Prophetic Fulfillment :: By Daymond Duck

Here are nine reasons why I believe we are living in the days of prophetic fulfillment.

One, shortly after the U.S., Mexico and Canada reached an agreement on the USMCA (on Nov. 30, 2018), Mexico’s Pres. Enrique Pena Nieto tweeted that the agreement would consolidate the economic integration of North America.

It was reported that he said, “The USMCA is not a step back towards American independence and sovereignty; it’s a step closer toward greater integration.”

Pres. Trump has scheduled a signing ceremony for the USMCA on Jan. 29, 2020, and Canada is expected to approve it on that same date.

Just know that this economic agreement will be restructured into a political agreement at some unknown future date, and its leader will be one of the 10 kings.

Their rise precedes the rise of the Antichrist, but that could happen very fast.

Two, on Jan. 23, 2020, scientists moved the hands on the Doomsday Clock to 100 seconds before midnight (the closest they have been since the clock started in 1947).

The group cited Iran, Climate Change and Cyber Security as the reasons.

Iran, natural disasters and the surveillance society are major prophecies.

Three, a group of world leaders called the World Economic Forum meets every year in Davos, Switzerland.

On Jan. 23, 2020, during a private dinner, a multi-billionaire named George Soros warned the group that the fate of the world rests upon the 2020 U.S. elections.

His desire to “Dump Trump” is an important part of the globalist agenda.

It is easy to believe that the next election will be extremely important.

Four, for several years, some prophecy teachers have taught that the Antichrist and the False Prophet will establish a cashless society.

In the third week of January, it was reported that New York city has joined San Francisco, Philadelphia and the states of New Jersey and Massachusetts in requiring stores to accept cash as well as credit and debit cards.

One New York politician said customers should have the power to choose their preferred method of payment.

The fact that a law is needed to require businesses to accept cash is proof that a cashless society is not a far-fetched idea and it could easily come into existence.

Five, during the Tribulation Period, the rider on the pale horse will kill one-fourth of the people on earth with the sword (war), famine, death (pestilence or plague) and wild animals (Rev. 6:7-8; Matt. 24:7).

It is too early to tell, but there has been an outbreak of an incurable coronavirus in China that has led to reports of more than 50 million people being quarantined, and it has already spread to several other nations.

Some health officials say the risk of a pandemic is low at this time, but others say it is already too late to stop it.

There is no way to predict what this plague will do, but it is a reminder that God can fulfill His Word anytime He wants.

Six, the Rapture will be before the Tribulation Period.

The Tribulation Period will begin when the Antichrist confirms a covenant with many for peace and safety in the Middle East.

Pres. Trump released his peace proposal on Jan. 28, 2020.

As written, it is not the covenant that the Antichrist will confirm because it calls for negotiations, but the fact that it calls for negotiations leaves open the possibility that the proposal will be changed, and it could lead to the covenant.

Something that could be very significant is the fact that U.S. and Israeli officials continue to emphasize that one of the main aspects of Pres. Trump’s proposal is that it takes Israel’s peace and security (peace and safety) into account.

It calls for a four-year freeze on Israeli construction of settlements, but that could possibly be extended (seven years might make it very interesting).

It has already been rejected by the PA, and it is likely that they and others (Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, etc.) will oppose it with riots, terrorist attacks and war.

But it is important to remember that Jared Kushner released the economic part of Mr. Trump’s proposal several months ago, and it promised 50 billion dollars in aid to the Palestinians to build roads, utilities, hospitals, schools, etc.

In addition to that, some Arab leaders have changed their position on the destruction of Israel because they want Israel’s help with Iran’s terrorism and quest for nuclear weapons.

Also, some of the Arabs are tired of contributing to the upkeep of the Palestinians, and they want the PA, who has rejected every offer, to start negotiating and stop depending on charity and foreign aid for their upkeep.

Furthermore, Pres. Trump warned the PA that they must accept this deal during Israel’s four-year freeze on settlements or this could be the last chance they will have for a Palestinian State.

Simply put, this is a historic moment, and Trump has started a whole new ballgame that could trigger several major wars and the judgment of God.

The question is not will those prophesied events happen (they will), but the question is how close are we?

Seven, Pres. Trump created a map to show the borders of the two states.

Pres. Trump’s borders are one thing; God’s borders are another, and His borders will prevail.

It is impossible to know what God will do, but it seems clear that the U.S. can’t support a division of the Promised Land and get away with it.

It is also significant that Jordan would retain its responsibilities over the al-Aqsa Mosque because, at some point, Israel will rebuild the Temple.

Much prayer and repentance are needed.

Eight, torrential rain is still falling in Israel; and residents of the Jordan Valley, Judean Desert and Dead Sea area have been put on high alert for flooding.

Who has ever heard of a flood alert in a desert?

Nine, it has been estimated that wildfires have burned 46 million acres in Australia.

In the third week of Jan. 2020, hail the size of golf balls fell in Australia.

Hail mixed with fire was one of the 10 plagues in Egypt in Moses’ day.

Also, a 186-mile-wide dust storm driven by gusts up to 66 mph turned daylight into darkness.

Three days of darkness was another one of the 10 plagues in Egypt in Moses’ day.

Also, about this same time, a swarm of locusts 37 miles long and 25 miles wide struck Kenya.

This was another one of the 10 plagues in Egypt in Moses’ day.

God may be telling us His Prophetic Word is true and reminding us that there are more prophetic fulfillments to come.

Prophecy Plus Ministries, Inc.
Daymond & Rachel Duck