Spiritual Warfare :: By Jim Towers

Whether we Christians realize it or not, we are in the fight for our lives with Satanic forces in the form of Democrats, eugenicists, Islamists, and the United Nations; and we had better take note.

While Christians all over the world are being killed, raped and incarcerated in many other countries, we Americans cower in the lap of luxury and doze in our gated communities. We American Christians have been so blessed by our overabundance that we barely notice.

Now though, with viruses getting out of hand, politics going awry, our economy unraveling and church leaders becoming apostate, many are beginning to wake up while others continue to doze off. Well, things aren’t going to get any better; and if they do, it will only be temporarily. We must make the most of small windows of opportunity to do what we can for one another. It is imperative to come together and do all we can to first spread the Glorious Gospel of Christ and to do all we can to encourage our weaker and younger brethren.

There is a place for you to be of help to others in these perilous times, you just have to find it.

The Bible says we all have gifts given to us as we are saved. (Mine is one of evangelism.) Yours may be one of sewing. Just sewing virus masks for the needy is something you can do. There is so much we can do with the resources we have; and the benefits to our sense of self-worth is exhilarating when we do what we should be doing for the kingdom of God.

I have a brother who – although he is a relatively new Christian – cooks for those in an assisted living facility on occasion; maybe you could do the same. But most of all, touch and encourage others – show them you care. A word of encouragement may make someone else’s day.

My gift is evangelism which I try to incorporate into my writings, which include at least two screenplays and one 240-page manuscript about my conversion and subsequent forty-year career in the movie industry. (I learned the ins and outs of moviemaking as a professional union actor and was a member of the American Film Institute as well.) I am using my gifts to reach out to others as best I can – believing that we are the soon-to-be raptured generation.

Filmmaking is the one thing I know about above all others, and so I will tell you a little about this endeavor.

My full-length theatrical film “PANIC” will be unabashedly open about the Gospel of Jesus Christ by openly quoting prophetic scripture throughout. The title of this screenplay is subject to change if and when a better title can be attached to this thought-provoking, informative and evangelical film.

This somber and true-to-life film will be entertaining as well as informative about the things of God and Bible prophecy – the characters often quoting scripture – word for word.

The texture of the film is at times harrowing – but true to life. However, graphic violence will not be depicted by excessive bloody gore – for the sake of sensationalism. Although true-to-life, there will also be no nudity or overtly profane language, just for shock value. Also, many quotes and clips from news sources will be incorporated in the film to make it utterly realistic – something all viewers can relate to.

Politics and religion will be kept at a minimum; and instead, the things that Jesus and the prophets taught about the end times will be brought to the fore, since people are seeking answers to the meaning of life and the hereafter. Nothing will be added that would water down the main message of repentance toward God in expectation of the rapture.

The object of this engaging movie is to encourage the viewers to seek God’s face in our immediate worldwide virus situation that instills fear and confusion.

Today, I posted this on my Facebook page to try to get others involved in making my outreach film.

Dear Facebook friends, I have always been fascinated with filmmaking; and by working with the best, I got to see firsthand how things are done in front of the camera and behind the scenes. As some of you know, I began writing screenplays years ago and wrote one that became a box office smash. The powers that be made a “Series” out of it; but alas, since I didn’t have a copyright on it, it was plagiarized. I’ve learned better since then. Now I am going out on a limb once again because I believe the timing is right to make a movie about the perilous times in which we live.

In this screenplay, I will be incorporating the things I know about prophetic scripture to help unbelievers see the light. (I feel that is my calling since I fear no one nor anything nor what they think of me.) Having failed twice, I may be a fool for trying one more time, but I have nothing better to do with what little time we may have left.

If you or someone you know is an investor or is film-savvy and would like to become involved – write me at jt.filmmaker@yahoo.com. for an outline and more information.


Jim Towers 

You can write me at jt.filmmaker@yahoo.com or visit my website www.propheticsignsandwonders.com