Jewish Lives Matter & Why I Never Owned a Ford :: By Geri Ungurean

For the last six years, whenever I write an article with ‘Jew,’ ‘Jewish,’ ‘Israel,’ or anything pertaining to my people on my WordPress – the readership plummets.

I have wondered about anti-Semitism within the church. My husband and I had to leave four Baptist churches because of Jew Hatred. YES – BAPTIST CHURCHES.

I apologize for my anger today as I write this, but I do not apologize for the FACTS that I will present to the reader.

Living in a World which naturally loathes me

I learned about Rabid Jew Hatred on the streets as a young girl. I was called:

  • Dirty Jew
  • Penny-pinching Jew
  • Hook-nosed Jew
  • Filthy Jew
  • Kike
  • Christ-killer Jew

Did I miss any? I’m sure I did, but those are the names I remember most.

Jewish lives do NOT matter to this world

As I watch the paid thugs destroying our country, and as I hear the Black Lives Matter mantra, I am sickened to my core. My own children, who have been won over by the Left, have become self-hating Jews.

Did we not have a Black president for 8 years?

Let me think about the last Jewish president – oh wait – there has never been one. Silly me.

My ancestors were NOT here when slavery came to America. No – we were busy being systematically slaughtered by Jew Haters in Ukraine.

Jewish blood is cheap to this world.

And that pesky number 6,000,000 is forever engrained in my brain, along with black and white pictures of the lifeless bodies of my starved and tortured people being bulldozed into mass graves by Hitler and his SS. I grew up seriously wondering if there was something inherently wrong with the German people.

That may sound unfair to the reader, but I could not wrap my Jewish mind around the fact that many Germans knew about the genocide, and made cabbage soup in their kitchens to mask the horrid smell of burning flesh. Yes, that is a fact.

Why I never bought or drove a Ford

My dad, who is in heaven, told us when we were young that we were never to buy any vehicle made by Ford Company. It had something to do with Henry Ford being a Jew hater. Oh, you didn’t know that?


As with most famous people, Henry Ford was complex and had traits and took actions that were laudatory as well as troublesome. The most controversial and least admirable aspect of Ford’s career was his descent into anti-Semitism. Convinced that “bankers” and “the Jews” were responsible for a whole range of things he didn’t like, from the world war to short skirts to jazz music, Ford used his newspaper, the Dearborn Independent, to carry on an active anti-Semitic campaign. Between 1920 and 1922, a series of articles denounced all things Jewish. While officially apologizing for the articles in 1927, Ford’s anti-Jewish sentiments ran deep. Seen within the context of the times, they demonstrate the sharp realities and tensions that emerge in societies undergoing profound cultural, economic and political change.

In January 1919, Henry Ford began publication of the Dearborn Independent, a small financially troubled community weekly he had purchased the previous year. Carrying the subtitle, The Chronicler of the Neglected Truth, the paper primarily served as a forum for Henry Ford’s views. Each issue of the Independent carried “Mr. Ford’s Own Page,” an editorial expressing his opinions, written by William J. Cameron. Ford hired Edwin G. Pipp from the Detroit News to serve as editor. Agents went door-to-door selling subscriptions, and Ford Motor Company pressured car dealers to buy multiple subscriptions and hand out copies to customers. The newspaper was popular, and circulation reached 900,000 in 1926.

The idea of acquiring a newspaper first came to Ford during his antiwar crusade, when he became convinced that a hostile press controlled by banks and other powerful financial interests was campaigning against him. The paper would provide Ford a means to express his own views and to counter the attacks that had been launched against him for the five-dollar day, his pacifist activities, and his 1918 run for the U.S. Senate, which he believed his opponent, Senator Truman H. Newberry, had stolen from him.

The Dearborn Independent would most likely have remained a sidebar in Ford’s biography were it not for a controversial series that began on May 22, 1920, and lasted for several years. Appearing on the front page every week, “The International Jew: The World’s Problem” examined a purported conspiracy launched by Jewish groups to achieve world domination. The basis for the articles was an ancient and notorious forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an anti-Semitic hoax, first published in Russia in 1903.

Why would Ford agree to publish such a thing? Many have accused Ford’s personal secretary, Ernest Liebold, of being the source of the campaign, and Liebold’s anti-Semitic views are well documented. E.G. Pipp resigned as editor in protest over the series. However, William Cameron, who then became editor of the Independent, was an enthusiastic supporter of the publication of the anti-Semitic diatribes.

However, Ford’s own attitudes towards Jews were the major reason for the publication of “The International Jew.” His anti-Semitic beliefs formed along several strands from his upbringing, attitudes, and personal beliefs. They were also influenced by current populist political sensibilities that advocated a distrust of financiers, bankers and institutions of economic power. A common stereotype at the time led some people to assume that Jews controlled the international banking system; that belief may have fed his anti-Jewish feelings.

Ford’s pacifism probably formed a second strand. His crusade against World War I convinced him that international Jewish bankers were fomenting the war. Here again, the stereotype noted above may have convinced him that international Jewish bankers supported the war for personal gain. Lastly, Ford’s growing cultural conservatism, anti-urbanism, and nostalgia for the rural past formed an important third strand. Ford saw Jews present in everything that he viewed as modern and distasteful—contemporary music, movies, theater, new dress styles, and loosening social mores.

The publication of “The International Jew” caused an uproar. In some quarters, such as anti-immigrant and nativist groups, the series confirmed their own beliefs. Others were appalled by the series, published demands for a retraction, removed the paper from public libraries, and promoted a boycott of Ford automobiles. Some Ford dealers refused to carry the paper. Responding to this pressure, Ford halted publication of the anti-Jewish series in January 1922, only to start it up again less than a year later.

In April 1924, the Independent initiated a new series of attacks on attorney Aaron Sapiro, accusing him of exploiting farmers’ cooperatives. When Ford refused to print a retraction, Sapiro sued him for libel. The case finally came to trial in March 1927 and quickly turned into a media circus. Shortly before Ford was scheduled to testify, he ordered the closing of the Dearborn Independent (it closed at the end of 1927) and explored an out-of-court settlement with Sapiro. After negotiations with U.S. Representative Nathan D. Perlman, a vice president of the American Jewish Congress, and Louis Marshall, president of the American Jewish Committee, Ford agreed to release a formal apology, written by Marshall, and to make a cash settlement with Sapiro.

Although this seemingly ended a sad chapter in Henry Ford’s life, the episode tarnished his reputation, and it has never been completely forgotten. source

Oh, and just for your edification, I want you to know that Hitler loved Henry Ford. They were of one mind. They shared a deep hatred for all Jews.

You may be thinking “Well, I’m sure that the Ford Foundation came to its senses and renounced the Jew hatred and other evil beliefs. Actually, they have remained EVIL as Henry Ford was. He would be so proud of them.

The Ford Foundation is among the largest supporters of Planned Parenthood and all of the demonic NGO’s of George Soros.

And of course, Ford Foundation pours their monetary support to the Leftists in our government

Some things never change, huh?

So, the next time you get into your F150, please remember this article.

And to any who call themselves Christians, yet have disdain for my people – you should take that up with your Jewish Savior Jesus Christ!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


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