A Real Reason to Panic :: By Steve Schmutzer 

An awful lot of God-fearing, Constitution-supporting, and law-abiding people in America are frustrated and concerned following the results of the November 3rd elections.

A sizeable portion of THOSE folks are pretty sure the Democrats engaged in fraudulent behavior to make it seem as though Joe Biden fairly won the presidential vote.

A part of THAT second group feels Biden’s “success” was carefully orchestrated by globalist resources, covert individuals, and dark agendas.

And finally – a smaller subset of that last bunch is still sure that God is STILL in control.

Put me in that very last category.

I’m watching a lot of people who call themselves Christians punch the panic button these days. “How could God allow this?” “We’re going to enter the Tribulation now.” “Is Joe Biden the antichrist?” “This election means the Rapture will happen any moment.”

The display of foolishness in much of the church today is distressing to see and hear. It is self-evident that Christ’s bride knows very little about the plans of her Groom.

Here are just a few points to keep in proper perspective during these turbulent times:

Number one. Biblical prophecy – including its primary developments and signs – pivots around the nation of Israel. As Dr. John MacArthur said, “If you get Israel right, you get your eschatology right.” If you take your eyes off God’s timepiece, you cannot properly understand the times we live in. Assessing prophetic matters through the lens of America’s affairs is a show of ignorance and a waste of time.

Number two. There is nothing about this past election which signals the Rapture is about to happen. Our ‘blessed hope’ (Titus 2:13) is not linked to any specific event. It is an imminent and signless wonder. It comes without warning. The apostle Paul anticipated it in his time. We should be looking for it no differently December 2nd than we did November 2nd.

Number three. Apart from the fact that we can indeed see a choreography of Tribulation-era elements taking shape – global pandemics, surging lawlessness, specific alliances in the Middle East, appeals for a one-world governance, and so on – nothing about these developments mean believers will endure the Tribulation. The FULL counsel of Scriptures makes it clear the saints will leave this planet before Daniel’s 70th Week starts.

And lastly, make sure your ticket to heaven is in order. Matthew 7:21-23 makes it very clear a lot of people will find out too late they really weren’t saved. This is one of the most frightening portions of God’s Word, and if you want to understand real panic, read this passage carefully:

Bluntly put, there’s a lot of folks in the pews these days that are not in a right relationship with Christ. They think they are – but for various reasons, they are deceived. It’s a matter of eternal importance to get this issue right.

A challenging, but spiritually vital question to ponder is, “What is my eternal condition?” (2 Cor. 13:5). According to James chapter 1, it’s the trying circumstances that prove out the integrity of our faith.

There is no matter of greater urgency these days than to make sure one’s heart is right before God.