The Virus of Faithlessness and Denial :: By Denis Bowden

Here’s yet another smuggled clip which allegedly shows the horrifying deaths being experienced through exposure to the Coronavirus.

Also revealed is the increasingly harsh manner of control placed upon the locked-down cities by the Godless overseers of the great Chinese nation. The Communists have decided to sacrifice all but eleven of their most important cities and provinces. Reportedly, these are they that contain vital military establishment and the heart of their economic and industrial hubs.

Those now locked within the quarantined cities by police and military are facing food shortages and a dearth of medical supplies. Nothing in! Nothing out! So say the clips. As they appear to be coming out of China, I’m inclined to accept this as the truth. Also, on past history, the Communist Government massively lies, both to its own people, and certainly to we nations of the West.

Disturbing video links from China. See at this link.

A news report since then says Chinese people are being threatened with seven years in prison if they share news on social media about the killer epidemic unfolding around them. Read at this link.

I think time will show that this is a much more virulent cocktail of death than the Leftist media of our countries are letting on. But who in their right mind listens to or reads their mistruths anymore?

Armed patrols, clashes with civilians occurring, people trying get out of quarantined areas, the dead being loaded in death vans (bring out your dead), and one guy shown coughing up huge quantities of blood (presumably as his lungs collapse).

We are yet to see these symptoms. Pray God we don’t.

What we need to watch is the sudden spread of the virus within our own countries and people dying as the guy in this clip is.

I can only relate to my own country. Australia is moving, at last, to introduce much tighter quarantine control, together with comprehensive screening and compulsory hospitalization.  Personally, I believe we acted too late.


Once we are sure of the spread, I really think it’s time to get in some food stocks.

Also, you DON’T want to be continually mixing with large groups of people. We will need to ‘self -quarantine’ by simply minimizing our movements. Hopefully (and prayerfully) some self-isolation together with simple hygiene steps might prove helpful.

In the meantime, Australian Scientists from the C.S.R.I.O (a world-famous institution of science), have gotten hold of the virus and are attempting to break it down to determine if they can race through an emergency vaccine. I would assume this is going on in America and some other countries.


There is going to be a huge economic impact, folks. You can see that China (already suffering some recent downturns) will be hit badly. If they cannot get people back to work, they cannot export goods.

If they cannot export to us (America being their biggest trading partner), they will start to implode economically. The feed-through effect will then hit all our economies.

I think also (people being people) that folks might just decide in their minds that Chinese goods could be ‘tainted’ with the virus, and then stop buying anything from China. When people panic or remember past grievances, they often think irrationally.

I relate to the immediate cessation of World War II. Because of the atrocities they committed upon Australian P.O.W.’s, there was an antipathy toward buying anything Japanese. It took some years to overcome this reluctance, such was our dislike of that nation, though now a big trading partner and friend.

According to a leak, Chinese leaders have made a decision to sacrifice coronavirus-infected cities in order to save 11 “protected” cities elsewhere. Read at this link.


We know so little about the composition of the virus.

We need verification of the alleged truth (or otherwise) about the claim that it was bio-engineered with HIV1 spliced into its genome structure to manufacture a weaponized plague.

If this information appearing in off-mainstream media proves to be correct, then it will no doubt be a really nasty bug that may prove nigh on impossible to stop until it runs whatever course it’s likely to take.

Looking backwards to past pandemics, that ‘could’ mean the death of millions and tens of million incapacitated, until a vaccine is possible.

This is ‘pestilence‘ in the real meaning of the word.

Can a virus infection move this fast? We do have a biblical precedent.


Following the dissatisfaction of the Hebrews with the leadership of Moses, Dathan and Abiram (allegedly, two senior former overseers of slave labor) agitated against both Moses and Aaron. And joining with Korah of the Levite clan of Rueben, they directly challenged Moses and Aaron.

By virtue of this challenge, they were challenging God directly because it was God Himself who had appointed Moses as their prince.

And from the rabbinate record of these events recorded in the Judaic tradition of the Babylonian Talmud, it is alleged that Dathan and Abiram had been chief amongst those agitating for a return to Egypt.

Moses then instructed Dathan, Abiram and 250 of the numbers of Levites, a clan answerable to Korah, to gather outside the Tent of the Tabernacle. Dathan and Abiram would get a chance to present their case before God. And separately, the 250 Levites were also to present themselves with their incense burners that were used in the wave offering sacrifices to God.

At first, Dathan and Abiram refused point blank to come and discuss their grievances with Moses. So at God’s instruction, they were directed to attend on the morrow in front of the Tent of the Tabernacle so that the matter could be dealt with before God.

Moses told Dathan and Abiram that God would decide. If He chose them over Moses, it would be that nothing would happen to them and they would simply live and die as do we all. However, if God decided against them, it would be that the ground would open and swallow them alive.

That is exactly what occurred. The ground opened and Dathan, Abiram, their wives, children, retainers, goods and tents, all suddenly were swallowed into the earth. Amidst their screams of terror, all those who watched reeled back in horror and alarm, lest they too be swallowed.

Moses himself and Aaron the High Priest then prayerfully asked God to show those gathered ‘whose’ offering of incense He would accept. Either theirs or the 250 Levites of the clan of Korah.

The 250 men of the Levite who were of the clan of Korah then waved their incense burners so that a savory essence might rise before God.

A mighty flame from in front of the Tabernacle totally consumed them by fire.

Their offering had been refused in a way that signified that, by disobedience to Moses and Aaron the High Priest, they were directly challenging the decision/s of God.

Numbers 16:2  (Dathan & Abiram)

(Read Numbers 16 Part 1 First)

“If these men die a natural death, then the LORD has not sent me. But if the LORD performs a miracle and the ground opens up and swallows them and all their belongings, and they go down alive into the grave, then you will know that these men have despised the LORD.’ He had hardly finished speaking the words when the ground suddenly split open beneath them. The earth opened up and swallowed the men, along with their households and the followers who were standing with them” (Numbers 16:29-32).

Let this be remembered by those who doubt the existence of God and His Creation of the Earth and mankind. What took place clearly shows the majesty of the Creator over the Earth.

The Earth responds immediately to God.

The Earth is not (as claimed by the Greens and many environmentalists) an entity unto itself. The Earth is the footstool of God. Those claiming entity for the Earth have always described the Earth as ‘Mother’ Earth. Not even close!


This didn’t stop the anger of the people against Moses. The next morning, following the annihilation of Dathan and Abiram and the 250 of the clan of Korah, all the Tribes gathered again before the Tent of the Tabernacle.

Consumed by rage at what had occurred, they failed to see that it was not Moses they were rebelling against but God Himself. This shows the rebellion was deeply ingrained amongst them.

Might we infer from this that many who had joined the Exodus were not ‘happy chappies’?

And not all of those who left Egypt were of the Hebrew Tribes.

Maybe some were disgruntled slaves of other nationalities? The Bible is very clear that a ‘mixed multitude’ came out with them. We might logically assume then, that there were many who had previously worshiped other ‘gods.’ Some commentaries infer that some Egyptians actually came with them.

This link from Bible Hub contains a number of respected commentaries on the composition of the ‘mixed multitude.’


SUDDENLY, God brought a plague upon the gathered Tribes, and 14,700 were instantly struck down, dead.

Moses and Aaron ran between those who were dying and prayerfully made a wave-offering sacrifice with their incense burners, and then God withdrew the plague.

NUMBERS 16:1-50


God had seen to it that Moses emerged as a leader who would lead the 12 Tribes out of Egypt where they had lived for 450 years. Many of those years were apparently spent in captivity.

The 12 sons of Jacob and the patriarch himself came to Egypt by invitation of one Pharaoh. God gave Joseph the interpretation of a dream relating to an impending, massive famine. Pharaoh was so impressed, he made Joseph second in rank only to himself. Ensuring the building of great granaries, Joseph bought up massive quantities of grain in the years of plenty. Then selling it to the people in Pharaoh’ s name, he not only saved Egypt and the surrounding nations, but made Pharaoh very wealthy.

The eventual death of Joseph and a new line of Egyptian rulers eventually forgot the history of what Joseph had done for both Egyptian and surrounding nations.

As the Tribes greatly increased in population and wealth, a new Pharaoh became alarmed that they might become greater than the Egyptian nation itself; and so, he had them enslaved. They labored to build cities, monuments and towns. They probably also were provided to wealthy Egyptians as personal slaves and serfs.

The Tribes cried out to God in anguish.

God heard their cries for relief. He chose Moses, born a Hebrew but raised by Pharaoh’s daughter as a prince of Egypt, to lead them.

Following the killing of an Egyptian overseer who was beating a Hebrew slave, Moses, fearing retribution, escaped into the desert of Midian into what is now Saudi Arabia.

Given shelter by Jethro, a Midianite elder, Joseph married two of his daughters and remained with this Midianite family until called directly by God to return to Egypt and lead God’s people out to safety.

Arriving back in Egyptian territory, Moses met Aaron. God had pre-arranged this meeting in the desert. Together, they informed the princes and rulers of the 12 Tribes that God had heard their cries for succor and was now going to have them released from their long bondage.

Moses and Aaron then went before Pharaoh and asked him to release the Hebrews so they might go into the desert to pray and sacrifice to God, taking their wives, children, flocks and possessions.

Pharaoh refused to let them go.

The result of this was that God sent all manners of calamities upon the Egyptians but Pharaoh’s heart was obstinate.

God not only knew Pharaoh would remain obstinate; it was an expression of His will.

God used Pharaoh’s obstinacy; and ultimately, as the plagues befalling Egypt continued to cause great calamity to the nation, he moved to strike down the firstborn son of every Egyptian family.

The impact of the expression of God’s will was not just the compulsion of Pharaoh to do what Moses requested in God’s name. It was also to help the Hebrews understand the power and majesty and omnipotence of the God they claimed to worship.

Events would show that with many, actual worshipful ties to God were comparable with a frayed piece of string that had rotted in the sun. As you pick it up, it breaks!

Nothing that occurred was other than what God had decided was to ‘go down.’

Finally, after warning Moses to instruct the Jews to paint the lintels of their houses with the blood of a sacrificed lamb, pack their belongings and then eat the lamb of sacrifice with bitter herbs and unleavened bread, God instructed Moses to tell the Hebrews to remain inside and not go outside until his angel had ‘passed’ over the Egyptians.

That same night, a terrible pestilence was sent upon the Egyptians, even unto the House of Pharaoh. All the firstborn sons of the Egyptians died, victims of the pestilence sent by God.

Devastated, Pharaoh (whose own beloved firstborn son and heir to the throne also had perished), this wicked ruler, ordered the Israelites be allowed to leave into the desert.

They rose at the appointed hour, leaving with their belongings and flocks.

God also had them approach their Egyptian neighbors and taskmasters as they left. And God opened the hearts and minds of the Egyptians so that they freely bestowed gifts of gold, jewels, precious cloths and other items of immeasurable value upon their former slaves.

God had told Moses to inform the elders of the 12 Tribes that He would deliver them. They were also told that God would lead them to a rich land, flowing literally with milk and honey. And so they went out.

I rather get the impression that many thought it would the proverbial ‘walk in the park.’  Unfortunately, there was no public transport system to take them to the land God had promised. It was ‘shank’s pony’ all the way.

Some days later, Pharaoh, regretting that he had gotten rid of his slaves, and filled with rage over what had befallen both himself and the Egyptian nation, sent 600 war chariots after the fleeing Tribes.

Seeing the approach of the War Chariots, the Hebrews, who had reached the shore of the Red Sea, were encamped at a beachhead sufficient to hold the Tribes. And, of course, they were petrified with fear.

God instructed Moses to raise his arm (or staff, depending on the translation you read) at the edge of the sea to where he had brought them. And the Tribes then witnessed the rolling back of the waters and the emergence of dry land in the midst of the sea.

Yes, I know that secular scientists/geologists/archeologists et al, have said the location was really in another place and the ‘sea’ was actually a swamp. However, the Bible account will do me. I am also aware of some interesting location investigations. Leading from the land of ancient Midian (now mostly located in Saudi Arabia), an interesting route is revealed. It runs down through a series of canyon-like defiles, then you emerge onto a very large, flat site with a large beach area. There is nothing else like it for many hundreds of miles. To the point, it was a beachhead that could hold a multitude of this size.

That now-stilled voice of the late Ron Wyatt did a load of work on this.

And I am sure that Moses was taking the route advice of Jethro, his father-in-law. Jethro was a revered elder of his people, and as a Midianite, knew the area well.  I am confident he led the way through to the Sea. And Moses had specifically asked Jethro to provide them with his assistance and knowledge of the area.

Moses, raising his arm (or staff) as God had commanded, saw the waters of the sea part. He led the Tribes across to the other side ‘on dry land,’ in safety.

The Egyptian war chariots had been held back for nearly a day and a night by a column of both flame in the evening and smoke in the daylight hours. They were unable to break through onto the shore where they knew the Tribes would be.

Parting the Red Sea

Exodus 14:1-29

I have posted the link for you to read the account again at your leisure. It remains perhaps the greatest miracle man has witnessed God perform and is still a great and inspiring read.

The point I wish to make is that all these things did the fleeing Israelites witness.

Now, wouldn’t you think, following such a miracle, that their devotion to God would be total?

Not so. They grizzled, they moaned, they resented Moses and Aaron his Brother. And as we see, continually raised great dissention at the leadership of Moses.

By the time they reached Mount Sinai, they were completely fed up.

God had Moses ascend the mountain of Sinai (or Mt. Horeb as more researchers are now beginning to accept) to be instructed and to receive the 10 Commandments for righteous living. He was absent many days. The multitude grew increasingly disgruntled, and fierce rebellion again manifested itself.

The Tribes not only yearned to be back in Egypt (even to return to their previous slavery), they forced Aaron, the brother of Moses, to make unto them a new god.

Aaron took up a collection of gold objects and jewels and smelted a golden Calf so that they could worship it. I assume, as a substitute for the God that they couldn’t see. Or maybe they sought a god less terrifying and less demanding in terms of worship?

Jewish Talmudic tradition has Dathan and Abiram right in the thick of this agitation, making further efforts to entice the Tribes to return to their former masters.

Tradition also suggests that both of these agitators were paid informers to the Egyptians. That’s another story and is not recorded in the Bible.

From there on, matters continued to go ‘pear-shape.’

At every opportunity, the Tribes complained about Moses and God. Even though the hand of God could be seen in their encampment in the form of a fiery pillar at night and a column of smoke to lead them by day, the level of their faithlessness and denial continued to increase.

My personal observation is that no other people in the contemporaneous history of the peoples living in the Mideast at that time had ever seen one of their many inanimate gods do one tenth of what our God did in the presence of the Israelite Tribes. And yet, their hearts were filled with rebellion.

On reaching a point in their trek where they came close to Canaan, God instructed Moses to send 12 spies (one from each Tribe) across the Jordan and into Canaan to check out the land and its defenses.

Upon their return, they reported to Moses in the presence of the whole Assembly of the Tribes. They reported that, although the land was rich, green and prosperous (just as God had described to Moses), it was too heavily defended. What’s more, the offspring of the ancient race of Nephilim Giants also lived there and, obviously, there was simply no way the Tribes could successfully take this land. The inhabitants were just too powerful.

This great multitude of ingrates moaned, groaned and cried out their fear and alarm. Hundreds of thousands of voices screamed out, “We must return to Egypt!”

Only two men out of the original 12 spies remained true to God.

Joshua Son of Nun and Caleb went against the majority account. They said that they had no doubt that God could and would deliver the inhabitants of the Canaanite nations into the hands of the Israelite men of war of whom there were over six hundred thousand.

This further rebellion infuriated God. Not only had the Tribes again rebelled against His instructions but (in spite of all they had witnessed at His hand) they denied His power to give them the strength to defeat their enemies.

Later, they expressed remorse when Moses told them that God had decreed that, because of their sin of denial, they would be forced to traverse the desert wastes for 40 years until all of them (except Joshua and Caleb and their respective families) had died.

Only their own small children would grow to inherit Canaan.

Realizing they would never see or occupy the Promised Land, the Tribes rebelled yet again. They disobeyed Moses, and their princes gave orders to their own armed Tribes and clansmen to prepare for battle. They then left the encampment and rose to fight the Canaanite coalition of armies raised against them.

The Tribes were soundly defeated in this battle. God was not with them.

Returning to the encampment to lick their wounds and bury their dead, you would think that in poverty of spirit they would have humbled themselves and prayerfully begged God for His forgiveness.

No such luck!

The great rebellion of Korah, Dathan and Abiram, together with the sin of their denial of the omnipotent power of God, was now to take place. And in the face of their rebellion, the ground opened and swallowed them all.

Immediately following the destruction of Dathan and Abiram came the rebellion of the 250 ‘would-be’ new priests. At the instigation of Korah the Levite, they were attempting to wrench the High Priesthood and service offered by Aaron and his sons, from him. They also directly defied Moses.

What they did was to attempt to offer ritual wave sacrifices before God with their incense burners.

They went forward with the wave offering of incense burners that emitted a savory smell. They were summarily struck down by God, consumed by fire.

This is why, the next day, when the Tribes re-assembled and rebelled yet again, God moved to destroy them all.

Moses and Aaron, on seeing a great plague of pestilence suddenly begin to strike down hundreds where they stood, ran into the crowd. They waved their incense burners to send a sweet smelling offering before God, prayerfully begging Him to stop the pestilence spreading further.

14,700 died before Moses and Aaron were able to separate the Tribes and come between the dead and living. Engaging in an act of prayerful atonement, they successfully entreated God to spare the Tribes.

What’s the point???


God told us 2,000 odd years ago, through Jesus, the Christ Messiah, that amongst the signs of the end, would come pestilence.

This would come because of the rebellion of the nations, their persecution against His people, their continued fall into heresy and idolatry, and absolute denial of God.

How strangely prophetic.


China, a mighty nation of over a billion souls, is ruled by totally agnostic and atheistic men and women. They are oath-sworn to destroy all faiths (particularly Christianity and Islam). Now, suddenly, they are confronted with this monstrous pestilence.

If they themselves have inadvertently released a bio-warfare virus cocktail, then it will utterly convince me that we are witnessing prophesy fulfillment before our eyes.

China has closed Churches, forbidden Home Worship, directed citizens to report anyone seen or heard praying to Jesus, and have recently been locking Christians up in ‘re-education’ camps. They allegedly have nearly two million of their indigenous Muslim minority under a State-controlled program of ‘re-education.’ They did this also when they destroyed the independence of the Tibetans.

None of this will either convince or confront a world locked into denial. Though the evidence indicting the Chinese Communist Government in this matter is beginning to leak out from many internal sources within China, our world of the West with its socialist Press and Media, deny it completely.

Western media claim we are witnessing just ‘another’ virus that has crossed over from animals to humans.

When your denial becomes complete, God Himself blinds you so that, because of YOUR rebellion, you cannot discern the real truth of what is happening around you.

And what is that truth?

It is that we are seeing the Hand of God directly intervening once more in the affairs of mankind.

There is no way that this degree of spiritual blindness (manifested within an actuality that prevents you being able to discern the hand of God at work) can be lifted from you without ‘you’ humbly requesting Jesus to intercede for you before His Father’s throne.

All flesh will die. Some of us earlier than others and from all sorts of causes. And yet, we are freely offered a chance of eternal life, if, calling upon Jesus name, we, individually, beg God to forgive us our foolish pride and arrogance of spirit and all the filth that hangs off us like huge, pus-filled warts.


Oh, foolish one; your church won’t save you because it doesn’t have that sort of power.

Contrary to what some churches teach, no church was ever specifically given that power. This is simply a satanic ruse to capture the minds and souls of people.

Your personal completion of ‘sacraments’ (works) cannot save your soul from eternal death. Nor will the fact of your ‘good deeds and works.’

Absolution of sin, furthermore, cannot come from a priesthood; only from Jesus Christ who grants Salvation Grace to anyone who asks.

God sees ‘works’ as completely worthless, without which they come following the Grace afforded you by He who died that you might live to eternal life.

Without that you have approached The Son of God in brokenness, bringing before Him your repentant heart, you gain nothing. This is your sacrifice, and it is always accepted.  You might as well give up on the expectation that anything other than the Grace of Christ can or will save you from eternal death and separation from God.

Before the Throne of God, ‘works’ are a love token of thanksgiving. Though they cannot buy Grace, they are something the Holy Spirit calls to your heart to do as you continue to thank God each and every day for that singular act of redemption you were given.

Lay your ‘good works’ before God as a thank offering, given in remembrance of what you gained when you called upon Jesus to save you.

However, in themselves, such ‘good deeds’ so applauded in this world are of no intrinsic value in the next. God does not accept them in trade. In our fallen nature, we always think in terms of a quid pro quo. We do ‘something good’ for someone, surely we should expect equal value in return?

Works come after the fact. And the essential fact is that Saving Grace is freely given to anyone calling upon the name of Jesus. There is no charge, only the expectation that your soul is now in the hand of God.


This world is filled with many charlatans.

Many are vile posers. They masquerade as pious believers, claiming they have inspired dreams or have been given power in God’s name to save you. Some even attain high clerical office and wear gorgeous robes.

Sweeping in slow-stepping majesty, they draw the eyes of the congregation as they step down the aisles of mighty Cathedral churches. What lies under the finery and pomp is mostly dross.

The congregation, long conditioned to believe that all of these trappings bring them closer to God, are, invariably, duly impressed.

However, none of the panoply worn by the world impresses God. And neither does the exercise of raw power, celebrity or fame. Nothing, I say ‘nothing,’ can save your soul from Hell, if you, happily cloaked within your robes of denial, remain locked in rebellion.

You want absolution?

Get into your bedroom, fall on your knees and sincerely ask for it as you confess to the real ‘one and only’ High Priest, that you are covered in the filth of this world and you want to be made clean before the Throne of God.

Ask it through Jesus, the Christ of God. It cannot be attained any other way.

These things we are witnessing are but a small taste of what is prophesied to lie directly ahead of this world.

Without exception, every writer on Rapture Ready whose commentary I enthusiastically read as I seek all the nourishment I can glean, agree that my perception is correct.

Prophecy is being fulfilled almost by the day.

Christ will soon come for His Bride.

The signs of the coming Tribulation are all around us.

The world has only a very small window of opportunity to avoid it.


The slavish worship of celebrity and self-adoration appear entwined. If the greatest entity in your life is yourself, it seems to follow that you would then choose someone the world places on the pedestal of fame as your supreme godhead. After all, they are so far above you, resplendent with the toys and possessions you and I will never have. They have:


Good Looks

Money to burn

The capacity to indulge their every desire and fleshly lust.

In recent days, the propensity of the masses to embrace a dead celebrity to the point of worship, ‘because not only was ‘he’ famous but also adored for his ‘good works’ and love of all,’ is another sad sign of how far we have drifted.


The punishment (meted out to the Hebrew Tribes of the emerging Israelite nation of old) is taught us so we might also know and understand that we also are yet to be dealt with.

In our fallen state, those of us without the Grace granted by Jesus are unable to see this.

Neither false gods, fallen churches nor fame and privilege will save a single one of us who has not repented in the name of Jesus.

Oh, and perhaps we should add to that, sprinklings of ‘holy’ water and praying over the ‘relics’ of old bones and garments. Such practices are favored by many. They are acts of idolatry and sit well alongside of the ‘blessings’ bestowed by highly placed clerics.

Think well as you oil the plate of their sustenance with extra-large gifts on top of your regular tithes. Such ‘blessings’ by those without Grace are as valueless as the ‘whitewashed’ tombs of their unrepentant hearts. And they cannot grant you an indulgence before the throne of God.

Some former priests took a lifetime of service to their institutionalized church before they finally understood how easy it was to gain Grace. On finding this, most leave their false gods and walk.

Maybe the fallen world disrespects Grace because, actually, it’s too easy? In the vanity of our egotistical pride, if it’s too easy, we see it as cheap and not worth the effort.

May the cry of the old prophets and the street-corner preachers pierce your heart, and your personal rebellion cease now.

‘Repent; repent in the name of Jesus Christ, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!’

Jesus told us that we would not know the hour but we should look for the signs. You whistle…I’ll point!

And remember well that the Israelites searched, sought and found false gods. In doing so, they inherited the curse that has devastated them these many centuries as they await their promised reconciliation.

We too have found our false gods. They live both inside and amongst us.

Denis Bowden.