Taking a Hard Look at Bill Gates :: By Geri Ungurean

Everywhere I look online, Leftist websites are accusing anyone speaking out about this Covid-19 pandemic and its origins, or speaking against the infringement of privacy and liberty in a future “digital Vaccine” as nut cases – tinfoil hat donning, conspiratorial freaks.

And God forbid anyone say anything that is not flattering about Bill and Melinda Gates – we are labeled “misinformed” dummies. For crying out loud, there are prophecy teachers defending Gates and scolding the brethren who dare speak about him in a negative manner.

I don’t claim to know if Gates plays a large part in the time known in the Word of God as Tribulation. I have my opinions, but I know better than to say “I know” something that only God knows!

I found so many important articles for the reader – and to publish each one in its entirety would make this piece much too long; so, for many, I have given the website link and the Title of the article for the reader to choose to read or not.

But I do encourage the reader to read all – maybe in parts. 

My objective in this piece is to give the reader facts about Bill Gates and also about Melinda and their foundation.

From 2001 in the register.co.uk

“Bill Gates is the Devil, Hitler implicated”

A helpful reader sent a jpg of two adjacent pages from Germany’s Net-Business magazine. And need we say more? Well, yes, now [that] you mention it.

Net-Business does have a web operation, but the text isn’t up there yet; and, unfortunately, we can’t read it on the image we’ve got. The article on the left, we’re informed, is largely about how everybody in the IT business hates Bill Gates, while the picture on the right… Well, for reasons we don’t quite grasp, this is apparently page one of a two-page ad for Der Spiegel, and appropriately enough it’s tagged “The story goes on.” Actually, more properly but less appropriately, it might mean “history goes on.” But it could mean the other.

Our informant optimistically says “we think you can read enough German to translate the article’s headline.” And there hangs something of a tale.

The Lettice Pidgin German lessons left me to understand that böse means wicked, but as what we have then translates as “Many believe, Bill Gates is the wicked,” there are clearly wider nuances to its use as a noun. Cue two hours getting deeper and deeper into web searches. (emphasis added)

Das Böse is clearly something like Satan or the devil, but auf Deutsch these are Satan and Teufel respectively. First hit, amazingly, was our dear friend Doctor Tom, who’s found a piece of gear called The Evil Kyro. Well, I never. Then there’s Calva Y Nada’s Das Böse macht ein freundliches Gesicht, now, sadly, unavailable in English but which possibly translates as “The Devil has a friendly face.” (emphasis added)

Boy, are we going to cop some weirdos after the crawlers are through with this page.

Lowering the tone further, we have Star Trek. Deep Space Nine 10. Das Böse. Puzzlingly, this would appear to correspond to Star Trek. deep Space Nine 10, Valhalla, but that (available as an e-book from Amazon) is by an entirely different author.

But enough of this relentless drive downmarket. Over at the University of Ulm, the department of philosophy asks, Was ist das Böse ??? The answer is apparently very long and involved, but there are some great animations you should check out there. The chattering demon is lovely. Meanwhile, the University of Bielefeld runs a course on “Gott und das Böse,” while, back at Ulm, we have a commentary on Goethe’s Faust.

Now we’re getting warm, if you’ll pardon the expression. Introducing himself to Faust, Mephistopheles describes himself as “Ein Teil von jener Kraft, Die stets das Böse will und stets das Gute schafft.” Which Bibliobytes’ translation gives as: “Part of that power which still produceth good, whilst ever scheming ill.”

A complex concept, this das Böse. Mephistopheles goes on to explain: “Thus all the elements which ye Destruction, Sin, or briefly, Evil, name, As my peculiar element I claim.” Which does clarify matters a tad as regards which side he’s on.

Reader Mike Langner comes up with some further useful stuff: “Das Böse means the devil. Literally, it means ‘The Evil,’ but because of ancient superstition that to say a demon’s name out loud will call it to you, they just call it “The Evil.”

So, is Bill Gates evil? Is he The Evil? Is he the devil? Has he struck a Faustian pact with the devil so he gets all the money in the world in exchange for his soul? Screw that for an explanation – he’s a lawyer’s kid, he never had a soul. And he doesn’t look a bit like that guy on the right (the far, far right) either. source

Brethren, if you attempt to click on any of the hyperlinks in the article above, you will immediately see that all of them have been disabled. Interesting.


From novenanews.co

Moldovan Orthodox Church accuses Bill Gates of “Antichrist” plot to develop coronavirus vaccine, control people with 5G

The Moscow-affiliated Moldovan Orthodox Church has called on the country’s leadership to ensure that a potential future anti-coronavirus vaccine will not be made compulsory, claiming conspiracy by a “world anti-Christ system” that will allegedly insert microchips into humans to control them via 5G technology.

The Church made the accusations in a May 19 religious statement to President Igor Dodon, Parliament Speaker Zinaida Greceanni, and Prime Minister Ion Chicu.

Europe and the United States have seen a growing wave of protests by conspiracy theorists, extremists, and anti-vaxxers against coronavirus restrictions, many of them promoted via social media.

Theories about the allegedly negative effects of 5G technology have been aggressively pushed on social media during the pandemic by conservative circles in Europe and the United States, aided by Russian media affiliated to the Kremlin.

Some of the theories promoting false claims that billionaire U.S. philanthropist Bill Gates is the alleged mastermind behind the pandemic have been gaining traction online since the beginning of the outbreak, with experts warning they could hamper efforts to curb the virus.

Such accusations are also present in the Moldovan church’s statement, which says that “Bill Gates is considered the man responsible for the creation of a technology allowing people to be microchipped through a vaccine that would insert in their bodies nanoparticles that interact with 5G waves and allow people to be remotely controlled.”

“Public opinion in many European states is protesting against mandatory vaccines, in particular against an anti-COVID-19 vaccine, because they consider them a means through which the global anti-Christ system wishes to introduce microchips into people’s bodies with whose help they can control them, through 5G technology,” the statement said.


The statement backs the anti-Gates theories, stating that it is “considered” that 5G technology, in combination with vaccines, has been behind the coronavirus outbreak. It does not clarify, however, who considers Gates responsible.

Gates has become the latest in a series of online targets after pledging $250 million to efforts to fight the outbreak.

Hungarian-American billionaire and philanthropist George Soros has also been blamed for creating the virus, which has infected almost 5 million people and killed more than 323,000 around the world.

The World Health Organization has stepped up efforts to fight what it called an “infodemic” — misinformation fanned by panic and confusion about the coronavirus.

Moldova, a former Soviet republic sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine, is one of Europe’s poorest countries. An estimated 95 percent of its 4.5-million population is Christian Orthodox.

The Moldovan Orthodox Church is autonomous but operates under the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Romanian Orthodox Church’s Metropolis of Bessarabia is the country’s other major church.

With reporting by Current Time and Balkan Insight

Copyright (c) 2020. RFE/RL, Inc. Reprinted with the permission of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 1201 Connecticut Ave NW, Ste 400, Washington DC 20036. source


From blockchain.com

Bill Gates Foundation’s COVID-19 Vaccine is a Satanic Plot says Oscar-Winner

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From breakingisraelnews.com

Bill Gates will Try to Block the Sun: ‘Tower of Babel’ in 2019

Recently, I wrote a piece on scientists from Harvard scheming to block out much of the sun’s rays with dust particles sprayed into the stratosphere. They have already begun the process. I finally found out that this idea was birthed and funded by none other than Bill Gates.

Article from Breakingisraelnews:

A team of scientists personally sponsored by Bill Gates plan on countering the effects of ‘global warming by injecting millions of tons of dust into the atmosphere to block the sun’s rays. Despite the clear and obvious concerns, the first test run is set to take place any day now.

SCoPEx: Filling the Sky with Dust

The new project, titled the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), will team with Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and one of the wealthiest men in the world, with some of the world’s best and brightest scientists at Harvard University. The plan involves more than 800 special aircraft carrying millions of tons of calcium carbonate (a compound used commonly in cement, and medicinally as an antacid) into the stratosphere.

The idea is to mimic the effects of massive volcanic eruptions which have lowered global temperatures in a phenomenon known as volcanic winter. Violent eruptions can send volcanic ash and droplets of sulfuric acid into the atmosphere, obscuring the Sun and raising Earth’s albedo (increasing the reflection of solar radiation). Most recently, the 1991 explosion of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, the second-largest eruption of the 20th century, cooled global temperatures by about .9 Fahrenheit for about 2–3 years.

The project is already behind schedule, with the first test scheduled to have been carried out in the first half of 2019. At a cost of $3 million, this initial test involves sending a high-altitude balloon up 12 miles to seed an area half-a-mile long and one hundred yards in diameter with 2.2 pounds of the material. Using propellers to maneuver, the balloon would then move through the cloud of dust, mixing the dust and monitoring the results.

Geoengineering: Manipulating the Environment is the Wave of the Future

SCoPEx is just one of many projects that have been proposed for climate engineering but the first that will be tried outside of the laboratory. The United States, the United Kingdom and Germany have all supported research into such projects. There are similar efforts in China and Japan.

There are currently two main approaches under the geoengineering umbrella: carbon-dioxide removal (CDR) and solar radiation management (SRM), with SCoPEx falling under the latter category. The project has encountered objections from environmentalists who prefer carbon-emissions management to geoengineering. But SRM is economically attractive. In a 2018 report, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) suggested that a fleet of high-flying aircraft dispersing sulfur, similar to that emitted by volcanoes, could lower global temperatures by roughly 1.5 °C around $1 billion to $10 billion per year.

Biblical Mandate or Apocalyptic Nightmare?

Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman director of Ohr Chadash Torah Institute, was cautiously optimistic about the project.

“There is a very fine line between playing God and tikkun olam (fixing the world),” Rabbi Trugman told Breaking Israel News. “If you don’t get it right, you are courting disaster.”

Rabbi Trugman noted that this was also true for other branches of science like genetic research.

“Genetic modification has created crops that save thousands of people, but they also can cause great harm. Every case is different and requires individual scrutiny. There is a place where people are supposed to intervene in nature,” Rabbi Trugman said, citing a verse in Genesis.

Hashem blessed them and Hashem said to them, “Be fertile and increase, fill the earth and master it; and rule the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, and all the living things that creep on earth.” Genesis 1:28

“This mandate is not for us to rule for greed or profit or ego,” Rabbi Trugman said. “God wanted us to rule over the world but not destroy it. This is through our intellect but also through our morals and ethics.”

“These projects, if they are to be real tikkun olam, need to be within reason and there needs to be a moral oversight by people who are not motivated just by science or profit. There has to be order concerning these things in the world community since there are global implications, if they succeed or if they go wrong.”

The concerns that geoengineering could go wrong are already being expressed. One fear is that spreading dust into the stratosphere may damage the ozone layer necessary to protect the planet from hazardous ultraviolet radiation which can damage cellular DNA and cause cancers.

Climatologists are also concerned that tinkering with the climate (known as geoengineering) could unintentionally disrupt the circulation of ocean currents that regulate our weather. Implementing it in one country can trigger rain and extreme weather across borders. It is also not known how blocking the sun will affect crops and the eco-systems. Another key issue is what happens when the SAI is discontinued — the “termination shock” would cause a spike in temperatures, creating huge problems for future generations who did not consent to the practice.

Tower of Babel Revisited

Yuval Ovadia, whose videos on Nibiru have garnered hundreds of thousands of views, is more skeptical of scientists teaming up with billionaires to save the world.

“Even when it comes to much worse threats, like nuclear war, the elite and those who can afford it resort to preparing bunkers,” Ovadia told Breaking Israel News, noting that before crises, sales of bunkers, including luxury bomb shelters, increase drastically. “They think they can control the environment, and they also think they can control men. They think they can keep the populace calm by investing in projects that may or may not solve the problem.”

Ovadia compared SCoPEx to the Tower of Babel.

“They think they can control men and God, heavens and the earth,” Ovadia noted. “Men in that age were on a very high spiritual level. They knew much more practical Kabbalah and could manipulate nature through using lashon hakodesh (holy language). What they could do in the era before the Tower of Babel made today’s science look silly. That is how they were able to build a tower to heaven, something modern technology still cannot accomplish. So God came down and messed up their language so they could no longer manipulate nature.”

“Great deeds are not forbidden but they require a purity of purpose, an attachment to the Divine,” Ovadia said. “This is a way in which those who only seem good but are actually not are weeded out. Who took part in the Tower of Babel? The very wealthy and the engineers, just like this new project to block out heaven by using dust.”

Ovadia noted that this very scenario was described by the autistic children in Jerusalem who are frequently consulted by rabbis for their prophetic ability.

“The children said that scientists act as if they are God, as if they are in charge of the world and its destiny,” Ovadia said. “This is precisely what God hates the most. So he turns their own efforts against them.”  source

Brethren, who gives Gates and these scientists permission to do something which could possibly harm people and our environment? It seems that Bill Gates has Carte Blanche to do as he sees fit. This is ridiculous and very dangerous.


From newsbreak.com

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: “Bill Gate’s “Obsession With Vaccines… Fueled By Messianic Conviction… To Save The World With Technology & God-Like Willingness To Experiment With Lives Of Lesser Humans”

Well, those are the words of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a man who has spent years exposing vaccines and the dangers from them. In his Instagram posted on April 9, 2020, Kennedy pointed out just how evil Microsoft founder Bill Gates actually is. In fact, we are talking Rockefeller evil, Kissinger evil, George Soros sort of evil.  source

From fli.org.au

More on AC-Gates, Savior of New World Order


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From blockchain.news

Bill Gates’ COVID Conspiracy Grows In Italian Parliament, Allegations of Population Control 

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Video on Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft). Mr. Allen says that some days working with Bill Gates was “Like Being in Hell.”

From ibtimes.sg

Melinda Gates Upside-Down Cross Creates Controversy; Netizens Call Her Satanist

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Video which was abruptly removed from YouTube which has Marina Abramavic pictured as a close friend to Bill and Melinda Gates. If you do not remember who this is, think back to Hillary, John Podesta, Spirit cooking and the drinking of blood. Here is a picture of Abramavic which might jog your memory:


Brethren, as I said in the beginning of this article, I do not know who Antichrist will be. But if AC were to write a resumé, I believe that the articles in this piece would compel many to at least wonder – Could he be?

We are not looking for Antichrist – we are looking for Jesus Christ! I’m so thankful that I belong to Him and that He will take all who are born again and trust Him for the forgiveness of their sins to heaven -NEVER to be separated from Him again!


How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua



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