Proud Boys Standing back and Standing by, Sir :: By Vanessa P.

I’m Banned from Facebook. Those three words are being said a lot lately. Not by those on the left. Certainly not ANTIFA or BLM. It’s being said by conservatives who are being banned from social media platforms by the thousands.

I was banned this morning after posting a meme. I was accused of promoting “hateful individuals or groups” and for advocating for violence. What could possibly have been in the photo? Hitler? Mao? Maybe ANTIFA and BLM brutally assaulting people on the streets? No. It was a rooster with the words “Proud Boys. The west is the best.”

I was not only immediately flagged for hateful content but the photo was removed and I was banned. This was not a public post, as my Facebook is completely private. I was flagged in less than thirty seconds, not enough time for a friend to report it, not that they would. Most have no clue who the Proud Boys even are.

Either Facebook is watching my page or they have AI’s far more intelligent than I thought. This photo wasn’t shared from the source either; I saved it to my own personal photos before sharing.

It took Facebook thirty seconds to decide that I was a danger to the Facebook community.

Meanwhile, Antifa and BLM are free to promote hatred and violence on a daily basis.

Conservatives are being censored on a massive scale. Not just little people like me either; they’ve gone after the president’s son, Don Jr.

They’ve banned people like Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer and even the “activist mommy.” The Proud Boys have been banned from every major platform. The group Patriot Prayer is also under attack, literally. These are the people that expose the hypocrisy on the left and within social media.

Jay Bishop of Patriot Prayer a.k.a. Aaron Danielson was shot and killed in downtown Portland, Oregon, by a member of antifa and supporter of BLM. Jay was ambushed as he walked by his shooter, Michael Reinoehl, who was hiding in a garage like a coward. Reinoehl was later shot and killed by the police.

Patriot Prayer leader and founder Joey Gibson is often accused by the left of being a racist among other things. As a Christian he’s attacked for his faith and his commitment to Jesus Christ. He’s attacked because he defends what he believes in and won’t back down. Gibson was good friends with Jay. Remember this… Jay was murdered for his support of our president. He was murdered for not falling into the leftist line.

Gibson, at Jay’s memorial calling for an end to violence. Calling for us to walk as Jesus walked. Without fear. As a warrior.

There are thousands of paid leftists who work for these social media sites as “moderators.” They are paid to censor and silence you. They support antifa and a “new America,” which is why threats against people like Kyle Rittenhouse are allowed and why the GoFundMe for Kyle was closed. His lawyer was banned from Twitter, but again, Antifa and BLM are ok. A “journalist” tweeted that whoever murdered Kyle on the inside would be a hero.

Why are the Proud Boys considered so dangerous? What could they possibly promote that would put them on a scale that’s far more dangerous than ANTIFA and BLM who, btw, have begun torching the U.S?  They don’t go along with the nonsense that the left has indoctrinated us with.

They promote strong MEN. They promote the traditional “outdated” idea that a man leads his home and protects what’s his. His family.

This line from their website says it all “like Archie bunker, we long for the days when girls were girls and men were men.”

Who wants to see a woman trying to square up with a man in the streets? Drunken women falling down and urinating on themselves in public? This is not attractive. The media is trying to convince our young girls that life is an endless party with champagne bottles popping and opportunities knocking on the barroom door.

Young girls grinding and twerking in Tic Tok videos is not attractive. Most grown men above the age of 20 with a moral compass somewhere do not find it attractive, but pedophiles and pre-pubescent boys do.

These girls are leaving nothing to the imagination, and they are selling themselves short. In turn, they are attracting the wrong kind of attention. They aren’t attracting men in most cases. They are attracting thugs.  Speaking of thugs, why do Democrats automatically see black people if one mentions thugs? Racist much?

The left has wanted to destroy the American family and American Dream for decades. After they removed the father, they took his job from him. They made him feel worthless as a man. They made women feel like they didn’t need a man, that they are strong women and can do it on their own, with daddy government’s help, of course.

What do men want? Men need to feel respected; women want to feel protected and loved. Both want to be understood, although maybe women do a bit more. Lol.

Jesus commanded husbands to love their wives as He loved the church. That’s a lot of love, an endless and forgiving love. He commanded that wives honor their husbands with respect.

Can you find many men out here that are worthy of respect? Is a man prancing around in a dress worthy of respect? Is this who’s going to protect a woman or is she going to end up protecting him? There cannot be a true attraction, but then again, antifa women are not much better; so perhaps it’s a match made in hell after all.

Women have chased manly men from the West for decades. Now they turn to men from groups like BLM or ISIS. They chased testosterone from their own men and yet are still seeking it out in others. They see men from these groups as strong and powerful while simultaneously trashing white men for being chauvinists.

The father and husband came under attack by the left, and nobody batted an eye; it was funny. Men are told to apologize for being men. This is one of the reasons why Proud Boys was started. To make men out of boys. To make men out of the spineless heap that the entertainment industry has created.

It began in commercials. Husbands looking stupid and incapable of doing anything right. These commercials feature a stern-looking wife standing next to him or one who simply shakes her head at him because he’s so helpless.

Men have been emasculated for three decades. They’ve been made to feel guilty for being men. All of the world’s problems are because of men, and usually white men receive the lion’s portion of finger pointing and indignation.

Forget that it was white men who built the West. White men that founded nations and Kingdoms, who protected Christendom so it could flourish and spread as it does today.

In the West, men created the greatest nations ever known to man, and I’m sure there were a few good women standing with them. In fact, it used to be a wife that stood behind her husband as his greatest cheerleader and defender. Standing behind him as in being his strength when his faded, standing behind him to hold him up when he falls, and standing behind him so she could push him when he needed that extra nudge.

Today’s woman won’t stand behind her husband. Who does he think he is, putting me behind him? She also isn’t happy standing next to him because “equality” no longer means equal; it means superiority.

The Proud Boys encompass everything the left hates about America and what made her great in the first place. A STRONG MAN! A man that protects and defends the family.

The left knew decades ago that the most effective way to destroy the family is to remove the father. BLM, until they very recently began scrubbing their site, advocates for the “disruption of the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”

In Marxism, communism etc, there is no family structure. The government is your family.

There is also no standing up for and defending what’s yours. Individualism is gone. You are a product of the government. When you raise an entire generation of men to hate their country, who do you think will defend it? Not antifa. Forget it.

This is why the left fears groups like the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer They are patriots who do not fear men, especially ANTIFA. They were NOT created to oppose antifa either.

Proud Boys began in a bar while complaining about the “new and improved” image of the western male. Long story short, over a few beers, not cocktails, they formed the group “Proud Boys.” As much as the media has disparaged them and attacked their founder, Gavin Mcinnes, the idea of a men’s group, for men by men, caught on and began spreading. They now have chapters all over the U.S. and Canada.

They are MEN. Not Soyboy basement dwellers. They are chauvinists, admittedly. As a woman, I don’t mind because the feminism movement has made me into somewhat of a chauvinist myself.

Fifty years ago, they wouldn’t have been chauvinists. They’d be our grandfathers and uncles. Work and provide for your family. Honor and respect your country.

If the left didn’t chase away the very idea of a traditional man, we wouldn’t have confused boys and young men prancing around in dresses calling themselves women. Not only that, but actually convinced they are just as much of a woman as I am. I beg to differ, and it has nothing to do with procreation.

Young men have natural instincts and urges to protect what’s theirs. Little boys used to play cowboys and Indians, and they settled their disputes one on one. It usually ended with a black eye or bloody nose, and they were better for it. It’s called testosterone, and yet today, the left literally views this natural chemical in a man’s body to be bad. The cause of all evil throughout history.

The conservative man is a Patriot. He loves, protects and provides for his family. He acknowledges God and puts Him first. He doesn’t let the leftist narrative that men need to be soft-spoken and less intimidating affect how he interacts. He will shake your hand like he means it. He says what he means and he keeps his promises. He’s not going to say one thing and do another. His wife is who he does everything for. From waking up and working all day to cutting the grass on Saturday. His wife isn’t just some chick he married. She is honored and loved. A real man earns the respect of those around him.

The president comes to mind when thinking of a manly man. This is one of the things that turns the left off; he doesn’t prance around begging for their approval. He doesn’t care. This country, God and his family are what’s important.

This was what a normal American man was before Obama. Until your feelings are what mattered the most. If you feel something, then everyone else must feel it too, or they are bigots. And racist. Always racist. The Proud Boys reject this. This, of course, makes them hateful. There have been some things said by members that are called questionable. Why? Because they have condemned Islam, illegal immigration and gay marriage. Everyone can have an opinion except a conservative-leaning man.

During the recent presidential debate, President Trump was asked to condemn white supremacists. He asked, “Who would you like me to condemn?” Biden can be heard in the background saying “Proud Boys” twice. The president responded by saying, “Proud Boys – stand back and stand by. But I’ll tell you what. I’ll tell you what. Somebody’s got to do something about Antifa and the left because this is not a right-wing problem.”

Stand back and STAND BY. The Proud Boys seized on that immediately and took it as a personal shout out from the president. STAND BY. Many began posting “standing by, sir.”

Of course, to the left this means that the president supports white supremacists. The Proud Boys are not a racist or white supremacist group. Any race or nationality is welcome. The only requirement is that you be a man. A naturally born man! How dare they. President Trump has been hounded by the media for being a supporter of white supremacists and may have fallen to a little pressure by condemning the Proud Boys. He said he knows nothing about them, so he shouldn’t be condemning them.

Speaking of the debates, I am convinced Joe Biden had an earpiece during the debate feeding him answers, not to mention he refused to allow the Trump team to check. Biden was suddenly coherent, understandable and somewhat presidential. I am not convinced though; something was off. Something not right, and I’m willing to bet that his earpiece is key. Not only was an earpiece spotted but what looks to be a microphone was at his sleeve, and a wire was spotted just inside his suit jacket. Coincidence? Does Biden even know who the Proud Boys are? Has he even condemned antifa by name?

At times Biden would also close his eyes trying to drown out the president as he listened to what he was being told in his ear. You could clearly see him concentrating, mixing up words but immediately fixing them. He even told the president to shut up, told him to be quiet and called him a racist. All that was missing were his puppet strings. The respect that came with the presidency is no more. This is what the left has done to us.

Biden did succeed on one end though, maybe not how the left would like. He brought the “Proud Boys” mainstream. Now everyone wants to know who they are and what they’re about, and membership inquiries have surged.  That’s not what the left wanted. They don’t want young men finding groups like the Proud Boys. They don’t want men to be men.

They don’t want groups of strong men meeting together regularly. Why? Because ideas are shared. Grievances are aired and decisions are made. You know who else hung out in a barroom over a few beers discussing American politics and culture? Our founders! Revolution anyone?

We, as Americans, have allowed the left to change America, and we were too busy to notice or maybe didn’t care. We took for granted that America would always be the same ole America that we grew up in. The land of the free, the land of plenty, and justice for all. The land where individualism and not group think used to be the norm. Where free speech was rule of law and where the right to bear arms was not infringed. America, a nation envied and hated because of our success and strength. We thought she’d always be there. That the flag would always wave high and Proud and where rule of law reigned supreme. Where mob rule would be shut down and the thought of riots across the nation wasn’t even a serious thought.

That’s all gone. Scripture tells us clearly that a nation divided cannot stand. We are as divided as it gets. The time for sitting on the fence is over. You’re either on the right or left.

Scripture repeatedly talks about being on the right or the left.

“A wise man’s heart is at his right But a fool’s heart at his left.”

When Gavin McInnes was accused of antisemitism, he said the following:

“On my comedy show on the Anthony Cumia Network, I brought up the arguments Nazis make. I made this explicitly clear and even said, “Don’t take this out of context!” When I said, “I’m becoming anti-Semitic,” it was clearly a joke. I was talking about the exhaustion of a ten-day tour there with interviews from sunrise to sundown and how liberal they are. Many refuse to embrace Trump and even criticize their own wall. I am fiercely pro-Israel and pro-Jewish, and I’ve made that clear time and time again. The media willfully ignores that so they can pluck a few words out of context and crowbar them into their narrative.”

He’s been accused of hating gays and also of being a closeted gay. McInnes used to be a regular on Fox News. He’s definitely not soft-spoken and doesn’t hide what he’s thinking. Is that always helpful for his cause? No. It gives the left ammunition. Much of what he’s said has been taken out of context or twisted to fit a certain narrative.

Have there been white supremacists who claim to be Proud Boys? Yes, but as McInnes said, the U.S. army was accused of the same thing. He doesn’t promote racism, and there are black and Hispanic men in the group.

The left is filled with pedophiles, drug addicts and basement dwellers. They attack groups like proud boys because they are everything that represents the old America. Everything they will never be. The America before Obama and GWB. Groups like Patriot Prayer are filled with strong Christian men who lead their families to Christ. These groups of men terrify the left because if enough men stood up for God, family and country, our men would take this nation back from those who took it from us without much of a fight.

Most of the rioters are being paid by Soros and have no idea what they are fighting for. Patriots know what they are fighting for. We are fighting for God, country and family. There’s no comparison.

“…But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

For indeed, those who are far from You shall perish;

You have destroyed all those who desert You for harlotry.

But it is good for me to draw near to God;

I have put my trust in the Lord GOD,

That I may declare all Your works” (Psalm 73:26-28).

Vanessa P