The Coronavirus :: By Daymond Duck

The coronavirus is dominating the news, but it is difficult to know what to believe.

Some think the danger is understated, and others think it is overstated.

I am 80 years old with respiratory issues, and I would really like to know the truth.

Dr. Ben Carson, a member of Pres. Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force, said it “has the potential to be severe.”

The key word is “potential.”

I take that to mean the threat is not great, but the threat could become great.

So, it is a tough call, God is in control, and we are in his hands.

The development of the Coronavirus is disputed, but I believe this to be true: the Coronavirus has spread from China to 80 or more nations, from no reported cases to more than 114,000 confirmed cases, and from one death to more than 4,000 confirmed deaths.

The deception is great, and there is good reason to question the accuracy of these statistics.

But who could have imagined the business district of some of the world’s largest cities suddenly turned into ghost towns with empty streets and no pedestrian traffic; hundreds of planes, trains and busses with very few passengers almost overnight; thousands of prisoners being released from jail for their own protection; businesses with a “no mask, no service” policy; a two-package limit on how much toilet tissue a customer can buy; Israel banning tour groups and asking tourists to leave; restaurants and hotels facing bankruptcy in just a matter of days, etc.?

As incredible as it sounds, these things are happening in various parts of the world today.

They world has changed a great deal almost overnight.

On Mar. 2, 2020, the White House released a photo of Vice Pres. Mike Pence bowing his head in prayer at a coronavirus task force team meeting.

Pence was strongly criticized for praying, and some called it useless.

Who can blame God for letting the coronavirus spread among people that criticize prayer and think it is worthless?

Rev. Franklin Graham thanked Vice Pres. Pence and asked others to join them in prayer.

The U.S. needs prayer; and if enough of God’s people will pray, a solution can be found for this crisis.

God can bring good out of all things, and good can come from this crisis (Rom. 8:28).

It has been reported that 80% of the medicine and 97% or more of the antibiotics that are used in the U.S. are made in China.

It has also been reported that China has said if the U.S. boycotts products made in China, the Chinese will stop the sale of medicines, antibiotics, masks, etc. to the U.S.

The fact that most of America’s antibiotics are made in China and that nation is willing to stop the shipment of those medicines to the U.S. during a crisis means the U.S. is in trouble.

This is one result of outsourcing our jobs and globalism.

It is blackmail, a threat to our way of life and something our nation badly needs to reverse.

On Mar. 2, 2020. Pres. Trump said the U.S. needs to manufacture the medicines and supplies that are used in the U.S. in our own nation.

He said the U.S. started working on this about a year ago and because of some of the policies he has already implemented, some companies have already started working on manufacturing our medicines in our own country; but we need to carry through on that.

Perhaps God is blessing America and we didn’t know it.

Finally, globalists, China, the U.S. Federal Reserve and others have started using the fact that the coronavirus can live for several days on paper money to promote a cashless society.

Some banks are sanitizing money before it is distributed to help prevent the spread of the virus.

There have even been reports that China burned paper money to destroy the virus.

Some are urging people to use digital money whenever possible.

Many Bible prophecy teachers believe the Antichrist and False Prophet will promote a cashless society to track all buying and selling.

If the coronavirus becomes severe, it will still be a little crisis compared to the dangers of a cashless society.

The cashless society will wind up killing more than the coronavirus.

Perhaps, God is using this to get the world’s attention.

He most surely wants people to truly accept Jesus before they die.

Prophecy Plus Ministries, Inc.
Daymond & Rachel Duck


God’s grace is working: Some people are afraid they will die, and a few realize the need to be sure they are saved.