Tale of Two Countries :: By Bill Wilson

This election is not just about two men; It’s about two countries—one vision of a country by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, and another vision of a country by President Donald Trump. As we look toward Tuesday’s election results, there could be no starker contrast between these two visions. Biden’s is one of a socialist America where the government is involved in every part of your daily life. It is a vision that has failed time after time throughout the world. Trump’s is a freedom-oriented vision of America. Quite frankly, it is the only successful form of government that allows individual freedom within rules and laws to prosper and excel.

We see time after time the way this works. In fact, Joe Biden is an excellent example. He has used his position in government to establish a worldwide syndicate to unethically, if not illegally, enrich his family and friends. That’s the way socialism works. Those in power, who have duped the voters into believing them, make lots of money at the expense of those they govern. Since they only are in it for themselves, the citizens suffer horrible consequences. Look at Venezuela and Argentina. Look at slave labor in China. Look at the poverty in places like Saudi Arabia. Look at whatever it is in Russia. America is the only place in the world where there is some semblance of true opportunity for everyone.

That opportunity will surely be limited, if not eliminated under Joe Biden. Think for a moment what a Joe Biden America might look like in two years. Here is a possible scenario:

The Biden-packed Supreme Court uses the 25th Amendment to remove President Biden, swearing in Kamala Harris as president. The nation is in turmoil as North Korea and Iran threaten nuclear strikes. Crime and riots plague the cities and suburbs. There is a massive shift of jobs out of America and into China, further enriching the Biden family. Oil, coal, and fracking industries are outlawed, fuel prices skyrocket. The nation is shut down as COVID fears continue. Record numbers out of work, defaulting on home mortgages. Taxes on the middle class are the highest in history. These things are very possible. And Biden can hardly put two words together.

The vision of America by President Trump is entirely different. Think about what America could look like in two years under Trump:

President Trump and Congress celebrate second year of record economic growth. More people have jobs than ever before. President Trump signs into law free-market healthcare covering pre-existing conditions. Tax reform lowered taxes and stimulated business development and jobs. There is peace across the Middle East. China faces tough sanctions for corrupt practices against America. Crime is at the lowest level in the 21st Century.

Yes, it is a tale of two countries. The choice is clear. We will make a Joshua 24:15 choice: “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom you will serve… but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Therein is the choice that governs choices.