Here I Am, Lord; Send Me :: By Alice Childs

Do you know what Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogsphere, YouTube et al are? They are the end-of- days equivalent of a global mission field. Since few of us can “go into the world” as we are called to do, God has brought the world to us – to the last days Church. Our mission field today is not only global, but is instantaneous as well. No other generation in the history of man has ever had the opportunity to reach the entire global population as we have now.

What’s more, most of us are of a certain age which limits us physically. That, and because of the tenor of our times, few of us are physically able or free to go out into our own surroundings, even to go to church in many cases. Yet we have opportunities to be God’s witnesses farther and faster than any of the apostles and missionaries of the early Church era and later Church-Age pastors, missionaries, and evangelists ever had. God has put us exactly where and when we are for such a time as this.

Regardless of how much the reprobate powers that be who run social media sites may hate our presence and our influence, they are powerless to stop us being the missionaries God has called and placed us to be. We need to be cognizant of this fact.

Our opportunities to share the gospel in these last seconds of the last minutes of these last days will remain open for as long as God WANTS them to remain, and even the ones who built these giant Satanic propaganda platforms can do NOTHING to stop God’s Word from going forth wherever and for as long a time as necessary until God Himself either ALLOWS them to silence us, or until the Lord Jesus calls us up to meet Him in the air. Until then, Satan, his minions, and every demon from Hell can rage, but they can do NOTHING to halt the last gospel call of salvation going forth to “whosoever will” worldwide.

So pick up your “sword,” weary warrior. We are in the thick of the final battle before we are called Home. God has opened the whole world’s mission field to us right now. Recognize the enormity of the opportunity we have been given, and spread the Word that Jesus died to pardon ALL sinners who are willing to: ADMIT they’re sinners in need of a Saviour – BELIEVE that Jesus, God the Son, IS that perfect Savior through whom alone eternal salvation is freely offered to whosoever believes according to the scriptures, and who are willing to CALL upon Jesus alone to save them and CONFESS that Jesus died, was buried, and rose again bodily, conquering forever Sin, Satan, Hell, Death, and the Grave.

That is the simple ABC’s of salvation, and God has given us the means and opportunity to share it with a lost and dying world in these final hours before the Church is delivered and judgment falls on a rebellious, wicked, and perverse world.

Let us take full advantage of this global mission field.

Until Jesus comes, let us BOLDLY teach and defend the doctrines of the whole counsel of scripture. Let us FEARLESSLY warn the lost of coming judgment, and let us PASSIONATELY, in every venue available to us, spread the good news that eternal salvation, bought and paid in full by Jesus, God the Son, is freely offered to ALL who are willing to believe.

Let us straighten our spiritual armor, pick up our “sword” which is the Word of the living God, and renew our determination in these final days, because it is GOD who has opened up the biggest mission field and put it right at our fingertips!

Family of God, realize that the Remnant Church is INVINCIBLE until Jesus is ready for us to lay the weapons of our warfare down and join Him in the air. Do not be afraid; be bold!

“Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me” (Isaiah 6:8, KJV).