Is the Party Over? :: By Jim Towers

Remember when everything seemed rosy? The sun shone brightly after a fresh, cleansing rain. Flowers seemed to pop up everywhere. Good food on the table, a chicken in every pot. Football, baseball, golf, parties, booze, drugs, infidelity, adultery, corruption, homosexual activity, abortion on demand. Ahh, the good ole days – God is good -life was good. – (Except for the beginning of this statement, I’m being facetious, of course, but that’s the way it was just a few weeks ago.) Yes, life was sweet.

Many of us were wondering if God was still alive since everyone was doing as they pleased with no outward repercussions. But it’s not as if God was not aware. He (notice how I use the masculine description – just like the Bible does) knew what Hillary and Bill were doing all along. As a matter of fact, He knew what we were all up to as well.

We didn’t know how good we had it while God was letting us get away with murder, and seemingly turning a blind eye to our varied sins and indiscretions. Now here we are all cooped up in our homes quarantined and hoping the Covid19 virus somehow disappears.

In one fell swoop, the party was over. No more football idols to worship, no more golf to while the time away, no more movies, no more distractions from things that ‘really matter,’ no more anything. Now it’s life in the raw. Now it’s time for reflection, hand-wringing despair and prayer. The Covid 19 virus has us on our collective knees.

The way things are going, what with this virulent virus wreaking havoc throughout the world, we have much to be concerned about.

Along with that, there are swarms of locusts ravaging crops and vegetation throughout East Africa, and parts of the Middle East. Soon those people will be hurting for food, and a loaf of bread will cost twenty-five dollars and be a scarce as toilet paper.

Recently, in the USA, there were over 600 new earthquakes across the western states in one month’s time. On top of that, a strong earthquake has hit Idaho, with a magnitude 6.5 quake striking near the city of Boise in the Salmon-Challis National Forest. This is the first earthquake above magnitude 5 to hit anywhere in the region for over 50 years, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said.

Times of joy and plans about what goodies the future holds are on hold for now, and it could be that we have entered the time of sorrows in earnest.

Granted, there are many who see these calamities as just a coincidence or manmade folly; I would say to them, “Isn’t it funny that all these things are happening incrementally as if all is planned this way to get people’s attention? He is instead giving us a chance to repent because of His goodness. Furthermore, He realizes that Satan has much to do with all the evil in the world and really wants to cut us some slack.

As new problems arise worldwide, we can’t help drawing a correlation between Old Testament plagues and the goings-on today. Pestilence, epidemics, storms, drought, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes are raging across the planet, and there is only one who can save us – Christ Jesus of the New Testament – our co-creator.

If these calamities are coincidental like some people think or hope – then there may be manmade answers that will buy us some more time on the planet to do what we wish.

But if you know your Bible – as you should – this was all bound was to happen sooner or later. Jesus is keeping his word – He cannot lie. Yes, the party could be over, and we could be entering the time of sorrows like Jesus said in Matthew 24:4-8.

If ever there was a time to reflect on the future, seek God’s face, repent and to prepare – it is now.


My latest book was bought at the public library sale recently. With nothing to read besides the Bible, I bought this book for fifty cents. The title is The Miraculous Fever Tree by Fiammetta Rocco who was raised in Kenya. Her Grandfather, father and she herself all suffered with Malaria.

I bought this book about a month before the Covid19 virus began at the end of the year. I had lost interest in it and set it aside until I learned that the Food and Drug Administration approved an emergency authorization of the malaria drug (combined with azithromycin) for experimental treatments for patients hospitalized with COVID-19 or for use in clinical trials.

I began reading the book again and found it to be very informative. Quinine is indeed a miracle medicine from the Cinchona tree that is found in the highlands of Peru.

Since its discovery, quinine has been synthesized into Hydroxychloroquine. (Note: It will be used only under doctor’s supervision. Side effects can be serious if not used properly. And do not try over the counter chloroquine phosphate for cleaning fish tanks. It’s not the same thing and can kill you.)

The prologue of this wonderful book reads,


The Jesuits discovered it, the Protestants feared it, the British vied with the Dutch for it, and the Nazis seized it. Because of quinine, medicine, warfare and exploration were changed forever.


My screenplay is going quite well, and scripture verses are finding their way into it without any effort on my part as God shows me what He wants people to know.


Jim Towers

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