Thinking Outside the Box :: By Jim Towers

Humanity is confined to thinking “rational” thoughts, that is, what we can see, touch, hear, smell and taste. Science is the closest we humans can delve into hypothesis and theory. Beyond that is the spiritual realm. One of the first to acknowledge this realm was Job in the Holy Bible. Then came Enoch who was transported to heaven without having died. Then there were other men of God who also experienced this closeness to their/our creator. We refer to them as prophets; they are men to whom God revealed the things to come.

In the Old Testament, Moses opened this new awareness to us when he talked to God face to face (as it were) on Mt. Sinai and gave us the Ten Commandments as a result, and that for our own good.

God seems to be very selective about those He chooses to “talk too.” Not all who claim that God talks to them really do, and you can usually tell who they are by their “fruits.”

Today, we have the Holy Spirit who teaches us ALL things and gives us Spiritual Discernment. This gives us the ability to think outside the box, primarily through scripture.

When we discover that there is life outside this earthly realm, we inevitably expand our horizons and look to the future with expectations of a more fulfilling future, but here is a caveat in receiving this intimate information and insight: that is, one must receive Christ who makes the Holy Spirit available to each and every believer.

Of course, there are those who think of doing harm to others and only think of pleasuring themselves continuously through acquiring wealth and power over others. This is a clear manifestation of demonic activity in one’s life. And this applies to church goers as well.

Consider the president of a Christian University who was caught with his pants down and has a wife who loved pleasure so much that she slept with any young man who caught her fancy. Disgraced, they were asked to step down from their lofty position and given a ten million severance pay to do so. This man and woman obviously weren’t thinking about the things of God and could only see (with wanton eyes) the things that would bring pleasure. This overtly hefty man and wife who live in the lap of luxury have some explaining to do – but really have no excuse for their varied sins.

Yes, I know we are all sinners, but come on, a Christian college president! And this charade was carried on for years. People like that give Christianity a bad name. Some people in high places can even quote scripture and try to make us believe they are pious. Is it any wonder atheists and even fools ridicule us? It is a dangerous thing to put fallible man on a pedestal to look up to and admire.

It is important to think outside the box of human reasoning we are confined to. We must look at things with spiritual discernment. The Bible says we can justify our every inconsistency. And so, faith comes into play as we read God’s Word and act upon it. The more we study, the more insight we gain into the spiritual realm – things that really matter; all else eventually passes away.

Every apostle and prophet was given this ability, some more than others. When a person makes it his objective to pursue the things of God, they inevitably draw closer to Him; and He will, in turn, reveal Himself to them and strengthen them with resolve to become overcomers with the ability to think outside the box. In fact, the scriptures admonish us, “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,” and “Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.”

The more “spiritual,” and by that I mean a person that is finely attuned to the things of God is the one who is in constant contact with Him. That isn’t to say that God reveals everything to them, but endows them with special insight so that they might become all that He would have them to be and makes the person in question a conduit to help others understand – leading the way by example.

And so, we study to show ourselves approved, workmen that need not be ashamed – rightly dividing the Word of God.” Thus, the time inevitably comes when fear of men, fear of the future, and all else fades into the foggy midst of doubt and despair.


I saw Bill since my last article, and he acted as if he was still my friend, albeit he was leaving the pier in disgust because of a bunch of rowdy young people at the end of the pier where he likes to hang out.

Incidentally, the pier and surrounding beach were jam packed over the Labor Day weekend. Many of them from Miami and New York. Some were wearing masks.

Also, my nephew now claims to have received Christ over ten years ago and even got baptized. I hope so. But it’s funny how he managed to keep it a secret for so long. But then again, some in the church are just as secretive about their faith as he.

One last thing – I would remind you that the presidential election is drawing close; and although we may not agree with everything Trump does or says, he appears to be the person standing up for Christian values. The Godless Democrats care nothing about values and the sanctity of life, and everything they touch is set up for destruction.

So, if you like our country the way it once was, the police to help keep us safe, your church building and congregants and singing and hugging – do yourself a favor and vote for him.

Waiting for that blessed hope, the rapture of the church.


Jim Towers

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