Convolution of Final Solution :: By Terry James


Like in the story Something Funny Happened on the Way to the Forum, when slave Pseudolus runs into all sorts of side-tracking interferences as he tries to win his freedom from Roman slavery, something funny has happened to Satan’s plans to enslave the world on the way to the consummation of the age.

Not only did a major actor in Satan’s script that was meant to pervert history slip from his genocidal grip, but that script has become totally convoluted. I’m referring here to Israel–the nation and the chosen people—the destruction of whom Satan’s minions, the Nazis, and their Fuhrer, failed to complete in implementing the Final Solution.

Like the creators of Something Funny… I use the term “funny” in an oblique definition—to say that an odd –ironic– thing has happened to the devil’s plan to completely eradicate the Jews of the world.

Not only did Hitler fail to complete his satanically assigned task to forever destroy the Jewish people through the Holocaust, but he unwittingly accomplished the following:

1)     Hitler and his Third Reich brought on God’s Genesis 12 curse, and they were themselves completely destroyed.

2)     Hitler’s actions brought about the rebirth of Israel in a single day, fulfilling prophecy.

3)     The Fuhrer’s vaunted Luftwaffe, which terrorized all of Europe, now has become an ally of the military of God’s chosen nation.

The following news excerpt frames the story.

Germany welcomed military aircraft from Israel to its airspace on Thursday in their first joint combat exercises in German territory as both air forces praised the intensive cooperation between the two countries.

“It was very emotional for us when, one after the other, the first Israeli jets arrived here in German airspace,” a spokesman for the German Luftwaffe told the German news agency DPA

“Nowadays, we have a very intense partnership with the Israelis,” spokesman Thorsten Weber said. “We work closely together, we do exercises together, German soldiers are being trained in Israel.”…

During the Third Reich, Nazi Germany murdered 6 million European Jews and others in the Holocaust. Relations between Israel and Germany were difficult in the first decades after the end of the war, but have been growing closer together over the years…

Nowadays, Germany is one of Israel’s staunchest supporters. (“Germany Welcomes Israeli Air Force for First Joint Exercise,” AP, August 20, 2020)

It seems a strange, convoluted, turn of events to be sure. Thinking on the death camps and the horrors of the crematoria across parts of Nazi-occupied Europe, it hardly seems that enough time has elapsed to allow such an alliance.

But in strange times we are. Bible prophecy foretells that an even more horrific time is coming for Israel than it suffered in time of WW II. There is a holocaust that awaits fulfillment, regardless of the present-day alliance between the Jewish state and the nation that perpetrated unspeakable atrocities three quarters of a century ago.

The prophetic Word tells that the time of Jacob’s trouble (Jeremiah 30:7) is yet to produce another effort at Satan’s Final Solution. It will take place during Daniel’s seventieth week, the last seven years known as the Tribulation. Jesus said that it will be the worst time in human history (Matthew 24: 21).

Most of this generation has forgotten Hitler’s all-out assault against the Jews–the matter he called “the Jewish problem.” Even many Jews in America and around the world seem to have forgotten—despite their progenitors who lived through the horror and who declared “never again!”

But it will happen again, and it will be exponentially worse, according to Christ’s own forewarning.

Because so many know little to nothing about that time of World War II or of that time Jesus said will be the worst time of evil ever upon the earth, we decided to produce a book dedicated to explaining all involved in Hitler’s first genocidal “Final Solution” and of Antichrist’s even more horrific “Final Solution” that is soon to come.

Dr. Thomas Horn contacted me several months ago, and we discussed just how crucial it is that this truth about Satan’s murderous plans for the Jews and all of humanity be brought to this unknowing generation. The results are our book, just released.

ANTICHRIST and The Final Solution is the result of intensive research that thoroughly covers every important detail, from Hitler’s first attempt at the Final Solution to Antichrist’s terrible attempt at completing Satan’s hellish assault on humanity.

We carry through in a detailed and easy-to-follow unfolding of prophecy what will happen next as history moves forward toward Christ’s Second Advent, the Millennium, and the remaking of the heavens and the earth.

We believe this explanation of things soon to come should be in the hands of every member of the younger generation, many of whom have little or no idea of why things are getting more chaotic and where it’s all going. Tom and I hope that many, upon reading this book, will be convicted that only Jesus Christ truly has the “Final Solution that can bring peace and salvation to the people of this sin-doomed world system.

To read more about the book and watch a program of our discussion of these matters, go to the following.