Are Black Men/Women in a Trance :: Robert Campbell

Hello folks, I try not to write just to be writing.

I try to write when I see the need to say something that needs to be said, and without the fear of retribution.

I try to say the things that are on most people’s minds – Whites and Blacks and whoever – but are afraid to say so.

As I said in my last article, people stay gripped with fear. They will go to great lengths to not tell the truth about what they feel is going on here in America.

We would instead let the violence go on rather than speak up and be honest.

I’m a black man, and I must tell you, Blacks today are in a trance. They seem to be living in the past rather than the present.

They believe in things that are not happening here in America today. It is just not happening. It’s all in their heads.

The average black man and woman believes that all hate them, especially the white man.

They cannot tell you why, other than that they are black.

Suppose you were to ask why you think that white people hate you. They have no logical answer other than that they were slaves to white folks.

They will stay right there and not come to the present and see that white people do not hate them.

Have you noticed that more and more young black people believe in this lie and have never experienced this so-called racism ever in their whole life, and neither have their parents?

They have never stopped to think on their own, find the truth, and see that’s impossible.

If they can show me where they experience this so-called racism, I will show you a person who just hates. And that they don’t know God.

And they don’t know God because they did not have fathers in the home to guide them.

How did this happen to black families? How did the black family as we know it today not exist anymore?

What happened to the black family of old? What happened to the black family where they had morals and values?

When did they decide to throw all that away?

The black families of old were respectable to all people, even to the ones that hated them.

They went to church on Sunday, with the father at the helm leading them.

If the father was not there, he was working to provide.

The mother was home taking care of the children.

The children were happy; and whether you believe it or not, they played with the white kids on the other side of the tracks.

They were not worrying about what color they were.

Blacks back then dressed nicely and looked presentable to others. You could tell that they had been raised correctly.

What happened to change all that.

I’m here to tell you it was not because they were black. It was because of evil people that hated God.

These people were on both sides of the tracks, black and white.

You often hear that the civil war was fought to free the slaves.

Somewhat true, but not the whole story. There was a lot more to the information than just freeing the slaves.

But I’m not going to get into the history of that. It would take a book to write on that alone.

What I do know is that the north was not all that kind to blacks either after they were freed.

Blacks were rejected by the north just as they were denied in the south.

I know for sure that the south was much kinder to the blacks than the north was.

Yes, it was evil to have slaves. And slaves were on both sides of the fence.

The best of folks back then had slaves.

The bigger picture is to know that God wanted to free the blacks and see them succeed here in America.

But It was a process. The blacks had to want it for themselves. They had to scratch and work for freedom, just like the whites did. God put it in their hearts to do the right thing. The whites were not going to give it to them freely.

They had to earn their freedom.

In other words, they had to work hard and not blame or hate anyone.

They had to get their own land and build their own homes and raise their children and not blame the white man for their plight here in America.

God put in them the same seed that he gave the white man when they got to America.

It does not matter how we got here – under the boat, or on top of it.

Blacks were American citizens as soon as they set foot here in this country.

The only difference was we did not know anything. We were slaves and had to come up from scratch to become viable citizens here in America.

If you do your research, we have had great black men and women like” Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Harriet Tubman, David Walker, Harriet Beecher Stowe,” etc. I could go on and on of blacks that fought for their freedom and others’.

And they did not hate the white man.

They fought for freedom because it was a gift from God.

And please don’t forget that many whites fought for their freedom also.

“George Fox of the Quakers, John Jay, William Fox, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Elizabeth Herrick” etc. These folks, some of many, helped to abolish slavery.

And let’s not forget that the underground railroad led by some blacks like “Harriett Tubman” had white folks helping them to free the slaves. Those were white homes where they hid blacks from the Slave traders.

Today, blacks seem not to want to hear the real truth about their past, nor do they care.

They don’t want to believe that white folks were slaves here in America before blacks even came to America.

They don’t care to want to know that even blacks and Indians owned slaves here in America.

Another thing that we need to be clear on is why we required slaves in the first place.

Why was it such a needed evil thing that was going on all over the world?

What about the time that the Jews were slaves to the Egyptians? That was evil, of course.

But why did they need slaves?

How did the Pyramids get erected, or the Coliseum get built? How did they get those heavy stones erected on top of each other?

Could it be that they had those great big machines of today, those giant cranes and huge dump trucks and tractors?

I have not seen one of those today found buried from long ago.

I have not seen yet where an archeologist found such a machine of the past.

So how did they get this done?

Slaves are how they got it done. If not for slaves, there probably would not be any of these great sites of today.

Slaves were the cranes; Slaves were the dump trucks; Slaves were the cotton gins and corn binders of that time.

Whether you like it or not, those are the facts.

Both the north and south owned slaves. Both the north and south prospered by using slaves.

They could not go into their barns and drive a tractor and till the land. They needed workers and cheap ones to get it done.

Was it a good thing? No, by no means, but it happened anyway.

But at the same time, both sides found ways to stop slavery.

I’m not here justifying slavery, just telling you facts.

And I’m sure God knew this also.

To replace the evil of slavery, men invented great machines to take on men’s burdens, both white and black.

But that did not stop Satan from continuing his hate for good folks and Christians.

I know for sure that all races of people on this planet had hard times and had to fight for their freedom.

We just tend to think it was just us that had it bad. We want to believe that black folks had it the worst of all.

We want to continue believing to this day that us blacks were treated the worst of all races of people.

Here in America, the blacks are so angry, and they cannot tell you why.

They go around spouting that whites are racist, when, in fact, blacks are the most racist folks in America today.

Just look around you; they go around knocking out white folks just walking down the street.

They will attack anyone that does not believe in their nonsense.

White folks today are trying to live just like black folks are trying to do. White folks don’t get up in the morning thinking about how to hurt black people.

They get up and go to work just like everyone else.

White folks work hard just like anybody else – in many cases, even harder.

One thing I will say about white folks is that they use the earth as intended by God.

They are not afraid to explore and learn the earth.

They use the earth to the fullest.

They are not afraid to mountain climb or go to the depths of the ocean and discover.

Or build a ship to go to the moon, etc.

I believe God chose them to build America. God decided for them to go out and make this country into the greatest of all nations.

White folks seem to do things in order; they seem to love the rule of law.

Just look at how they started this nation.

Where did they get the idea even to begin and write the “Constitution”?

But at the same time, they had a weakness. White folks wanted to discover and build.

They did not want to fight and kill unless necessary.

They knew what they had when they arrived in America. And they had to fight to keep it.

Even the Indians knew their days were numbered when the white man arrived.

They had to know that the whites came here with great ideas to build a nation.

However you want to think of the white man, are you not better off due to what they built here in America?

Can you name a place where you would rather be?

If not for the white man, there would be no America.

And God gave them the right to build this country into the greatest ever in the world’s history.

But now we have blacks and whites that want to destroy this great country.

All because they hate God.

That’s right; many blacks and whites today hate God, and good. And they hate America.

Satan has used blacks as leaders of destruction here in America. Not all. Not all, but many.

Blacks lead in just about everything wrong going on here in this country.

We blacks lead in fathers out of the home (70 to 80 percent).

We lead in abortion; Black babies aborted since “Roe V. Wade” is at 20 million.

That’s one-third of the 60 million-plus babies aborted in the black womb.

We lead in sex before wedlock, almost 80 percent.

We lead in crimes here in America. It’s so high that I cannot even chart it because it’s growing by leaps and bounds daily.

Our anger is so raw; you dare not even attempt to tell them the truth about themselves.

Blacks are the most hated group here in America and abroad.

Why has this happened? Why have the blacks seemed to be in a trance?

Let’s go back in time when all this started to take a foothold on society.

One of the worst things that happened to blacks was civil rights.

The evil folks thought we needed help in getting ahead here in America.

We told them that they needed help with everything, that the evil white man was holding us back and we could not make it without their help; we needed help in getting into better schools and better jobs. They told you that you were not smart enough to get in the best schools, so they lowered the standard…

You needed help from the government to make it by in life.

I’m sure some of that was true, but that did not stop some great black men and women from succeeding in life.

One thing for sure, Satan needed to get rid of the man to control the women.

And one of the most incredible things he did was introduce welfare through “Lyndon Bains Johnson.”

This president introduced Welfare.

And the black man as we know it started to vanish. The Black family began to disappear.

That one act allowed the women to become the new head of the family.

The new daddy was the government, and the women did not need the man in the home.

With welfare, there had to be no man in the home. Thus was born the “Baby Daddy.”

Fathers were not needed, and the women kicked them out or never got married.

The woman became the head of their household even if a man was around.

The women did not have to listen to them or obey them.

Men are having babies out of wedlock and going around having babies all over the place.

Women are raising boys and girls on their own and dealing with them when they get older.

Women could not handle boys, so they bred them to be just like them.

Just look around you—black boys in dreadlocks and wearing earrings and baggy clothing.

Men are getting all emotional and angry, just like the women.

The women are hating the men for leaving them after they have a baby.

This is happening in all races of people.

But in the black population, it’s 80+ percent.

As I said, the black family is almost non-existent.

The average black woman is angry and has passed that down to her children.

Black women have a lot of hate for men.

Women get love through their husbands and God.

Women need men to survive. They cannot do it on their own. It must be in God’s order to work.

God over Christ, Christ over man, man over women, women over children.

As you can see, that is all out of order.

Women have been put in the forefront to run this country. They believed that they could handle the things men should do.

Just look at the cities run by black and white women. Where are the Men?

If you get rid of the man, all falls out of order.

Satan knew this and is now using the black race for destruction.

If you doubt me, just look around you.

What are the blacks doing to represent good here in America? Why are they the first to loot and steal and destroy?

Why are they the first to cry racism?

They have anger and hate because the man was taken out of the homes.

They yearn for their fathers to guide them.

The boys grow up and hate the family unit because they are jealous of the ones that do have a family unit.

And they hate God.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the church did not play a part in this destruction of the black family.

The black pastors did not have fathers also in the home.

They became preachers because of their mothers, not God.

So they allowed women to become deacons and become preachers over men.

Women now represent 20 percent of leadership in churches.

Just like in their homes.

Black women have become the leaders in our communities, while the black man is in the background too weak to take control because he became like the women.

Many of these black boys and men have the spirit of hatred in them.

The average black man or boy is not trying to better themselves.

If you doubt me, just look in your own or your extended family.

Why would a grown black man want to glue dreadlocks in their hair (let alone a boy) just like a woman?

Why do they go around with earrings and baggy clothes?

Why do they go around and gossip just like the women?

That’s because their identity was taken from them.

A controlling woman is deceived just like “Eve” was in the garden.

They turn their children away from their fathers.

Of course, this is happening in all races of people, but it’s devastating in the black family.

I ought to know; my mother turned my brother and me away from my father. I survived; my brother did not.

The women are out of control, and all you have to do is open your eyes.

As the women take more control, the men become even weaker.

That’s because the man worships the women instead of leading.

A woman cannot lead; it is not in her to do so.

For all you Christians, prove me wrong.

Today in America, Women are literally destroying this country all because we men allowed it. We need a strong leader to lead.

But instead, we decide to allow silly young people that were brought up without good fathers in the home to now lead us.

We are complaining on social media and asking how this happened.

And now you want to get angry after the evil liars and Godless have their foot in the door.

Many blacks in this country are living right out of the old days long gone.

They are in a trance, and no one is telling them the truth.

They are in a reprobate mind.

Their thinking is illogical. They’re in a fairytale gone wrong.

And the young white people are following suit.

They also have no fathers in the home to guide them.

The parents are off working and keeping their lifestyle going.

We are leaving the children to the schools and universities.

Folks, it is all out of order, and it’s time to speak up. It’s time for men to stand up and become what God made us to be.

It will not work any other way.

The average man walking down the street is weak and pathetic.

All men need to get back to God before it’s too late.

Satan has weakened the man by deceiving him into thinking that the woman can lead him.

It’s an epidemic.

God sent us a man (Donald Trump) to hold off evil and show you what a man is supposed to be.

Why is it that the president is hated?

Why is it that he is fought in everything he does?

God needed a man that speaks up and has no fear. I’m sure you folks frown and at the same time admire that he at least speaks up.

That’s because he has no fear.

He speaks his mind, and he seems to be right in his thinking.

More and more blacks are beginning to see the truth but are afraid to speak up.

Whites know the truth and are afraid to speak up.

In America, what you see here is not the liberals’ fault; it is our fault for not standing up.

You can now get killed by just doing the right thing, because evil is now in our infrastructure.

They own most all of the media and social networks.

They are in our Government and control our cities.

And women are leading the way in our destruction.

But not all is lost.

We, as Christians, must forgive the evil folks because they do not know what they do. They have no clue in what they are doing.

God is giving us a wake-up call to choose good from evil.

God is making it crystal clear on what is going on here in America and the world.

He is giving you a good picture of what evil looks like up front.

When the time comes, you will have to decide which side you are on.

Black folks, you need to forgive your parents and forgive yourself.

You need to let go of the past and forgive your ancestors.

Black men, you need to go back home and stop being a servant of Satan.

Black men and women, you need to go back to when you had high standards and morals.

You need to go back to God.

White people, you need to stop taking the blame for things you had nothing to do with.

You have nothing to be ashamed of.

You are a great people that has dropped the ball.

You created a nation that is second to none.

And you brought people from all walks of life to be a part of it.

And you go all over the world to help others.

Stop this nonsense and speak up without anger.

God is with you and all that believe in him and his son Jesus Christ, whom he sent to mirror after.

All people in America have a chance this upcoming election to do the right thing.

It is not about Donald Trump. It’s about for the first time in your life to choose between good and evil.

It’s all spiritual, and God will hold you accountable if you decide wrong.

After the election, we will know which side you are on.

The liberals want to control you to do what they say, and at the same time, not follow the rules.

If you did not see the difference between the DNC and the RNC convention, you are truly blind and of a reprobate mind.

The liberal Dems are frantic and will do whatever it takes to get their agenda done.

They are going all out to destroy this president and country.

There never was a pandemic. But we did what we were told. And in the end, many lives and businesses were destroyed.

God can bring back this great nation, but he needs us Christians to trust him.

God will put Satan where he belongs, but we need to do the right thing in the meantime.

Jesus is our guide, and he is the one we follow through God.

Have no fear, and God will do the rest.

Also, we need to continually pray for Israel and its people, for they need God also.

I’m a Christian American Republican that happens to be Black.