Conspiracy Theories? :: By Jim Towers

There are many conspiracy theorists, even Christian ones. It seems that everyone these days has his or her own conspiratorial take on today’s chaotic events, never stopping to think what the Word of God has to say about them.

Since we are all different in our ideologies and depth of faith and knowledge of scripture, we have a tendency to believe we are the only ones who can decipher truth, which is true – but only for ourselves individually; and today, with the world so out of whack, conspiracy theories abound.

I know a woman who must not be able to sleep at night and probably even sleeps under her bed. Every day she posts something NEW to report. The sky is falling! … the sky is falling!! Granted, we have much to be worried about, but to hear her tell it, everyone who is a Democrat is evil and drinking children’s blood to prolong their lives. Hillary, Obama, Soros, and Pelosi are the main perpetrators while Bill is just another sordid sex-obsessed pervert. Although the perverted Podesta brothers are certainly demon- possessed. I would submit that they are evil-minded individuals, but if they were so evil as to kill children and drink their blood, why wouldn’t they have been caught in the act by now?

We all know that, somewhere in the deepest underground, this atrocity exists since many people are no longer rational or moral. Albeit some devil worshipers, witches and other lunatics no longer hide their obsessions nor their fidelities to the netherworld and openly flout their sinfulness in the open for all the world to see. While this may be true, we Christians must continue to live by faith. “The just shall live by faith.” ….. “Without faith it is impossible to please God.”

Another man, like the wise sage that he thinks he is, can tell us all about life – never once refers to scripture when making his assessments. He is not unlike the pope or Rick Warren of the Chrislam movement, thinking that all religions can co-exist and mingle with one another – in love. If we Bible believers know anything, it is that there is only One meditator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus – other lesser beings or manmade philosophies just don’t count. And love? As a guy from Brookland would say, “Forget about it!” … Godless people are only obsessed with themselves.

Then there are Christians who should know better but believe that all the world is against them, and they are ready to throw themselves out the window. Their problem is that they think that they are the center of the universe and are constantly looking inwardly, not caring enough about others to reach out to them. Indeed, it’s normal to think that way. But Christians are supposed to be dead in Christ; so, no, we are NOT the center of the universe.

Another “friend” tries to look at things pragmatically as though he has it all figured out “All we need is a little love and understanding.” Duhhhh! Hell will freeze over when that happens, my friend, so don’t hold your breath.

I tolerate these folks because I know that only a few of us hardcore Christians know God’s Word and biblical prophecy intimately and try to live accordingly. Biblical knowledge also gives us insight into the workings of the world and to the madness of today’s events; it helps us to know that “Satan goes around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

Although God knows our evil thoughts as well as the mediocre ones, He is willing to forget and forgive us. But He takes delight in those who strive to please him. David was a man after God’s own heart despite his human failures. He confessed his sin, repented, and kept going -trying to do better each time.

Now, onto my conspiracy theory. I believe that certain factions of society have nothing better to do than to sit at their laptops and write things that would make your hair stand up on end, spreading lies and filling people’s minds with fear and anxiety. Dr. Fauci is a prime example, contradicting himself repeatedly and keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. But while he is only one man, let us stop to consider that there are hundreds if not thousands of others whose aim is to undermine our way of life with false information and Fake news to intimidate and cause terror with their writings.

And Muslim extremists are expert subversives and shouldn’t be underestimated. They are schooled from an early age to hate and kill “Infidels” who don’t fit their mold. Amazingly, some Muslim women abide by their rigid laws and rules by covering their faces and bodies in black apparel; and if they step out of line, they can be stoned to death by their very own fathers or brothers. Their Sharia laws are extremely strict and hypocritical.

Homosexuals have no idea how lucky they are to be living in the United States of America. In Muslim countries they wouldn’t be marching in gay rights parades without a care in the world, unless they have a death wish. But rather than defend their rights, they side with their own enemies in total confusion.

While it is becoming harder to disseminate the news and believe the opinions of others, we have to remind ourselves that the father of lies is Satan, and he is the one pulling the strings. At the same time though, we must remember that he is only a created being himself who will one day be judged and put in his place by his creator – Almighty God. We have no need to fear Satan. “If we fear God, we have nothing else to fear.”

Nevertheless, many of us Bible believers are experiencing backlash from our friends and neighbors for not being fooled by the powers that be. It’s a sad thing when even our own family turns against us – having been brainwashed by teachers, professors and even clergy – saying we should be tolerant of other beliefs and actions. But since when is rioting, looting, and burning to the ground another’s property a good thing? Paul warns Timothy that these things will happen in the last days. Love and respect – since they are matters of the heart – have been eliminated from society, and now only hypocrisy remains.

We, as Bible-believing Christians, must bone up on the Word of God to be able to stand in spite of the lawlessness surrounding us, and to confront it. There should be no more mediocrity and wishy-washiness among us. The days of apathetic leisure are gone forever. There is hardly any doubt that prophetic scriptures are being fulfilled – even as we speak – with no end in sight.

Jesus is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE.

P.S. With so many other things to worry about, interest in my film project appears to be nil.


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