The Divorce :: By Terry James

Is it time for a divorce?”

The woman who phoned in to the Rush Limbaugh Show September 29 asked the question. I find it to be a most poignant question, and quite pertinent.

Should we, she was wondering, now agree to split down the middle—or along lines of ideological , political, religious, and other areas of the schism that is tearing the nation apart. The divide is indeed deep and the fabric that once held us together as a people seems to be seen and heard ripping violently as it fractures to pieces in accounts from hour by hour news feeds.

Lanny Davis, the political operative and White House lawyer and spokesman during the years of the Clinton presidency, has proposed such a divorce. He says he and a number of his blue-state think-alikes intend to propose that the nation be divided in two—or in fractured parts, according to their blueness and redness. He says they will take the best part of that division, the East Coast and West Coast, population centers in the cities of the middle country and Hawaii. By implication, the rest—the backward, Bible-clinging gun-toters and hayseeds—can be left to see if they can survive without the brilliance and guidance, as well as the assets, of the glorious blue-state secessionists.

It’s a fascinating proposal, to be sure. Considering that most of the population centers of the nation are now suffering unparalleled violence and carnage from the likes of BLM and Antifa, with no governance of blue-oriented mayors and governors, the proposal is almost appealing—to this Bible-carrying, gun-toting hayseed, at least. Federal taxes taken from us to provide for the common defense and general welfare of such anti-American areas of the nation have little appeal, so far as I can determine.

On the other hand, our Lord told us that a nation divided against itself cannot stand. That truth was taken to heart by Abraham Lincoln, and years of one of the deadliest wars of history saved the Union and thereby preserves the nation to this day.

I, and you, as Americans, have lived in peace. —That is, “peace” relative to the lives lived by those of the rest of the world.

We get up daily, free from fear of government and from our neighbors. Or, that is the way it has been until the election of Donald J. Trump.

The politicians and media prevaricators who are ideologically blue blame this president for the great divide although it is they who have been at the center of the despicable, attempted coup d’état they’ve perpetrated. This fact makes the woman on the Rush Limbaugh program wonder aloud for his forty million-plus daily listeners to hear: “Is it time for a divorce?”

If the coup is successful—if the change-America, blue-state cabalists get their way, we can no longer awaken free from fear of saying the wrong thing or making a misstep that will get us sent off for reeducation camps, gulags, or worse.

But, wait—she is concerned because she already is feeling such persecution. The woman said, as I recall, that she’s now surrounded by “blue-thinking” neighbors who constantly harangue her if she so much as speaks in a way they think is hate speech.

Although she hasn’t a clue she has said any such thing or made any such misstep, she’s been threatened, through unspoken and overt intimidation. She is sick of it, she said, and wonders if we shouldn’t just make the divide that those such as Lanny Davis want.

Her question, I’m sure, must have been made in a non-literal sense—although, I must say, she never indicated such.

A number of pundits I’ve heard have said they see such a civil war to divide the nation as Davis wants. I’ve said before that my own grandfather, Gideon Johnson James, said way, way back there when I was about ten years old that there was coming a great divide in the nation. He said there would be another civil war.

Listening to the debate between the president and the former vice president did nothing to assuage the fear of such a coming conflict. There was a divide right down the middle. Well, I would put the moderator in there as part of the divide, based upon his constant input of assistance at times one of the debaters began to stumble. The media, as I said, as a whole is in the blue-state category. It showed in that September 28 forum.

Make no mistake: a divorce is coming. It will be a much greater a parting of the ways than ever seen in any divorce court at any time in national or world history. Believers will be instantaneously divorced from the evil of this earth.

I’m talking about the moment when believers in Jesus Christ leave this judgment-bound sphere. Those “engaged” to the Lord, the Creator of all things, the King of Kings, will split the heavens to be forever with the Bridegroom in a symbolic wedding that can never be dissolved.

Let us look for this “blessed hope” as instructed in Titus 2:13. But at the same time, let us witness of Christ’s saving grace and God’s desire that all come to repentance (2 Peter 3: 9).

The Rapture is imminent! Even so, come Lord Jesus!