The Rush to Communism :: By Bill Wilson

New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo and his New York City mayor are leading the way in demonstrating what a communist state looks like in America.

Cuomo has issued a 14-day quarantine for visitors to New York from some 34 states and Puerto Rico. People flying into New York are required to fill out paperwork confirming where they are coming from and where they are going. If they refuse, they are subject to a $2,000 fine. Cuomo says it is illegal to leave the airport if the papers are not in order.

New York City’s Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio has added to the COVID fascism by announcing a $10,000 fine if people choose to ignore the 14-day quarantine order. But wait, there’s more.

At a time when murder rates are increasing and de Blasio has announced plans to defund the police to the tune of a billion dollars, the mayor is also diverting law enforcement efforts to set up quarantine checkpoints around the city.

The city also has a “Test and Trace Corps” using agents at places like Penn Station to enforce compliance. The Test and Trace Corps will also call visitors on the phone to check on them. Breitbart reports that the head of the corps, Ted Long, announced, “If we can’t get through to you on the phone, we’ve now deployed teams to knock on your door and check in on you to make sure you’re safe.” de Blasio said that the checkpoints are just the beginning of wider and harsher measures.

In California, the Democratic leaders are following suit. California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom formed “strike teams” within ten state agencies in June. Associated Press reported on July 6 that “Ten agencies that make up the strike teams Newsom formed last week together contacted 483,000 businesses. Officials previously said that they sent letters Thursday to every employer, or about 350,000 businesses, warning that they could face fines or potential criminal prosecution if they failed to implement a new statewide requirement to wear face coverings.” Newsom’s raids netted 52 citations over the Independence Day weekend. Seems ironic that on the day America celebrates independence, California was cracking down on its citizens.

Two states that could determine the election have governors, mayors and other elected officials that want to defund law enforcement and at the same time use law enforcement and government agencies to oppress the citizenry.

Meanwhile, calling the Trump administration a “regime” and “fascist,” the head of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, Bob Avakian, endorsed Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden. Avakian said in his statement, “Our fundamental goal, and guiding star, remains: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS.”

Do you see where this is headed? The true face of communism is being revealed among the Democratic Party’s leaders. Communism requires abolishing all religion. The government becomes god.

As Psalm 33:12 says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.”

Beware of the rush to communism in America.