A New Paradigm :: By Jim Towers

There is a new paradigm in Christian circles these days (In science and philosophy, a paradigm is a distinct set of concepts or thought patterns, including theories, research methods, postulates, and standards for what constitutes legitimate contributions to a field. Wikipedia ). It’s being postulated about the rapture and the end times by self-ordained prophets who aren’t afraid to make assertions about the timing of these two great events. In doing so, they are inadvertently (or maybe on purpose) confusing what remains of the Christian church.

These new age prophets say that we may have as many as ten or more years before the rapture happens, and they give you reasons for thinking this way – disregarding what others have said in the recent past in particular that the rapture was or is imminent. This then would make all other end-time teachers obsolete if not heretical. On the other hand, if what they postulate, is true – the timing would buy us more time to evangelize the obstinate, uninformed and /or foolish.

We all know of wolves in sheep’s clothing who espouse various heresies, and this only adds to the confusion. Men and women alike are taking about visions and dreams and NDE’s and wrapping themselves in supposed mantels of biblical prophets. One such woman named Emma Stark, who appears on YouTube, has altered her appearance to stand out among the crowd as many of these people are apt to do. Rather than just letting their light shine in love for others, they try to elevate themselves into would-be celebrities.

These so-called prophets are especially scary when they try to draw attention to themselves by doing and saying doubtful things, and we must know scripture to have discernment to avoid falling for heretical theories.

We realize that the Bible does say in the book of Joel that in the end times God would pour out His Spirit on all flesh and that some would prophesy – and in this case – making them prophets, – latter-day prophets, so they say, – among whom there are heretics who deceive the ignorant, usually for monetary gain and recognition.

The idea that we may have a few more years to go before the rapture takes place puts us in the precarious situation of letting down our guard. For us to believe that things could get worse as we see the tribulation period just around the corner is intimidating to say the least. Who can imagine how much worse things can get? It would literally be hell on earth.

They seem to be coming from out of nowhere. Are these new age “prophets,” as they now call themselves, for real? Latching onto this latest “revelation” – if it can be called that – these modern-day prophets are proliferating at a phenomenal rate, especially after the publication of Johnny Enlow’s book, The End of the World, (subtitled As We Know It.) Clever little subtitle, don’t ya think?

What made me reconsider what Mr. Enlow said about the end times in the interview on “That’s Supernatural” with Sid Roth was when he took a nearby shofar and said, “When I blow this shofar, you will feel a tingling in your left arm, and it will go numb, and you will be able to carry out your mission in life to save the final remnant of unbelievers.” Then he drew it to his lips and blew. Braaaaaahhhhhhhh! This, in and of itself, falls into the category of witchcraft or wishful thinking.

Remember that some whom Jesus confronted said, “but we shared your word and blah blah blah…,” to which He answered, “Depart from me – for I never knew you.” So, I take that to mean that some professed “Christians” do and say things that are untrue. So be careful… be very careful to know scripture and abide by it. The best a person can do is to be prepared by putting our priorities in order: God first, family second, friends and neighbors, and then all others.

Jesus told us that no man knows the day nor the hour of His return to take us home and that we should always be ready. He also said that we should go on with life doing what we must in order to survive.

About Bill,

I try to make it to the Naples Pier at least once a week. It’s good to step away from the keyboard and other jobs around the house – that never seem to get caught up with anyways. The sight of the wide expanse of the Gulf of Mexico tranquilizes the mind every time, and I love it. The water is different every time I go to see my “friends,” and who knows but that I may even catch a fish or two – maybe even a humanoid. After all, I am a fisher of men as well.

On this occasion I met a fellow whom I had never met before, and he was just as outspoken as I. (It turns out he was a salesman of cemetery plots.) Was that a sign? Since he was catching Spanish Mackerel one after another, I sided up nearby – to no avail. Nevertheless, I began to feel him out to see if he was a believer; and low and behold, he said he was a Mennonite who was looking for a Bible-believing church as soon as this Covid thing ended. I probed even deeper, and he said he had received Christ at the tender age of seven. We hit it off and exchanged business cards, and I left him to see the other “regulars” at the shelter at the end of the pier.

Bill was there like I figured he’d be, and it seems he’s taking a liking to me. His face lit up when he saw me coming, and we began chatting right away even though we were seated on opposite sides of the shelter, which is at least a good twelve feet away. Although I felt compelled to become the former hippy’s friend, he was still reluctant to give God a try. And when he tried to say that liberals were truly concerned about others and tried to do good, I countered with what the Bible has to say about that and quoted, “There is none righteous, no not one, for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God….”

Just then a young couple came between us, pushing a stroller. As they heard me say that – it was as if they stopped for just a split second – so I continued, “That’s why Jesus had to die for our sins,” just emphatic enough so that they could hear it too. If I’ve learned anything about the word of God, it’s that it doesn’t return to Him void. Bill blanched and had nothing more to say about that.

From here on in, I’m going to be stumping for President Trump, because if sleepy Joe wins, Christians will be muzzled, abortions will continue unabated and indiscriminately, and America will become hell on earth.


Jim Towers

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