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Now Our Banks and Big Pharma Affiliations: BIDEN INVOLVED

Every day, I am reading more and more credible stories of the CCP (Communist Chinese Party) and how they are systematically accessing our Election, Banks, and Pharmaceutical affiliations. I believe that they are being aided by Joe Biden.

His ties to the Chinese regime run deep.

Is this the way that America goes down? If God does not intervene, then I would say it is very likely.

From by Alex Newman

A large number of Chinese Communist Party members have infiltrated Western governments and strategic Western corporations, including many with military roles and involvement in COVID-19 vaccines, according to news reports on a leaked document identifying almost two million CCP operatives. Mega-banks and aerospace contractors are heavily infiltrated by agents of the most murderous party in human history as well. The national-security implications for America are enormous.

One of the reasons the scandal is so significant and is causing shockwaves worldwide, despite being ignored by the U.S. media, is that all members of the Chinese Communist Party swear allegiance to the Party above all else. Among other promises, members pledge to “guard Party secrets, be loyal to the Party, work hard, fight for communism throughout my life … and never betray the Party.” In practice, that means every CCP member is a Communist operative first and foremost — and a potential spy.

Among the most alarming revelations from the new leak of CCP members is the fact that over 120 members of the Chinese Communist Party were employed by vaccine giants Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and GlaxoSmithKline. Some have even speculated about whether the involvement of CCP operatives in the creation of pharmaceuticals aimed at Western populations could involve health risks — especially long-term dangers that would not be noticed in short-term studies performed on emergency COVID vaccines.

The national-security concerns surrounding the leak are enormous, too. According to analysis of the data, there are hundreds of CCP members employed by Boeing, Airbus, and Rolls-Royce, all leading Western companies with extensive ties and contracts with American, British, and other Western militaries and defense establishments. Numerous CCP agents were also working at a major French defense contractor. And recently, a CCP member boasted of infiltrating the highest echelons of government power in America.

Separately, enormous numbers of CCP members are employed in highly sensitive research positions in Western universities, the leaked data shows. Among other concerns, experts warned that this gives the regime access to dangerous research and technology with important military applications. It also feeds key research and Western know-how to regime-controlled Chinese “companies,” helping them to out-compete the firms in the West that actually fund the research.

It was not immediately clear how many CCP operatives from the list might be working at U.S.-based Big Tech companies infamous for silencing and discriminating against conservatives, Christians, and Trump supporters. However, it is known that YouTube, Facebook, and other major technology companies — some of which blatantly interfered in the election to favor China-linked Biden — have been hiring and working with Chinese censors.

The new revelations add urgency to recent warnings from U.S. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe. He recently noted that Beijing poses the “greatest threat to freedom” since World War II and that the murderous regime was seeking to “dominate the planet economically, militarily and technologically.” U.S. lawmakers are being targeted using bribery and blackmail to do the dictatorship’s bidding, he added. And of course, many key members of the globalist elite in America have been openly aiding and abetting the rise of the CCP for decades.

The total list, which dates back to 2016, includes the names of nearly two million CCP members in Shanghai, Communist China’s financial capital. That is about two percent of the party’s estimated total membership. Most of the names have not been publicly released yet. Also included in the data is the ethnicity, date of birth, and name of members. In some cases, the names were associated with official positions, phone numbers, and addresses.

For the British, the leaks also contained urgent wake-up calls. For instance, a senior official at the British Consulate in Shanghai, which is home to intelligence officers from the U.K. security services, was exposed as a CCP member. Over 600 CCP members were working at British banks HSBC and Standard Chartered, potentially giving the regime access to extremely sensitive personal financial data on people around the world.

“This investigation proves that members of the Chinese Communist Party are now spread around the globe, with members working for some of the world’s most important multinational corporations, academic institutions and our own diplomatic services,” said former Tory Party leader Iain Duncan Smith in a column published in the United Kingdom, calling for investigations while highlighting CCP barbarism and concentration camps.

“The Government must now move to expel and remove any members of the Communist Party from our Consuls throughout China,” he added, noting that the conduct of entities that welcomed communist operatives was not just wrong but immoral. “We have failed to recognize that at the core of China’s system is a system of ideas and values that not only runs contrary to ours but seeks to overcome it.”

Others sounded even more alarmed. “This is yet further proof of how China has inveigled its way into the British establishment,” former Foreign Office diplomat and China expert Matthew Henderson was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail, one of the publications that first received the leaked list. “We are dancing with rabid wolves, intent on driving a wedge between Britain and America, overthrowing democracy and outstripping the West.”

The massive leak comes shortly after government documents showed far-left Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invited Communist Chinese troops to Canada for highly sensitive military training. The top-secret documents, first obtained and exposed by Rebel News, show that the radical Canadian leader wanted to offer training to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in Ontario even after the regime infamously kidnapped two Canadian citizens to use as bargaining chips.

Separately, all across the United States, a wave of scandals involving links between government officials and Communist Chinese operatives are proliferating. Axios recently released its findings after a year-long investigation about a Communist Chinese spy who developed very close relationships with top-level American politicians. Among the targets: Congressman Eric Swalwell, a member of the House Intelligence Committee who ousted an incumbent with help from the CCP spy.

“Through campaign fundraising, extensive networking, personal charisma, and romantic or sexual relationships with at least two Midwestern mayors, [Chinese spy Christine] Fang was able to gain proximity to political power,” reported Axios, citing current and former U.S. intelligence officials and a former elected official. Pictures of American politicians at all levels posing with Communist Chinese operatives are surfacing nationwide, too.

According to media reports, the list of CCP members was originally leaked on an encrypted instant-messaging app. In September, a Chinese dissident provided the list to the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC), a network of lawmakers from around the world seeking to rein in the growing influence of the mass-murdering Communist Chinese dictatorship. So far only a fraction of the total list has been publicly released, beginning with copies sent to a handful of Western media outlets such as the Daily Mail.

A spokesman for the mass-murdering regime quoted in media reports insisted that having CCP members in sensitive posts for Western governments, universities, and companies was no big deal. “We urge the media to abandon ideological bias and Cold-War mentality and view China, the Communist Party of China and China’s development in a rational and impartial manner,” the mouthpiece for the brutal regime was quoted as saying.

Of course, Communist Chinese espionage against the United States and the U.S. military goes back decades. Sometimes, it has been aided by top American officials, including former U.S. President Bill Clinton. As documented in the February 15, 1999, “Chinagate: Treason in the White House” issue of The New American, Clinton even helped the hostile communist government access some of the most sensitive American military technology while covering up various crimes for the regime and its agents. Clinton’s collaboration was secured in exchange for massive unlawful campaign contributions.

American military leaders expressed outrage over the betrayal. “President Clinton promised to restrain those who ordered the Tiananmen Square massacre, but he has now allowed these men whose hands are stained with the blood of martyrs of freedom into the highest reaches of our military defenses, and made available to them significant portions of our advanced military technology,” wrote former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Thomas Moorer, one of many top military leaders to be shocked by the treasonous aid to the hostile Chinese regime.

More recently, Obama repeatedly invited Communist Chinese troops to train with U.S. military forces on American soil. More than a few critics of the policy called it treason, with the regime in Beijing having repeatedly indicated its deadly hostility toward the United States, U.S. allies, and individual liberty. Obama’s vice-president, current presidential hopeful Joe Biden, also had numerous troubling contacts with the dictatorship, as did Biden’s scandal-plagued son, Hunter, who even went into “business” with top Communist Chinese operatives.

In 2010, The New American magazine again sounded the alarm about Communist Chinese espionage aimed at the United States. CCP spies were already everywhere, infiltrating Western companies, universities, military institutions, governments, and more. From spying on dissidents to stealing technology, the regime and its hordes of agents around the world were vacuuming up everything possible for the benefit of Beijing.

Perhaps even more alarming, though, has been the key role played by Deep State globalists in the West in betraying the people of China into communism, and then building up the regime enslaving them over a period of decades. As The New American reported in an in-depth investigative piece, billionaire globalists including such well-known names such as Rockefeller, Soros, Gates, Bloomberg, and more have been instrumental in Beijing’s rise to global power. That betrayal continues to this day, and may prove fatal to America and liberty if not addressed. source

Brethren, I believe that if there was ever a time for a president to call Martial Law – IT IS NOW. President Trump has all of the proof needed to show that the Chinese government has not only manipulated our election, but now has infiltrated our most important agencies and affiliations.


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