Act of God or Act of Terrorism? :: By Jim Towers

9/11 is the day we remember when Muslim terrorists brought down the twin towers in New York City. This was the act of several young Muslim extremists. Since then there are others scattered throughout the United states waiting to pounce upon a weakened populace in general and Christianity in particular. A Christianity that has been diminishing for several years now, beginning when people in high office began pushing a Communist and Muslim agenda – the destroying of America. Up until that time we had experienced some fewer electrifying acts of terrorism but nothing on such a grand scale. Now we wait with bated breath to see what’s going to happen next.

It seems that demonic hoards have been let loose from behind mental hospital doors. Today, they are in your face threatening to kill, pillage and rape anyone who gets in their way. This is what happens when you let a few Godless insurrectionists rule the country. Consider the blatant killing of police officers with no one in high office complaining. Look at the arson set fires throughout the Northwest and destroyed neighborhoods in our larger cities. If something isn’t done soon, we may be facing a civil war and a severely weakened country, making it a great opportunity for our already imbedded enemies to attack – yet again. With so much going on in the world today, we often wonder if these things are an act of God, act of terrorism or just natural events. Maybe even a combination of all three.

God could let mankind destroy himself instead of being involved in our demise Himself. But in order to fulfill his promises and threats, He needs to punish evildoers for not paying Him feasance and not abiding by his laws, laws that were initially instituted for our own good. Laws like thou shall not steal, thou shall not bear false witness (lie), Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, soul and mind and thy neighbor as thyself. Today, lying is a way of life for politicians (I misspoke), to say nothing of the theft they have been perpetuating. Worse than that, you can’t love an infant, kill it and dismember it all at the same time – like Democrats would have you do.

In the meantime, Nancy Pelosi attributes the wildfires on the west coast to climate change, and a number of high-ranking Democrats agree with her. This is a silly assumption on their part. If that were the case, then why isn’t the rest of the country, or for that matter, the world following suit? It is becoming clear now that, in many cases, arsonists were to blame. Instead, there is early frost and snow just across the mountains near where the fires are taking place. But then again, it’s the Democrats’ way of attacking President Trump, saying that he is responsible! They blame the poor soul for everything bad that’s taken place during his four years in office and take no responsibility for anything, even though they let youth burn and pillage in our Democrat-run cities.

What do you expect to happen when you have a generation of unruly youth, perverts and drug addicts running riot in the streets while you condemn the police?

The Holy Scriptures (Bible), however, tell us that these things will happen on a grand scale during the last days. These warnings are referred to as Bible Prophecy, but many pastors are backing away from what is prophesied – afraid to offend their flock and telling them only what they want to hear. These cowards are afraid of their own shadow. Don’t they know that cowards will not inherit eternal life?

There are those who don’t believe in God, or only call out to Him when they are in trouble, and others who don’t even go that far; instead they would rather suffer the consequences of unbelief – hopelessness rather than to submit to Almighty God.

Now, in making a case for the wrath of God to come, I would suggest that if our omnipotent creator can fling stars out into outer space, he can surely cause disruptions on our planet, especially if He wants to get our attention; and I believe He’s doing so. The Bible calls it a “shaking” or what can best be described as a “rude awakening.” This, again, is something He’s doing for our own good. Many people are repenting with nowhere else to go but to God.

There are sinister forces involved on many fronts, including terrorism, that are shaking unbelievers to the core, and in some cases it’s hard to tell which is which – God, Satan, or mankind.

According to scripture, God is orchestrating all worldly events sometimes with man’s unwitting help, and at other times – in fulfillment of Bible prophecy. But the time is coming when these events will pale with the destruction coming upon the world. Can you say Armageddon?

I’m not telling you this to scare you, but to warn you so that you will be ready to leave in the rapture of the church before destruction hits the fan.

I say Repent! – And I’m talking to wimpy pastors as well.


I just finished reading a book titled “Tipping Point – the end is here” by Jimmy Evens. This book begins like so many others and goes over the same old tired ground that other writers have tread. Many others have also plagiarized Hal Lindsay’s “Late Great Planet Earth” in spite of the fact that he was a sailor and not a theologian with a Doctorate degree as many of them claim to possess.

However, when I was about to give up reading the book, he turns in another direction and says some interesting things – including talking about the Nephilim and their origins. For instance – I didn’t know angels could copulate with women. It is just taken for granted that these angels are “sons of God,” but then again, aren’t we? In reading about that, I wondered what this had to do with prophecy being fulfilled. My advice to other Christian writers is to not be so dogmatic about your theology. Jonathan Cahn (the man in black) is another that, in writing fiction, comes up with some strange things.

Sometimes I think some religious writers only want to sell books rather than work at McDonald’s. Still, you have to give this writer credit for trying.


Jim Towers

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