Sharia? :: By Jim Towers

With the breakdown of Judeo-Christian law – based on the Ten Commandments – is this twisted travesty of law poised to take over our country?

The plot thickens; and now Sharia, the Islamic form of law, may be coming to a town near you. Already, Muslims have taken over Minneapolis and established a number of minarets to call the populous to Muslim prayer five times a day in Minnesota. This once great American city has been taken over by Islam and left-wing liberals (a people who don’t know any better).

In the meantime, with our cities burning and being looted, we citizens don’t know who or what to believe or even what to think since news organizations barely tell the truth anymore. It is quite a coincidence that the anarchy happening today is the very place that Obama, while he was president, planted over fifty thousand Muslim Somalians – some of the most violent and primitive people on the face of the earth. Obama, himself a Muslim, did all he could to infiltrate the United States with that evil ideology. While the Somalians resist assimilating into our culture and still follow Sharia law, our federal government has spent over 5 billion dollars in resettling them here from their home country.

Incidentally, Minneapolis has over 70 mosques within a 30-mile radius, and it is entirely likely that many of the Somali immigrants were out on the street rioting. We already have proof that Somalian Rep. Ilhan Omar’s offspring is supporting the rioters.

Just below Detroit, Michigan, in an area that was once predominantly Polish – Islam has taken over so completely that they already have their own Sharia police in cars policing the town of Hamtramck. The capital, Lansing, has become a gathering place of all sorts of lawless radical groups. It’s hard to believe that my hometown has become Sharia compliant. Not surprisingly, radical Islam is another beneficiary of the race riots taking place. It is their intent to destroy America as well.

In September of this year, there will be a conclave of evangelicals praying for our nation while, at the same time, Hillary Clinton and her cronies will be brought before the courts to explain their subversive impeachment hoax against President Trump; Obama may be included. Knowing that justice is hot on their tails, there will be continued violence to divert our attention from this act of justice. Mark my words. There are politicians, lawyers and cops involved in various shades of corruption in our country, and they are now scrambling to cover their tracks.

Before the 9/11 attacks, I had a ministry at the local coffee shop in Miami. One day a group of men clad in Muslim dress arrived and parked their cars in front of the place as if they were the new owners – they were. Sam had been bought out; however, the place continued as before but with new operators. The same old crowd of retirees still gathered there nightly to share a few laughs and to kibitz. Many were Jews. I enjoyed the comradery and give and take of the place.

By the time 9/11 occurred, I had become well known as Jim the Baptist but was respected by all, even the Muslim Pakistanis that owned the place and dropped in occasionally. I even helped one man write his final exam for a podiatry class he was taking at MCC. In any case I was never alarmed that they were Muslim since they acted “normal” toward me.

Back then I was completely unaware of the writings in the Quran, and not until the destruction of the Twin Towers did I know what its teachings were all about. After I began doing research on this religion, I found it to be one of dominance, intolerance, and hate.

A writer on the internet says, “We have now confirmed that the Obama Foundation was tweeting about George Floyd on May 17, more than a week before the day Floyd was reportedly killed by police in an act of violence that sparked the worldwide riots we’re all witnessing.” George Floyd was killed on May 25th. So, what was the Obama Foundation doing tweeting about Floyd a week before when nobody knew who he was? The tweet appeared on May 16 also.

To top it all, CAIR, a national Muslim organization, supports the so-called protests and supports reducing police department budgets. And CAIR supports allowing Sharia law in America.

As the plot thickens concerning the tragic events confronting our nation, I may have to add scenes depicting these events to my proposed film. Check out my re-constructed website to find out more about my proposed film.

I stopped by Taco Bell to get a bite to eat today and asked for salt at the counter. There was a young black lady in her early twenties sitting in the otherwise empty place who had heard me ask for salt. She looked up from her laptop and taco and said, “You shouldn’t be eating salt – it’s bad for you.”

I answered back, “I love salt, and we need it for the brain to function properly.”

She laughed.

I continued, “Are you a nurse?”

“No, but I am studying to be one.”

I walked over to her and said, “You must be a Christian to have warned me like that.”

To that she replied rather shame-faced, “Well I try to be, and was even going to church before the virus hit.”

As I handed her a little book of Bible verses, I told her, “Going to church isn’t enough; you have to tell God you’re sorry for having neglected Him and repent and receive Christ.” She began leafing through the little red book, so I left it at that and went to eat my meal.

Having noticed that she had only eaten a taco with a small drink, when I finished, I asked if she had eaten enough – she answered, “No…not really.” I handed her a five-dollar bill, and she lit up like a Christmas tree as she stood and stepped up to the counter for more food – while she thanked me and I said “goodbye.”

P.S. I ended with this little story to encourage you to do the same in these days of racial conflict.


Jim Towers

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