About Abuse and Power :: By Jim Towers

The Godless Democrats are doing all they can to alter the U.S. Constitution and our way of life. Through them, Satan has gotten the upper hand in American politics. It seems that all the Democrats care about is maintaining power and getting rich at the expense of the American people.

The writer/filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza rightly says in his latest book, United States of Socialism, and I quote, “Sure, socialism presents a temptation, the same temptation that TV evangelists hold out to their gullible audiences. They offer their followers the temptation of paradise, freedom from the normal drudgery and travails of life, with manna from heaven dropping into their laps. This is what they promise too. The main difference is that the televangelist promises these wonders in the next life; the socialist promises them in this one. The only thing you have to give up is your ownership of yourself, including your right to keep what is yours, your personal autonomy and dignity, and your independence of mind.

“In both cases, the enterprise is driven by lust for money and lust for power, the libido dominandi that St. Augustine warns about. In principle, no less than in practice, socialism is the ideology of thieves and tyrants. As for people that fall for the temptation, they are connivers attracted by the rip-off scheme. But they end up as suckers because the scheme is not designed to benefit them. The socialist scheme is designed to benefit the perpetrators. Viewing themselves as smart – the smartest people in society- they feel entitled to be the ones who exercise power, who tell others what to do.”

Going a step further, they will do anything to retain power, even to the point of killing their adversaries. The love of money and power is indeed the root of much evil. (my quote).

We conservatives are fighting for our very lives and existence. President Trump is fighting to prevail in the presidential election which could still be stolen from the working-class American people.

I just finished reading a book with the title Abuse and Power by Carter Page. It is about political corruption in our government that runs deep and casts a wide net with its allure and lust for money and power. Carter Page was made a scapegoat by those in power to undermine President Trump’s character and his election four years ago. Carter was only a volunteer for President Trump’s first presidential campaign, but he had all the right credentials for exploitation.

Many others were indited on trumped-up charges, and they too suffered loss of finances and friends – some even ending up in jail. While their families suffered – the deep state rejoiced in their short-lived victories. Rightly enough, these people were exonerated and set free once the deep state was proven to be allied in falsely accusing the president of treasonous acts – the very same acts they themselves were committing even as we speak.

The Democratic party (since it is a Godless entity) has no qualms about ruining other people’s lives and businesses. They give radical groups license to set businesses ablaze after they loot them. Worse than that, they keep law enforcement from doing their jobs in arresting them. Because of that, these radicals are becoming fearless to the point of assaulting and even killing the police officers themselves.

Because of liberal policies, the American people are demanding to go their own way with no regard for law and order. Pedophilia, abortions, and perversions that even animals shy away from are commonplace today, so much so that laws are being passed to allow these perversions to become legal. Our political system has gotten out of order, and the rule of law no longer applies. Satan holds sway over our Democrat leaders, and they are as determined as ever to take God out of our system of government.

We believers quote Chronicles 7:14, but since we’ve let God be kicked out of our government, learning institutions and even churches, God cannot bless such a wicked and Godless society, and He will not answer their prayers.

Rev. Graham said it over a year ago, and again I quote, “If God lets us continue in the sinful way we are going (the USA), he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Are we near the Tribulation period the Bible speaks of? We all know that the tribulation period is all about the end of the age, and persecution will abound. Well, I believe we are seeing a foretaste of that time period, a time when laws will be turned against the population in force. Carter Page must have felt that he had gone through a time warp in which nothing he said was listened to. This well-meaning patriot lost respect, work, and friends all because the Democrats wanted to retain power by impeaching president Trump. But worse than that, the leftist Democrats are demanding that we kill children (God’s gift to mankind) even outside the womb. Not only that, but they would have us declare that pedophilia and homosexuality are normal human behavior!

Now, because we’ve let the extreme left run roughshod over our nation, God is letting us stew in the folly of our own making. That, along with extreme weather patterns, unheard of numbers of hurricanes and earthquakes, makes a right-thinking person wonder if the Tribulation period can be far behind.

Today, the Christian byword is Pre-curser, but as the days slip by with no change in attitude or repentance – things will only get worse – according to the word of God. If that isn’t the tribulation period about to come upon the world, then I don’t know what is. Before the world slips into the maelstrom of the Tribulation period, the restraining power of the Holy Spirit will be removed along with Christ’s believers in the rapture.

The antichrist in bodily form surely walks among us by now, soon to step into his role. Even now, we’re seeing that our days of freedom are numbered and are fast slipping away. I would highly recommend that we repent of our sins of self-righteousness and apathy.


Jim Towers

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