Jul 13, 2020

Lawlessness Is Setting the Stage for the Antichrist

The effort to defund the police has had an immediate impact on violent crime numbers. City after city is reporting a huge spike in the murder rate.

In Chicago, at least 89 people were shot over the Fourth of July weekend, with 17 of them dying, including seven-year-old Natalie Wallace in Austin, a suburb of Chicago.

The child was playing outside her grandparent’s home when three suspects got out of a white van and fired around 20 shots, with the seven-year-old getting caught up in the incident. She suffered a gunshot wound to the forehead and was pronounced dead later that day.

During a press conference, the child’s father, Nathan Wallace, said: “It is sad you hear this on the news every day a child getting killed, somebody getting killed, but you don’t think about it until it’s your own.”

Chicago has seen a shocking rise in gun violence over the last month, and on 31 May, the city recorded its most violent day since in six decades; 25 people were killed and 85 were wounded by gunfire. This year, at least 350 people have been killed in the city, and since 20 June, nine children have died after being caught up in shootings.

The leftist Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has done everything he can to weaken and demoralize the city’s Police Department. De Blasio promised to strip away a billion dollars from the police budget, and he disbanded a plainclothes unit of approximately 600 officers. In the last few weeks, the number of shootings was about three times greater than during the same time period in 2019.

The lack of manpower on the street level makes it much harder to tackle rising felony crimes, and the growing number of illegal guns pouring into the neighborhoods adds to the problem.

Commissioner Dermot Shea, during a recent interview, was asked about the reason for high crime levels.

“It’s bail reform. It’s COVID. It’s emptying out prisons,” he said, noting that “one of the most frustrating pieces right now is a criminal justice system that is just not working. And I’m calling on Albany to fix it. Fix it now.”

“I met with the five district attorneys of New York City last week on this issue. We have thousands and thousands of cases backlogged,” said Shea.

The liberal media have been instrumental in degrading the effectiveness of law enforcement. Any mistakes the police make are highlighted by this cabal of evil. It amazes me that the American people have allowed this madness to reach a point where the press is cheering on lawless thugs that seek to destroy our nation.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo sided with the mob during a contentious interview with Mark McCloskey, the man who went viral for brandishing a gun alongside his wife as the couple protected their home from protesters. The couple told police the protesters broke a gate to get onto the private street in St. Louis, and the pair say they only retrieved their firearms when they spotted “multiple” people who were already armed.

Cuomo began the interview by asking McCloskey what it feels like to have become the “face of political resistance to the Black Lives Matter movement.” McCloskey shot back that it was a “completely ridiculous” statement and said he was simply protecting his home.

“I’m not the face of anything opposed to the Black Lives Matter movement; I was a person scared for my life,” he said. “I was a victim of a mob that came through the gate; I didn’t care what color they were.”

If the so-called Black Lives Matter protesters had murdered the McCloskeys, it’s unlikely that CNN would have reported their deaths. Just like the black people who get murdered every day in our major cities, the only deaths that matter are those that fit the liberal agenda.

The left welcomes the lawlessness because they see it as helping the Democratic ticket in the upcoming election. Being an appeaser to this type of mob is like someone who feeds a crocodile — hoping it will eat him last. The McCloskeys were for Black Lives Matter until its followers invaded their property.

This climate of lawlessness is the perfect setting for the rise of the antichrist. To have someone who will appear to be the ultimate savior of mankind, you need a problem for him to solve.

“…. And power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world” (Rev. 13:7-8).

— Todd

End-Times Eye on Israel

These commentaries have mentioned before Satan’s sleight-of-hand in diverting attention from what’s really going on, like in the old shell game called thimblerig.

The pea is placed under the one of three shells and the player is invited to guess which shell the pea is under after the shells are shuffled. The shuffling increases in speed, and soon the human eye can’t follow the movement to keep up with the shell concealing the pea.

In most cases, the player ends up the loser after betting on being able to pick the correct shell.

Like in the matter of globalist activity, where Satan and the demonic and human minions hide their true efforts to bring in their changed world order (with distractions of such activities as those of the cancel culture), the evil one diverts attention from things involving the number-one sign of these end times. He, for example, foments revolution within this nation and others of the Western world.

All the while, the nation Israel and the entire Middle East region are being rearranged, setting the stage for the great, end-times play that will see the triumphant return of Christ.

The devil, in his sin delusion, believes he is orchestrating the demise of God’s chosen people. But it is the Lord who is the master director. His omniscient hand has already written the prophetic script that will soon unfold.

So wise observers should keep their eye—their spiritual senses—on what’s happening that involves Israel. We must do this despite all of the other troubling distractions that otherwise plague us.

And there is more than enough going on in Israel and vicinity to keep us transfixed.

For example, Israel is at the center of accusations that Iran’s nuclear program has suffered yet another setback. The following explains:

Kuwait’s Al-Jarida newspaper on Friday reported that Israel was responsible for a Thursday “accident” at an Iranian nuclear facility in Natanz.

It is believed that the Natanz facility is used to enrich uranium.

According to the Al-Jarida report, the explosion was caused by an “Israeli cyber attack” which targeted the computers which control the pressure gauges inside gas containers. Tehran has allegedly lost 80% of the uranium hexafluoride gas it needs in order to enrich uranium.

The report also claimed that Israel is responsible for the Parchin blast which occurred last week.

On Thursday, Iran’s state news agency IRNA published an editorial warning that “if there are signs of hostile countries crossing Iran’s red lines in any way, especially the Zionist regime (Israel) and the United States, Iran’s strategy to confront the new situation must be fundamentally reconsidered.” (“Natanz ‘Accident’ Was Israel’s Fault,” Middle East/Israel National News, Reuters, July 3, 2020)

Iran, ancient Persia, is prophesied by Ezekiel the prophet to one day help lead a coalition to assault Israel in the Gog-Magog battle. Israel, as well as President Donald Trump for the US, has vowed Iran will never achieve development of a nuclear weapon.

The mountains of the area known in Bible times as Elam is where much of Iran’s nuclear program is hidden. Those mountains are prophesied to suffer some sort of catastrophic event. So, it is prudent to keep our eyes on this volatile region.

The entire international community, including Israel’s future attackers—Russia, Iran, Turkey, and others—are in a froth over Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to annex parts of the Jordanian valley. It’s especially interesting that Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church has weighed in on the annexation plan. The following story frames the matter:

The Vatican, in a highly unusual move, summoned both the US and Israeli ambassadors to express the Holy See’s concern about Israel’s moves to extend its sovereignty to Jewish settlements and the Jordan Valley in the West Bank.

A Vatican statement on Wednesday said meetings with Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s secretary of state, and US Ambassador Callista Gingrich and Israeli Ambassador Oren David, took place on Tuesday.

A senior diplomatic source told Reuters that Parolin met the two envoys separately, a detail which was not clear in the Vatican statement.

It said Parolin, the Vatican’s top diplomat, expressed “the concern of the Holy See regarding possible unilateral actions that may further jeopardize the search for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, as well as the delicate situation in the Middle East.”

Israeli leaders decided in May that cabinet and parliamentary deliberations on extending Israeli sovereignty to Jewish settlements and the Jordan Valley in the West Bank, in coordination with Washington, could begin as of July 1.

But with no agreement with Washington yet on the modalities of the move under a peace proposal announced by U.S. President Donald Trump in January, and talks with the White House still underway, no cabinet session was scheduled for Wednesday.

The Vatican statement reiterated its position in support of a two state solution, saying “Israel and the State of Palestine have the right to exist and to live in peace and security, within internationally recognized borders.” (“Vatican Summons US, Israeli Envoys over Annexation Moves,” Reuters, July 2, 2020)

Pressures are building to produce a two-state solution to what the world of diplomacy sees as a Jewish problem.

Just like in Hitler’s demented mind, the globalist mindset, infected by luciferian insanity, is to blame Israel for all potential threats of war in the region. The anger against the Jewish state and the Jewish people of the world will get much worse, according to Zechariah 12:1–3.

Keep your eye on Israel, no matter what else is going on.