Don’t Just Trust. Verify. :: By Rob Pue

It seems like the so-called “Progressives” have gotten just about as much “mileage” out of the coronavirus/COVID-19 exercise (at least for now) as they’ve been able to, so it appears it’s time to move on to the next thing. Following Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” rule number 7, “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag,” and clearly, the “virus” has dragged on a little too long. Most people are literally sick of it.

Most of us are waking up to the fact that we’ve been lied to, played for fools and suffered the loss of many freedoms, all in the name of “public health and safety.” We know now that the infection rate and the death rate from COVID-19 was greatly exaggerated. We know we were misled — most likely on purpose — regarding the need to close down businesses and churches, the need to wear masks, the need to “social distance,” and coming soon…the need to get a mandatory vaccination.

We learned that hospitals were ordered to write “COVID-19” as the cause of death on countless death certificates in order to purposely inflate the numbers, even if the patients died from other causes. We learned that this was all planned in advance during a Globalist meeting of the minds called “Event 201,” held in October of last year.

In many areas today, you’re still not allowed to sit or lay on a beach on a sunny day, but you are allowed to spend as much time as you like at your local liquor store or Walmart. Likewise, children are not allowed to play on playgrounds — but daycare centers remain open. Clerks at convenience stores must STILL stand behind plexiglass, wearing masks and rubber gloves. Have you considered that they’ve just touched every single item you’re buying with those rubber gloves? The same ones they’ve been wearing their entire shift? Seems goofy to me. It also seems goofy to me that all the fast food I’ve had at drive-through windows is now being prepared by teenagers dressed as surgeons.

Hospitals were NEVER overwhelmed with patients in the vast majority of the country. In fact, here in our state of Wisconsin, the governor ordered the Expo Center at the State Fairgrounds in Milwaukee to be converted into a makeshift “overflow” hospital — at a cost of $24 million. But it has yet to see its first patient. MANY of these makeshift hospitals were set up around the country at tremendous cost — and then taken down after never seeing a single patient. Meanwhile, state and county fairs, 4th of July celebrations and other summertime activities have been cancelled through the end of summer, all over the country, due to the “pandemic-that-never-was.”

Understand that I am NOT saying there was no virus. Absolutely there was, but it was not nearly as “deadly” as we were led to believe. It was all part of perhaps the biggest ruse perpetrated on the American people EVER in history. Many questions still go unanswered, including: why has Bill Gates been so involved in all of this from the very start? We know he’s a New World Order Globalist, strongly in favor of “population control,” as is EVERY member of the President’s Coronavirus Task Force. Why is that?

Progressives and Globalists have also shown us their intent to implement a new “digital currency” in the near future — a “digital dollar,” if you will. What form will this take? Most who’ve studied this agree that it will most likely involve a microchip implant, delivered through the vaccine or an invisible digital “tattoo.” Those without the microchip or tattoo will be shunned from society — if not incarcerated. If you think it can’t happen here, just look at what has ALREADY happened here! There’s even been talk of the NECESSITY of separating families if their homes do not have a separate bathroom for every family member. Yeah, folks, this is STILL going on.

Meanwhile, a new thing has emerged from all this: “contact tracing.” Millions of people are now being hired as “contact tracers” — their job is to identify those who have tested positive for the virus, and then track those individuals, as well as anyone they’ve been in contact with. Apple IPhones have new “contact tracing” software in their latest update. In some public places now opening up, workers are requiring your personal identification, name, address and contact information before you can enter.  This should concern you.

And through all of this, any information — (even from countless well-educated doctors, nurses, scientists and researchers) — that is contrary to the official talking points on the virus has been aggressively censored by social media and online search engines. Articles, videos, scientific studies and other information that goes counter to the official narrative is labeled as “false news,” and if not completely removed from sites such as Facebook, viewers are informed that these alternative “second opinions” are untruthful.

Now, as many states are beginning to re-open, albeit at a snail’s pace, other states are doubling down on their draconian rules. But even in those states that are opening, we’re not back to “normal.” Under the Federal guidelines, there are three phases states must follow in order to open again safely. Note:  there are NOT four phases. The “third phase” is the BEST you can get. And in this third phase, so-called “vulnerable individuals” are STILL advised to practice “social distancing,” avoid social settings and time spent in crowds. This is AFTER the “all clear” has been declared. And “Large Venues” — even in the FULL THIRD (and final) PHASE of reopening, must continue to observe “physical distancing protocols.” And yes, “Large Venues” specifically include “houses of worship.” So even when this is “all over,” if it ever is, we still don’t get our freedoms back.

Over the past weeks I’ve watched the psychological conditioning or “grooming” that’s taken place.  People wearing masks, forced to walk single file, following arrows on the floor at stores. “Stand on the X,” six feet apart from anyone else at the grocery store or post office. In some stores and other public places, workers now scan your forehead to take your temperature before you’re allowed to enter… in addition to collecting all your personal data. Is this conditioning us to have our foreheads routinely scanned later — when everyone is supposed to have the invisible “tattoo” or “mark?”

I can’t help but feel we’re all being “molded” and trained to conform to arbitrary rules — rules that seem to change from one day to the next. It seems they’re trying to see just how much conformity and voluntary obedience they can get from us. It’s been said it takes three weeks of consistent behavior to form a new “habit.” All these new rules for public (and even private) interaction have been ramping up for way more than three weeks. And the vast majority of people are dutifully complying. Now, in some areas, if you dare leave your house without wearing a mask, you’re publicly “shamed” by others as being a “bad person” for not wearing a mask. Recently, ALL airlines have made it mandatory for every passenger to wear a mask, or you’re not allowed to fly.

But as I stated at the outset, people are growing weary of all this. As Alinsky said, “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” And so it seems the Progressives have moved on to capitalize on another crisis… the alleged murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. After all, they could never let a “good crisis go to waste.” And once again the hypocrisy of the Left is incredible. While you’ll be shamed for not wearing a mask in public or standing too close in a line trying to get into a grocery store, and while it was considered CRIMINAL for patriotic Americans  to gather in PEACEFUL, God-honoring protests at the loss of our liberties and freedoms through unconstitutional mandates during the “virus crisis,” to those on the Left, it now seems perfectly reasonable for crowds of hundreds to loot businesses, burn buildings and destroy cars and homes…under the guise of “protesting.”

But this is not protesting, folks. It’s rioting. It is anarchy. And I believe that, like the “virus,” it was pre-planned and launched at the most opportune time. We all saw the video of the Minneapolis police officer needlessly kneeling on the neck of George Floyd for almost nine minutes. But please don’t just blindly accept what you’ve seen. Because remember, we ONLY see what the media — and the social media giants, and even YouTube — WANT us to see. This video was graphic and violent. WHY, I ask you, do outlets like Facebook allow this to be viewed over and over, when images of unborn babies in the womb are considered “against community standards” and aggressively censored? We only see what they WANT us to see. And I have some questions.

First of all, IF this truly happened the way it’s portrayed, certainly there should be national outrage… at the officer that caused Floyd’s death, AND at the other three officers who stood by and did nothing to intervene. Floyd supposedly died just a foot away from the squad car door. The video shows him already subdued and not resisting. Why didn’t they just put him in the back of the squad car?

Also, did you notice that the entire incident was perfectly filmed in high definition, complete with the words “Minneapolis” and “Police” framing the entire scene? Did you notice the license plate on the police car? It said “POLICE.” This is not normal for a real police vehicle. Do ALL police vehicle license plates spell “POLICE?” This leads me to suspect the video — and the entire scene — was pre-planned and choreographed for our consumption — to stir up outrage and racial division like nothing before it.   We’ve also discovered that the officer that was shown kneeling on Floyd’s neck was also one of Floyd’s co-workers at a local nightclub… both the officer and George Floyd were security guards there. They knew each other. Interesting.

Another suspicious aspect of all this is that when the ambulance arrived, they did nothing to attempt CPR or attend to the victim — and those supposed “EMTs” that flopped his body onto the gurney have been identified as other police officers, not EMTs. What’s up with THAT?

We’ve also learned that pallets of bricks and containers of rocks were conveniently placed on the sidewalks BEFORE the riots began. Who put them there? Not to mention that ANTIFA has been recruiting for “protestors” and “rioters,” advertising nationwide and offering $25 an hour to those willing to take the job.

Meanwhile, thousands of people attended multiple funeral services for George Floyd around the country. But these were all “closed casket” funerals. Which raises the question: was George Floyd REALLY killed? Or is all this, too, a highly-planned “psy-op” designed to foment more rage and racial division and plunge us further into our own national destruction?

Cities around the nation have now been transformed into war zones. The Minneapolis City Council has voted to dissolve the police department there — in a vote that is said to be “veto-proof.” What do you suppose they will replace the police department with? When anarchy reaches an unsustainable point, which won’t take long, the ONLY response will be martial law. Our nation is burning…and the flames of rage are being fanned by “community organizers,” causing the most destruction possible, and it’s all being presented to us in living color on the nightly news. Beware.

Both ANTIFA and “Black Lives Matter” came into existence under the Obama administration — both highly organized and funded to riot, loot, burn and destroy. It’s been alleged that ANTIFA is the paramilitary arm of the DNC, funded by George Soros. Remember when Obama talked about his own “private army?” Well, it seems he’s now called them to active duty.

It’s important to note that “Black Lives Matter” does not represent ALL black people. Many black people have publicly condemned the actions of the destroyers — and many of the destroyers are WHITE!  “Racism” is not our problem. Most black people do not hate white people; and most white people do not hate black people. We are, once again, being played for fools as we are simultaneously being divided, and conquered.

Suddenly rioting — not just protesting — is not only acceptable but justifiable and expected. Friends, dark forces are at work, and we must be discerning and question everything — especially if it’s coming from the mainstream media. Especially if it has to do with “racial division” or “racial inequity.” (Buzz words the Left love to use to manipulate minorities, vilify white people and cause as much distrust and hatred as possible.) Don’t just blindly swallow what the media is feeding you; because they’re experts at deception. That’s their job. Learn to discern — take the time to stop and think, ask questions, pay attention to the “man behind the curtain,” and dig for the truth on your own. My advice: DON’T just TRUST. Verify.


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