Lockdown 2020 :: By Jim Towers

Who would have ever thought such a thing could happen – worldwide? I’m talking, of course, about the covid19 virus and the quarantine that accompanied it. What else in all the world would cause people to look up and question whether this event was God-ordained?

If the virus is an act of God, then, in one fell swoop, He was able to get the attention of every single person in the whole world, but to what avail? First of all, to acknowledge Him, humble ourselves, repent and prepare for the rapture…That’s all.

While many of us are in our third week of isolation, we can’t help but wonder if and when the nightmare will be over, but the next catastrophe, as a follow up, is the voracious plague of locusts unleashed over ten countries so far, and many will likely die of starvation. At the same time, vicious storms have been unleased throughout the world, there are many earthquakes in various places, and UFO sightings are becoming more and more frequent. World economies are on the brink.

With our collective hands tied, it is hard not to believe something is afoot…something so profound that even those of us who know scripture find it hard to deal with. The fact is that these things were prophesied by Jesus Himself.

From a humanistic point of view, conspiracy theories abound. Is Bill Gates promoting a vaccine to further his eugenics agenda? Will his vaccine lead to the Mark of the Beast? After all, you will get a free pin number along with it, but what for? Is it to keep track of you? To what end? Is the pope the false prophet? He sure has been saying some crazy things lately, especially for a pontiff. Not only that, but he wants to help form a one-world religion with enemies who would just as well kill us as look at us infidels.

And pray tell, what is this current fascination with communism? I mean, who wants to do without food, housing, automobiles, free speech and medicine like Venezuela, Cuba and other communist-run countries? It’s crazy out there.

Now, with all the time in the world to read everything in the newspapers, magazines and the internet and to watch television 24-7, we are on information overload with juicy tidbits such as this….

Recently, a Florida political figure was caught passed out from drug use lying naked on the floor of a known sexual pervert. People won’t know who to believe in or why to believe them. (And he sounded like and looked like such a nice family guy too.) People have animalistic tendencies as in dog eat dog, and like a dog, go back to their own vomit. They lie so often, it is now thought of as normal. Right is wrong, and wrong is right; the whole world is out of whack. It’s as if Satan and his minions have been set free to roam the streets to wreak havoc everywhere.

Something else I found interesting is that Passover and Easter coincided with one another this year. Just as when the death angel passed over Egypt and many died (but those with the blood of the lamb on their doorposts lived). So it is with us today; with the blood of the spotless lamb of God on the doorposts of our lives, we are spared the second death – (if the virus death angel visits) – even if we die from it.

From all the signs, the last days “times of sorrow” MUST be upon us, even as we speak. All the signs are in your face and continuing to expand and proliferate without letup – one after the other. Nobody – and I mean nobody – but God could have planned such a well-orchestrated scenario to get people’s attention worldwide.


Being quarantined has given me the opportunity to work on a screenplay based on the very events we’re witnessing today. You could say this film is based on ongoing events and possible outcomes. The worldwide events we are witnessing right now are being incorporated into the storyline with the hope that many will respond and be saved by turning wholeheartedly to God. While we Christians wait for our deliverance, we can’t just sit idly by while our friends, neighbors and relatives die in their sins.

A few years ago, after seeing the way things were going in our society, I wrote a screenplay about the end times. It was a thought-provoking story about the possible fulfilment of biblical prophecy I envisioned was coming, but it was based on speculation. I made a couple of attempts at filming a trailer with limited resources but couldn’t get people interested in helping without pay. I lost money in doing so.

The current worldwide situation lends itself to an even greater scenario – a life threatening one. Not only that, but with people dying without Christ, it makes the timing more crucial. All the ingredients of a spiritually informative film are being played out on the world stage before our very eyes – as it were.

This will be my last attempt at such a venture, and I will give it my best shot, but unless I can find dedicated, selfless people and the resources needed – then the hope of making this film is futile.

If you or anyone you know is a film investor or you know someone who is a dedicated Christian actor, film-maker or videographer or crew member – please have them get in touch with me at jt.filmmaker@yahoo.com.


Jim Towers www.propheticsignsandwonders.com