Free Speech Gone Thanks to Covid 19-84 :: By Jan Markell

This weekend, YouTube/Google decided Understanding the Times Radio was not keeping the proper narrative on Covid 19-84. They took our radio programming down. We lost likely at least 100,000 viewers.

Here’s just some of what was discussed:

  • The new reality of “contact tracing” – 300,000 new people tracking those you interact with. Is it mandatory that you participate?
  • Other risks to personal privacy.
  • Will vaccines become mandatory as Alan Dershowitz insists? Hear his astounding big brother statement.
  • If we aren’t careful, all our rights and freedoms go could “in the name of health and safety.”
  • What was the supreme offense of America’s Frontline Doctors who spoke on the steps of the Supreme Court two weeks ago? None of big tech wants their message out!
  • Are masks really a menace? Are they just setting the precedent for mandatory vaccines? Hear all of the potential health problems coming from masks.
  • Has fear been instilled in people so that they might be more willing to submit to authority? When people are afraid, they ask government to do much more!
  • Why are “probable” cases of Covid being counted as confirmed cases?
  • Why are health professionals, who do speak up and who try and speak the truth, being condemned or marginalized?

My radio guest, Twila Brase, heads Citizens Council for Health Freedom and has been named in the top one hundred most influential people in health care. She is the author of the book, Big Brother in the Exam Room: The Dangerous Truth About Electronic Health Records. Learn more at her website,

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You can also find programming on our website and on His Channel. The audio format now airs on almost 900 radio stations.

It is tragic that big tech has their own narrative, and those who don’t hold to that narrative are now being silenced. You expect this in a banana republic but not in the greatest nation on earth.

Why such mystery surrounding a flu-like illness from which 99% of its victims recover? Perhaps because it’s the crisis the one-worlders cannot let go to waste and the many questions it is raising may never find answers.

I encourage you to hear some of the insights shared in our most recent radio program, deemed unsuitable by big tech, at the link below.