Killing The Dead :: By Steve Schmutzer

The rioters, looters, and arsonists in our nation’s cities are killing the dead. Being as they are unwilling to pursue their objectives lawfully, these criminals are focusing their ignorance and angst against historical figures who can no longer respond.

There’s no rhyme or reason to their lawless behavior, and the evidence of this is partly seen in their defacing and toppling of statues. Statues of former slave owners are being taken down. So are statues of folks who worked hard and gave their lives to rid this country of slavery. Even monuments that were funded by grateful freed slaves are being vandalized and torn down. Now these thugs want to go after statues of Jesus – but unlike the others, He’s not dead!

One might imagine these rioters have a thing against art. That might seem true, except statues of Lenin are left alone, and more Lenin statues are being set up in Europe now. So, likenesses representing life, liberty, and salvation are being attacked while the very embodiments of mass genocide and oppression are being celebrated. I know, none of this makes sense.

You can see this ridiculous irony elsewhere. Apparently, Aunt Jemima has to go. Did you hear that? Somewhere along the line, it was decided AJ was a symbol of racism. Anyone who pours her syrup on their pancakes is a bigot.

Aunt Jemima’s descendants – yes, AJ was a real person with a real family – don’t agree with this effort to remove her iconic image from syrup bottles. They are not buying into the story that use of her likeness is somehow prejudice, and so they’re taking the issue to court. Good for them! I guess nobody bothered to ask AJ’s family how they felt.

And graduating this same irony, the newest CEO of Planned Parenthood is a ‘social and racial justice activist’ (according to news articles), Alexis McGill Johnson. Just to add the essential emphasis here, “she” is “black.” Predictable?

The announcement of Johnson’s appointment comes at a time when black preachers across this nation are beginning to wake up and call attention to Planned Parenthood’s historical and current agenda in eugenics. Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood’s Founder, had “planned” it that way.

As one black preacher, Edmee Chavannes, shouted to the occupants of the socialist enclave, CHAZ, in Seattle, “Why don’t I see my brothers and sisters outside Planned Parenthood? The number one killer of the black population is Planned Parenthood! Where you all at? We need you there!”

The preacher was shut down quickly. The truth was inconvenient. The preacher’s words didn’t fit the narrative.

Black women are roughly 6.5% of the US population, but they comprise about 36% of the abortions in the US. It’s a disproportionate reality that makes one suck in their breath. Don’t black babies’ lives matter too?

We’ve reached a point in America where it’s wrong to have a historic black woman’s likeness selling pancake syrup but it’s OK for an activist black woman to oversee selling baby body parts. According to some social agenda somewhere – this all makes sense. I fail to see that.

If we apply common sense to current events, nothing adds up. We have abandoned the preserving virtues of law, order, and reason. Swelling ranks of people are now ‘doing what’s right in their own eyes’ (Judges 21:25), and that’s why the chaos we see around us continues to mount.

But God is watching all this happening, and He has the final say. Remember – – He’s not dead.