are trying to make it impossible for us to attend church services. They are encouraging President Trump to concede the election, thinking that such a move will quell the violence, but instead, it will only embolden the lawless cabal to even newer and bolder lawlessness.

If these pollical criminals had their way, they would shut down the worship of the God who restrains them while we nominal and politically correct Jews and Christians sit idly by. Knowing that our country is fast falling apart, we instead go on thinking that life will return to normal once our political calamities subside. But according to the Bible, things will only get worse from here on. Lawlessness will prevail, perversion will continue, and apathy will continue to set in until trouble comes to our very front door – a time in which it will be too late to do anything but acquiesce or resist and be dealt with harshly.

“Without repentance, there is no forgiveness of sin.” And what began as apathy will turn into complete compliance with Godless, leftist ideology. The things happening before our very eyes should drive sinners to their knees. Although fear and trembling are beginning to take hold of our once great nation, we cling to unwarranted hope that things will get better.

Have you considered that within the next few days, we may see insurrection and craziness like never before? January 6th is the day that our next presidential leader will be confirmed, and with the evidence of corruption mounting, it may result in President Trump winning – maybe by force.

If Joe had been any kind of honorable man and really cared about this country, he might have admitted that the Democratic Party made some grievous “errors” in tabulating the vote. He might also say something like this:

“I am fully aware that we Democrats have made some grievous mistakes during this election cycle, and I have been made aware that I am experiencing cognitive decline that would only result in irrational decisions that would harm the country. I, therefore, admit that the presidential election was a fraud and concede the election to President Donald J. Trump. Also, I’m sorry for having taken millions of dollars from foreign and domestic enemies of the state and am sincerely sorry.” I really doubt that such a thing could possibly happen.

The reason they can’t lose the election is because many of them will be found to be guilty of high crimes, including crimes against humanity. Already we are finding that China has been consistently buying favors from those in high places. A good number of them have become millionaires by siding with the enemy – the Dragon.

Do any of us really think the Democrats are going to go back into their deep, dark closets like in the past? If the conservatives in our country don’t concede to Biden on the sixth of the month, then the Democrats will up the ante and continue to loot and burn and shoot police, and chaos will prevail.

Whether the present calamity was instituted solely by rogue elements of society or if God Himself has decided to institute Covid 19 and the ensuing tribulation at this point in time is debatable, and it’s beginning to look like perilous times are overtaking us – we know from scripture that the fullness of the Tribulation period can only happen when the Holy Spirit is taken out of the way. This because the Holy Spirit is the one who restrains the forces of evil here on earth. This will happen, of course, when the body of Christ is taken up to meet the Lord in the air after He shouts out, “Come up here!”

The body of Christ is the visible, tangible force of good which inhabits the fleshly bodies of “Born-Again Christians,” but it may be too late for God to stem the tide of corruption since people are unwilling to beg forgiveness and repent. Without asking for forgiveness with a contrite heart, we can only expect the worst for our nation.

“Without repentance, there is no forgiveness of sin.” And remember this, that “Judgment begins in the house of God,” that is, the church. Thankfully, there is light at the end of the tunnel for each one of us – but only individually. God has made a provision for escape from the calamity about to overtake us. “If you will believe in your heart and confess Jesus Christ and believe that God has raised Him from the dead, then you shall be saved.” “For you are saved by grace, through faith and that not of yourselves; it is a gift of God lest any man should boast.”

Will God just sit back and watch us destroy ourselves, or will He act on our behalf when He hasn’t been asked to? Will He forgive us our sins without our asking?

But the bottom line is that “Without repentance, there is no forgiveness of sin.”


Jim Towers

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