The Real Pandemic :: By Terry James

A headline on Rapture Ready News jumped from the monitor screen: “Will Coronavirus Kill the New World Order?”

By this, I infer the question implies that the globalists might not get their long-dreamed-of, unified world because the so-called coronavirus pandemic will keep the nations of the world separated out of necessity.

This is one question I can answer with absolute certitude. The answer is NO. The coronavirus, nor any other virus or human agency, will destroy the coming “new world order.”

However, the caveat that must be entered here is predicated upon the supposition that we’re talking about destruction of the coming new world order, not changes in it.

Those changes are coming—and we must think in terms of profound, unprecedented changes that will likely rearrange modalities of living even in the United States of America.

For Americans, this prospect is daunting. We’re used to not having our apple carts upset. Concerning our ways of life, the poor among us, the middle class among us, and the wealthy and upper 1 percent of the ultra-rich among our numbers are not easily moved from our routines. God’s Word says through prophecy that a new world order is coming. As a matter of fact, two new world orders are on the way.

So to predict that the new world order—the first of which isn’t even here yet—will not be killed by the coronavirus or anything else is a sure bet. 

But the changes that will affect the first of these separate and distinctly different world orders are, I’m convinced, upon us right now. These are manifesting in every news cycle. The “pandemic” of the coronavirus is engendering not the destruction of it, but the changes in it that will forever alter life in our nation and around the world.

These changes we’re witnessing, experiencing, and enduring aren’t Bible prophecy being fulfilled, but rather, are setting the stage for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

The first of these world orders is the one Antichrist will rule. It will ultimately be created out of the geopolitical turmoil going on at this moment in history. This turbulence—fomented by Satan, with the United States presidency and the American nation at the epicenter—is generating the current economic earthquake.

The coronavirus hoopla is being used masterfully by Satan and his minions in high places to try yet again to bring this US president down. This must be done in order to get the globalist juggernaut back on track.

This is in no way saying that I take this disease lightly. I agree with my good friend Eric Barger of Take a Stand Ministries, who recently wrote the following:

There is no question that COVID-19 is deadly. There is also no question that some in the media are manipulating this story dramatically as they report on it. Objective reporting is hard to find these days but instead of calling out some of the politicians on the left—who’ve chosen to politicize an epidemic—their allies in the media are choosing to just chime in! Both pundits and political hacks alike apparently just can’t wait to attempt scoring the cheapest of points against the president. It is frankly unconscionable, but, as expected, it appears that nothing whatsoever is off limits for these partisans.

The old serpent has chosen to create the perception of a worldwide spread of a relatively common virus to bring the peoples of the world together Fear is the ingeniously devilish nucleus around which the globalist cabal has wrapped its plans to get things back to normal, in a perverted model of normalcy. The one-world elitists will do anything and everything within their Lucifer-infused power to restore their internationalist equilibrium, to tear down nation-state sovereignty and dissolve national boundaries.

All of that said, however, the coronavirus pandemic is not the pandemic to which I refer as presented in the title of this commentary. That “real” pandemic, as I term it, is far more lethal—far more terrifying.

The real pandemic facing the world today is 100 percent fatal—not only to physical life, but to life that follows physical death.

It is the virus called sin. Each and every person who has ever been born on this fallen planet with the exception of One, the Lord Jesus Christ, is born with this spiritual virus It will, for the one afflicted, without remedy, end with the person suffering the process of dying forever.

This hellish, spiritual virus turns mankind against God. It thus brings about thinking that is upside-down—an insanity that precludes rationality. That’s what we’ve been witnessing for the last four years in particular. The Lord of Heaven has turned the anti-God forces over to a “reprobate mind” (Romans 1:28).

There is coming a second new world order. It will be ushered in by King Jesus, who will reign and rule over an Eden-like planet that He will refurbish upon putting an end to Armageddon.

Finally, at the end of Christ’s reign, there will be no more pandemics that corrupt and destroy God’s creation called man. The new heavens and new earth will provide the perfect environment—the utopia the globalists with their climate-change rants proclaim they want. But they will not be around to enjoy it. Sadly, they will have succumbed to the pandemic that is far deadlier than the coronavirus.

To avoid being terminally and eternally ill because of this terrible, spiritual virus, confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus Christ, who died for your sins. Believe then in your spiritual heart that He rose from the dead. Do this and you have God’s Word on it. You are now saved. (Romans 10: 9—10)