Vote! :: By Jim Towers

If you want to keep our country intact, you MUST vote for Donald Trump. The only thing slimy Joe Biden and his cronies advocate for is raising taxes, curing Covid (which is already on its way out), and the wholesale slaughter of innocent infants called Planned Parenthood – which is nothing of the kind. They are in it for the money that can be made from selling body parts.

As if “Shifty” Joe Biden weren’t enough to worry about with his unstable finger on the red button while having a moment of doubt because of mental deterioration, we can rest assured that his comrades will guide him along to make the right decisions… or should I say the left decisions?

Kamala Harris, his second in command, would take over should “Ol” Joe go off the deep end. But this conniving woman has a shady past – one that would put Mata Hari to shame. She is an arrogant power-hungry woman who, because of her loose morals and cunning, can be compared to Jezebel in the Bible.

Then, of course, if that fails, we always have Hillary Clinton on standby, and we know all about her and her criminal past and the so-called suicides of her enemies. Last, but certainly not least, Barack Hussein Obama is standing by eager to guide foggy-minded “Ol” Joe, reminding him of their agenda for instituting Sharia law after our rights are done away with.

The leftist thugs who are burning and looting our cities indiscriminately are being funded and encouraged by the hard left – even going so far as providing transportation for them. All of this while conservative whistleblowers have been and are being silenced by the Clintons. The ruthless Muslim – Obama, of course, stands with them, having taken part in subverting the government and filling his administration with avowed Muslims, Communists and Atheistic Gays and Lesbians.

When the founding fathers of our country determined that all faiths should be able to participate, they never imagined that one day there would be such a foolish belief system as atheism in our country.

As determined as the left is in overthrowing our way of life, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an attempted assassination of President Trump. (They want him dead before he can bring them to justice for their many crimes against our country, humanity, and honorable citizens.)

Why anyone in their right minds would vote for an evil Democrat is beyond me. It makes absolutely no sense.

God is showing His wrath toward an evil and heartless generation with all sorts of catastrophic events throughout the globe. But these calamities were predicted to happen by the prophets of the Bible. Intrigue, lies and treachery rule the day by the ruling classes.

A number of the governing party of Republicans have come down with Covid 19, the flu that Fauci, Obama, and the Chinese invented in a Wuhan Biological Warfare laboratory. You have to wonder if some of these people carry little vials of this flu to sprinkle about on unsuspecting conservatives.

Remember this, too, that the agenda of the left is one of oppression and taxation.


I just finished reading TOO MUCH and NEVER ENOUGH by Mary L. Trump, Donald Trump’s niece and got to the page 164 when the writer revealed she was a lesbian. Having read that, I thought no wonder she is so venomous and self-righteous; so I stopped reading right there and then. (I suppose it’s these deviants’ desire to be taken seriously by God and the rest of us.) Bitter and snooty, the author has nothing good to say about her uncle; and although I’m sure some of it is true, he is the only willing deterrent we have to the demonic Democrat horde who would destroy our beloved country.

Nevertheless, writing such drivel as she did in this book is anathema for a well-meaning psychologist who is supposed to keep the diagnosis of individuals to themselves. But obviously, she was only concerned to making money from, of all things, a family member – a blood Uncle, no less.

I would like to read how she concluded that lying with another woman and doing things that are against nature are “normal.” To me, she’s the real sicko. She would have done better writing about the psychology of Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi who are outright liars, thieves and who may also be perverts as well. (Joe Biden likes to swim naked in the presence of women, as if he had anything to be proud of – shades of all the adulterous Kennedy brothers.)

As for her having a PH.D. in psychology, anybody with the time and money can achieve the title, and many who strive to do so are only seeking answers to their own vexing psychological problems. Perplexed, they study human behavior to try and figure out their own sinful leanings with no remedy in sight, yet they lack the ability to repent through arrogance and/or self-deception.

Had these quacks read scripture, they would had found that all of us are sinners in need of repentance, including themselves.

The other book I don’t want to read is about the FLOTUS – Melania Trump. It too is an exposé – written about a supposed friend and confidante of hers. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

VOTE as if your life depends on it – because it does!


Jim Towers and