Are You Confused Yet? :: By Jim Towers

Is the covid19 “pandemic” Conspiracy, hoax, or judgment?

While this event may be manmade, we must remember that God works all things together, both evil and good, for our redemption.

Who but God would have ever thought of such a device to make us all stop what we are doing and to take stock of our lives and consider the things that are truly important in life?

Maybe it wasn’t God’s doing but a manmade device that got out of hand and is now wreaking havoc around the world. Maybe it was even a plan to subdue the entire planet and make it submit to the diabolical “One World Government” (that hopes to be in place within the next twelve years). If so, then they’ve gotten a pretty good start.)

There are many conflicting reports and conspiracy theories today concerning the so-called pandemic – Novel Coronavirus 19 which has held us captive for two long months. With Americans getting itchy to leave the house, this is not going to end well. We will be finding a whole new world out there. One where you can’t shake hands or even approach someone within six feet. (Lovers beware.)

Many people will experience sleepless nights worrying about the immediate future, something they were sure they could handle somehow until this virus put an end to our bold self-assurance. But still, most of us won’t seek God – instead we look to our often-crooked leaders and wacky self-seeking scientists. We seem to forget that all of humanity is tainted with sinful behavior and ambitions. Yet we look to them for answers instead of looking to the one who created us and all our surroundings.

Most churches will underplay this event in hopes of quelling mounting fears in their congregations – but will not mention repentance. When was the last time you saw a pastor or deacon cry out in abject humility before his congregation? Even God would be surprised if that were to happen here in America. We are too proud a people to ever drop to our knees and beg God’s forgiveness and intervention – in complete and utter repentance. But, as the noose gets tighter, I venture to guess that some would rather die than cry out to God and truly repent; and as things become more and more uncertain, patience and endurance is running out for many of us – with some even taking their own lives.

If indeed this virus is only a manmade calamity and can be rectified – either way, it will only serve to prove that humanity is incapable to keep things on an even keel. As things continue to destroy our self-assurance and if you’re looking for more things to despair about – consider the following.

Prices are going up on meat and dairy products; and with hungry people out of work and no place to go or little to eat, things could easily get out of hand.

These days, it’s hard to come to a concrete answer to our physical and monetary problems, but Jesus has the answer, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (food, clothing and peace of mind)

Rather than worry about tomorrow, we should do all we can to reap the harvest of human souls that are ripe and ready for harvesting. One positive way to do that is to contribute funding to where spirit-filled Christian writers make it their business to impart truth to a lost and dying world. Do this and you can rest assured that you are doing the right thing.

Beyond other pandemics, which appear regularly every decade or two, there are other major threats on the horizon. If, like the Bible says, these are God-planned events, then here’s what’s coming for us next.

Extreme lawlessness

food shortages

famine for a third of the world

severe earthquakes

Signs and wonders and portents in the skies

We Christians should do all we can to preserve life, but instead we chose to worry about things that might never happen. In worrying about the future, again, Jesus has the answer, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understandingIn all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”

On another note.

A funny thing happened when witnessing to a young man at Publix supermarket as to whether he is a Christian – his reply was “I try to be.” When I asked him what he thought about the craziness going on around the world, he replied, “It’s like the four horsemen of the Apocalypse!” As I left, I handed him a small Bible which he accepted greedily. As I left, I felt sure that this was a mission God had sent me on specifically for that fine young man.

Well, that night I read this on the internet: “Bible scholars have sensationally claimed the end of the world could be upon us as they believe the Four Horsemen, who bring about death, war, famine and disease before the return of Jesus Christ in the holy book, have all been released.” The writer goes on to say, “This virus is the pale horse and Horseman; but regardless of what we may experience or feel about our current situation – We need to repent. And remember, God is still in control.


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