Where Do We Go from Here? :: By Alice Childs

Well, in 2020 it certainly seems like the hits just keep coming, don’t they? The latest one in the eyes of the Remnant Church, of course, being not just the personages involved in this election, but the vastly differing worldviews that are clashing head on – worldviews that are at the very heart of what this nation stands for.

The real issue here is that we are in the final seconds of the last days right before Jesus raptures out His Church and the juggernaut of God’s judgment descends on this depraved, demonic, utterly Satanic world via the onrushing Tribulation. We keep reminding ourselves that the Holy Spirit, writing through the Apostle Paul, told us explicitly how people would behave and how events would be during these last days. The Apostle John addressed the Remnant Church in the last days in Revelation 3 when Jesus revealed to him the “little strength” of the last days true Church vs the rising colossus of the false “church,” within whose midst Jesus Christ was outside the door, not even within the midst of that false harlot Church.

Even Jesus Himself, in the Olivet Discourse, when speaking to Israel who will be here during the coming “Time of Jacob’s Trouble,” warned them (and those of us living on the cusp of that time just before the Church is taken out) that “these things MUST happen. We are now living right smack in the middle of those “perilous times” about which the writers of the New Testament warned. We are witnessing, indeed, LIVING through them as they grow worse and worse while the world moves further down the road to the judgment-bound return of the days of Noah and Lot. We are not headed there; we’re there already!

So, with all that has already occurred in 2020, and with the further results of this election and the next year looming over us promising even greater peril, what does this mean for our freedom to continue to operate unfettered and uncensored? And what does it mean for our personal ability to worship, share the gospel, to be free to continue on with the mandate God has given us to remain faithful and “occupy” until He comes?

This is what I want to address here. I want to let you know what COULD lie just over the horizon with regards to freedom on social media – what our response should be as Christians to remain faithful to our calling so that no matter what comes our way, we may each, like Paul, be able to say “I have run the race; I have finished the course. I have kept the faith.”

First off, with regards to Christian groups we’re in and our own personal pages on Facebook, we have already been seeing much more restrictive policy changes with regards to censorship. We must expect that to not just continue, but to increase exponentially should God allow the Democrats to gain control of the government, as certainly appears to be the case in His omniscient, omnipotent, plan. In the coming days, weeks, and months, we will very likely lose much of our ability to speak the truth of scripture and/or have what we’ve already shared removed. Unless the Lord intervenes and preserves our freedom, we expect this to happen.

So, what will happen to our groups and personal pages should Facebook censorship become even more draconian than it already is? The answer to that is this:

Should we get to the point where God allows Facebook to begin to actively censor, remove, restrict, or attempt to change our content; should Facebook attempt to force us to compromise the purity of the gospel and sound doctrine, then we should leave Facebook rather than allow the gospel to be curtailed or censored. We should not compromise the verity of the gospel, nor move one millimeter from the foundational doctrines of God’s holy Word.

For as long as we are free to speak forth the non-negotiable gospel here in this venue, we should continue to do so. However, if/when the time should come when we are no longer free to do that, then we will have completed what God placed us here to do. So, unless or until that time, should it ever come, before we are snatched out in the rapture, we can remain right here praying for each other, encouraging the brethren, teaching sound doctrine, and sharing the gospel.

Now, as for each of us personally, I’d like to give us all a few tips on how to help us have peace in the midst of all the chaos that will certainly be growing worse the closer the world reels toward the horrific judgment of the coming Tribulation. As believers saved by the grace of God alone, the Holy Spirit is sealed within us, and we of all people know and have utter peace and complete joy in Christ – even in the midst of dark and evil days. What we need to do now is to focus steadfastly on WHO God is – His character and nature as revealed to us through His holy Word, and to focus on His great Plan of the Ages that is right now being brought to pass.

None of what is happening now or what will happen next week, next month, or next year is taking God by surprise – not one thing. God has ordained the end from the beginning. All that He has ordained will unfold exactly according to HIS plan. His plan for the redemption of the ages, for “whosoever” is willing to believe in Him by faith, is right on track. We simply have to trust Him and remain obedient to what He has called us to do.

Following are some tips and things that we can do to keep our focus where it should be and keep our hearts and minds from becoming weighted down with depression or our lives paralyzed by fear.

(1) DON’T stay glued to the news! I don’t mean don’t stay abreast of what’s going on, but DO NOT DWELL on the news in any venue 24/7. All that does is depress us and causes us to fear. Constant news watching takes our focus away from God outworking His plan, and puts our focus onto those who THINK that they are in control. Remember, Jesus told us that these things MUST happen. God is in complete control. He always has been; He is now, and He always shall be. He is God.

(2) Spend more time in the Word! Read the Psalms. Read the books of the New Testament that pertain to the Church. Read chapters 4-5 of Revelation and truly grasp what we will soon be seeing and doing once we are caught up to worship Almighty God around His emerald-encircled throne in Heaven! Set aside time each day to meditate on God’s promises. Don’t look at scripture in light of the news, but look at the news in light of the sure prophetic Word. Focus on our blessed hope, not on any situation we may find ourselves in at any given moment.

(3) UNPLUG from the news AND from social media AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Begin to wean yourself off of it all. Social media is highly addictive! Get OFF the news sites, OFF YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, et al and spend more time actually doing something relaxing to mind, body, and soul. Bake cookies with your little ones. Take a walk if you’re able, sit out in the sun if it’s warm or by the fire if it’s not. Relearn how to have a conversation one on one with family and friends. Turn OFF the TV and put down your cell phone, tablets, iPads etc. Take the time that you’re not on social media to prepare your “left-behind” boxes. Ready your home so that if the Lord allows, those left behind will be able to find not just food and clothing in your home, but a treasure trove of Bibles, teaching materials, and books that will help them.

(4) Listen to hymns. Put on some soothing instrumental music or find some great old hymns of the faith and sing along. If you like, play some classical music or go out as you are able and just enjoy nature if it’s warm enough to do that where you live. Do things that calm your nerves and fill your senses with the wonder of God’s creation. Ponder on what it will be like when Jesus returns to earth to set up His PEACEABLE KINGDOM.

(5) Set aside time each day where you are alone with God to pray. Pray, of course, for the lost, but pray too for our brethren worldwide and for God’s faithful pastors and watchmen. Pray for the protection and deliverance of the babies and children. Pray for the strength of the Remnant Church. Pray for Israel. Pray for those who will come to belief AFTER the Church is raptured out – those who will become believers during the Tribulation who will have to face death for their faith. Pray for the 144,000 Jews from each of the 12 tribes of Israel whom God will seal as His witnesses once the Church is gone and the Tribulation begins.

Pray for the salvation of ALL who are in leadership – even if, ESPECIALLY if, they are our enemies. The vast majority of them are most likely reprobates already having been given over by God, but only He knows the hearts of every individual, so pray for them. Pray that God will bring in the fullness of the Gentiles soon so that the Church – Christ’s body – may be complete. Pray that the rapture happens soon without delay!

(6) As long as you are able, take every opportunity to share the gospel on social media. Should the time come when we are no longer free to do that here or elsewhere online, then buy or make some gospel tracts and leave them everywhere you can: in grocery carts, in public restrooms, with your tip at a restaurant if you’re in a place where you can still get out and about. And what if those freedoms too are taken away in another lockdown? Well, NO ONE – not Satan nor every devil of Hell can stop the prayers of the Saints!

In closing, I want to encourage us all to keep our eyes, our minds, our hearts, on Jesus ALONE. We know that we are most likely facing dark, unprecedented times. We must prepare ourselves and our loved ones to face the possibility that we may be called upon to go through even darker waters before our Deliverer comes to catch us out. Perhaps, in His mercy, God will keep us from that, or perhaps not. Still, we must face the possibility, should that be part of God’s will for us. Yet, never forget that HE IS COMING, and His coming can be at any time!

Don’t focus on all that is wrong and getting “wronger.” Focus instead on the immutable truth that all these things are what MUST happen so that we, the Remnant Church, can be raptured out before God’s judgment begins. God is getting ready to judge this wicked, sin-loving, God-hating world in order that His thousand-year kingdom can be inaugurated on a restored and renovated earth – after which ALL sin will be forever banished, and we will dwell with our God and Savior Jesus Christ throughout eternity.

Keep looking up! MARANATHA!