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Make sure that you see this video before it is yanked off the internet. If there is a way for you to download this for safekeeping – please do.

Video Proof: Dr. Fauci “Predicts” Infectious Outbreak in 2017 During Trump Administration  <click to watch

One America News broke the story of how DEEP STATE TONY warned the Trump administration that there was no doubt that they would be facing a “SURPRISE OUTBREAK” of a massive infectious disease.

When did DEEP STATE TONY bring his dire warning?

In 2017.

I will call this monster “DST” going forward in my articles.

The Left are acting outraged at this revelation of DST predicting a “Surprise Outbreak” during the Trump Administration.

The Fake News team have huddled together to form a narrative about this. They are asking why President Trump did not prepare for this – why medical supplies were not purchased.

Well, I’ll tell you why: From 2014 until 2019, DST sent $7.4 million to ‘Bat Woman’ at the Wuhan Institute of Virology for her research on viruses and how to manipulate them to act certain ways.

So DST sent all of his grant money to China instead of using it for the “Inevitable Surprise Outbreak.”

If you missed my article on this, I am placing it here:

 Dr. Fauci Backed Controversial Wuhan Lab With Millions of U.S. Dollars For Risky Coronavirus Research

Here are some excerpts from that article:

“In a prior article, I quoted the dollar amount paid to the Wuhan Lab by NIH as $3.7 million. It has now been revealed that the true funding amounted to $7.4 million.

There is a term which I have been seeing frequently during this global nightmare – GOFR which means “Gain of Function Research.” In lay terms, it simply means manipulating a virus or adding to its capabilities.

There could be a host of functions added to the corona virus. One of these could be to increase the infectiousness of the virus. Another might dramatically increase the danger to humans who become infected.

Quote from DST:

“Scientific research indicates that there is no evidence that suggests the virus was created in a laboratory.” source



Dr. Fauci Threatened President Trump With ‘Surprise Outbreak’ In 2017

newly resurfaced video showed Dr. Anthony Fauci speaking of an upcoming infectious disease outbreak some three years before the coronavirus outbreak. In January 2017, he claimed the Trump administration would face a “surprise outbreak” of a massive infectious disease.

“There is no question that there will be a challenge for the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases,” stated Fauci.

Many in the mainstream media have refuted concerns sparked by the video. They have argued this remark was just a “warning” of possible health challenges. However, critics pointed out his statement was too specific.

“There will be a surprise outbreak, and I hope by the end of my very relatively short presentation you will understand why the history of the last 32 years that I’ve been the director of NIAID will tell the next administration there is no doubt they will be faced with challenges,” said the doctor. (Emphasis added)

Fauci has continued to face backlash for his stance on keeping the economy locked down. source

Brethren, DST may be very proud of himself for the part he is playing in this worldwide tragedy. But when he stands before the Great White Throne of Judgment, and God declares to him that his name is not found in the Lamb’s book of life, he won’t be proud any longer.

He will be thrown into the lake of fire along with the devil and his fallen angels. Pray for him if you feel led to do that. There are some individuals who have been given over to a depraved mind by God, which means that they cannot be saved.

DST will no longer be part of DEEP STATE, but will be cast into the bowels of the earth along with the devil and his angels for eternity. 

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


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