Something Wondrous This Way Comes :: By Terry James

We know about Shakespeare’s line, “Something wicked this way comes.” As a matter of fact, I think most of us who are concerned with all the political and election doings for the past four or five years agree that we’ve lived Shakespeare’s famous warning to the fictional generation he addressed in his play Macbeth.

The witch in the play warned of a political entity that had been created—a monster—and that it was on its way. So, “Something wicked this way comes” is a heads-up that there is a monster on the loose, and is coming for you.   

I heard an audio of a Democrat congresswoman threatening all who were “Trumpsters.” She put out the message to all who were “soldiers.” She said they would know how to punish those who had anything to do with Donald Trump and his time in the presidency. To me it sounded like she was advocating physical death to all of us who disagreed with the evil she and the anti-God forces we oppose taking over in America forever.

Her threat was so direct, calling on the minions to kill us, as I heard it, that even the leftist Democrat majority in the House of Representatives had her censured by taking her off the committees she had been assigned to. Don’t be fooled, however; this was for public consumption leading up to an anticipated Biden presidency. She’ll almost certainly be reinstated once the dust settles on the kerfuffle she caused.

The “dark winter” the Democrat presumptive president-elect forewarned is certainly part of the planning for America and the world, although Mr. Biden might have meant it only to apply to the coronavirus. Something indeed “wicked this way comes.

That wickedness goes much deeper into the dark regions of evil than the mere, radical leftist, political ideology that threatens to deconstruct America as founded. The architects are inheritors of the same, ancient evil that brought all of humanity together to build that tower on Shinar all those millennia ago. It’s an attempted return to Babel, and instead of a single, demonically inspired leader as was the giant Nimrod, there are multiple minions in high places that are, through immense wealth, thus power, the architects of the global neo-tower project.

The news that even the Supreme Court justices, whom many of us had hopes would put America as founded above finding ways to appease the powers that be, have apparently succumbed to this electoral thievery, is, of course, quite disheartening. It’s even frightening in some respects, especially considering the words of the congresswoman mentioned above, knowing that there are many more just like her who would treat her opposition like Hitler and henchmen treated the Jews after 1939 and Kristallnacht.

However, I think we can, as believers, sense something truly profound developing within this strange, troubling mixture of human politics and spiritual warfare. One friend who emailed following the Supreme Court decision to reject hearing the Texas case against the fraud perpetrated by the four or five states wrote the following:

I was “discussing” things with our Lord today in regards to this election and the horrible things that will happen if Biden gets in.

I received a very distinct immediate (for lack of a better term) “response,” of “You think I can’t handle this situation without Trump?”

I stopped.  My prayer was answered.

I heard that same still, small voice myself at a later time. The Lord is not fretting. Neither should we. We’ve certainly registered our, no doubt, millions of prayers within Heaven’s throne room. Now let us, as Moses exhorted the children of Israel when faced with the seemingly impossible-to-breach obstacle that was the Red Sea, “Behold the power of the Lord!”

We’re promised by the Creator of the universe—who just happens to be our Heavenly Father— that something this way “wondrous” comes!

But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. (1 Corinthians 2:9)