Voting for Peace? :: By Terry James

While the presidential election draws ever nearer, the current president’s accumulation of accomplishments becomes truly astonishing. His many achievements, despite being opposed by every conceivable power within governmental auspices and, particularly, by minions of the father of lies, the mainstream media, continue to accumulate.

None of those accomplishments has been more prophetically significant than those involving the Middle East peace process. His promises to move the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, to declare Jerusalem Israel’s capital, and to make the “Deal of the Century” regarding Middle East peace have all been kept.

He has kept promises both at home and abroad on many levels, but none are more important than those dealing with the matter of Israel and its Arab neighbors.

The bringing-together of Israel with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is considered something of a master stroke. Trump did what no one thought could be done. He bypassed the Palestinian Authority altogether, making and end-run around them, thereby bringing other Arabs to the table of peace.

Now that “circle of peace, as some are calling it, has expanded to include a total of six Arab states. The latest to join is Sudan, a country marked as a terrorist state.

The following news excerpt frames the profoundly significant accomplishment.

Israel and Sudan have agreed to normalize their relations and open economic and trade ties, the countries and the U.S. announced Friday. The U.S. said earlier this week that it would remove Sudan from the state sponsors of terrorism list as part of the agreement.

“This is an incredible deal for Israel and Sudan,” President Trump said in the Oval Office, according to a White House pool report. “For decades, Sudan has been at a state of war with Israel. They have been in a state of war and boycotted Israeli goods. There was no relationship whatsoever.”…

“I could see Iran ultimately — it sounds, right now, it doesn’t sound like something that would happen, but I see it happening,” the president said.

“Ultimately, they’ll all be one unified family,” Trump added. “It’ll be an amazing thing. Probably has never happened in the Middle East, because the Middle East is known for conflict and fighting.”

Leaders of the U.S., Israel and Sudan “spoke today to discuss Sudan’s historic progress toward democracy and opportunities to advance peace in the region,” the joint statement released Friday says. It adds that the historic shift will bolster regional security and open new opportunities for people in Sudan and Israel as well as their neighbors. (“Sudan and Israel Agree to Normalize Relations In U.S.-Brokered Deal,” Bill Chapell, NPR, RR News, October 23, 2020)

So it is indeed an amazing series of accomplishments, so far as international diplomacy is concerned. The president has been nominated for four different Nobel Prizes, including the Peace Prize, because of his efforts. Trump’s negotiators convinced Sudan, one of Israel’s most violent enemies, to join the circle by offering to take them off the terror list, if they complied with the stipulations of that newly formed circle.

Those within the six nations will derive economic benefits in trade and even US defensive weaponry purchase agreements by recognizing Israel and working toward a broader peace in the region.

With Donald J. Trump’s stunning accomplishments, it would in normal times mean he would be a shoo-in for reelection on November 3. But these are not normal times. They are supernatural times, in that this Church Age (Age of Grace) is swiftly concluding, according to the convergence of many aspects of prophetic stage-setting we are witnessing.

I have never believed the polls in these last two presidential elections. The mainstream media and their pollsters have proven time and time again to be exaggerating in favor of Trump’s opponents at best, and outright lying at worst. They continue to be doing the same while we approach what is being called the most important election in the nation’s history.

I don’t think that is hyperbole. Watching the carnage being wreaked upon American cities, the debauchery of the culture, the educational lies being taught the next generations of Americans, and other evils too numerous to mention, this election is supremely important.

This president seems possessed of an energy that defies all physiological and biological laws. He has been attacked from every angle every hour of every day for more than four years, yet is still in office and growing stronger every day, it seems.

He recovered from the dreaded coronavirus in record time–so fast, in fact, that many who hate him and stated that they wanted him to die of the virus believes he never even had it but used the “miraculous recovery” just to enhance his reelection bid.

Donald J. Trump is in the place the Lord of Heaven has determined he will be for this moment so near the time of the Rapture and the Tribulation.

A vote for Trump, it should seem to everyone, is a vote for peace. Peace in that the culture will be brought into a more tranquil time than his opponents would inspire. Peace in terms of world peace and particularly peace involving God’s chosen people, Israel, and all of the Middle East. But, this is serious misconception, as I will explain at the conclusion.

Mr. Trump, as I’ve written many times, is not a godly man. But he is God’s man. He is in the position as the most powerful leader on earth at present because God has deemed it to be so.

This is true for many reasons. Most of those reasons, no doubt, are far beyond our ability or need to know. But the fact that Trump is in the position he is in and has to this point been unmovable out of that place makes me, at least, believe that he is there, at this time, to be part of the unfolding of the very end of this quickly fleeting age.

Chief among the reasons, I’m of the growing opinion, is that he is the one man the Lord, in His omniscience, knows can construct the peace that will prove the instrumentality to bring Israel–His chosen people—to the point of repentance. They will at last see Jesus for who He is as they see their Messiah returning from Heaven on a white steed, followed by an Army dressed in white (Revelation 19:11).

So, I do not say that voting for Trump is truly a vote for the kind of peace the world needs. Only Christ, the Prince of Peace, can produce true peace in the human heart.

Donald Trump, by seeking earthly peace, genuinely wants to make life better for people of Israel and the Middle East, I have no doubt. He wants peace for the United States and all people of the world. He is my choice for president as strongly as I can state it as November 3 looms.

But the peace that will eventuate during the coming Tribulation from these “Deal of the Century” initiatives at present is destined to be a peace that destroys many, as we are told in Isaiah 28:15, 18.

Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves… And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it.

Keep in mind that God is in absolute control of all of this. He has ordained it to happen–howsoever it happens–as part of His great plan to redeem Israel as well as all who will believe in His Son Jesus Christ for salvation.