24 Dec 2019

Israel officially opposes Turkey-Libya sea corridor deal
When confronted on a Channel 13 interview with a report that Prime Minister Netanyahu had told Cyprus’ president last Friday that a maritime deal between Turkey and Lybia was to be condemned as “illegal”, Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz confirmed that “that is the official position of Israel.

Unidentified aircraft strike Iranian targets in eastern Syria – report
Unidentified aircraft struck targets belonging to Iranian militias near Al-Mayadin east of Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria on Sunday, according to Deir EzZor 24, a local news source. Powerful explosions were heard in the area as the attacks happened.

Italian Prosecutors Believe Joseph Mifsud – The Man Who Started RussiaGate – “Is Dead”
What happened to Joseph Mifsud? It is the biggest mystery surrounding the man that allegedly began the FBI’s probe into President Donald Trump’s campaign and the now debunked theory that campaign officials conspired with Russia in the 2016 election. If anyone has answers into what really happened with the FBI’s investigation it would be him. Sources interviewed from the Italian prosecutors office, told the journalists that they believe there is an “80 percent” chance that Mifsud is no longer alive.

San Francisco Blows $94 Million This Year In Failed War On Human Excrement
According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “while progress has been made, the effort remains a losing battle,” despite paying ‘poop patrollers’ nearly $200,000 to manage the town’s fecal fiasco. Hilariously, while Mayor London Breed participated in a media blitz in response to software giant Oracle’s decision to move their massive annual convention to Las Vegas after two decades in SF, an image of a guy taking a shXX in a local Safeway was going viral. Like hepatitis C.

‘Stop Playing Games’: Graham Warns Pelosi Senate May ‘Strike Back’ Over Impeachment Debacle
“The Senate will decide how we dispose of this sham created by the house,” Graham tweeted, referring to the impasse created by Pelosi – who is refusing to transmit two articles of impeachment against President Trump until the Senate agrees to her terms.

About 1,500 killed in Iran crackdown ordered by Supreme Leader: Reuters
‘Do whatever it takes to end it,’ Ayatollah Khamenei cited as telling his lieutenants as bloodshed unraveled The brutal crackdown on the November protests in Iran came on a direct order from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, Reuters reported on Monday, citing sources close to his inner circle.

Wettest Seattle since 1900, Driest Australia since 1903 — Repeating Cycles to blame, not CO2
The term ‘Climate Change’ has been hijacked by the activists, that’s clear now. These ill-informed marionettes are being controlled by the UN & IPCC via the MSM; manipulated into hanging ALL extreme weather events on the man-made carbon dioxide emission ‘hook’. There is no ‘controllable’ bogeyman out there, no matter how much tax you pay — this is a myth. Humans are powerless against the cycles of the cosmos — in particular, those of the sun.

Gears of the Gods — Earth’s Magnetic Poles are Wandering
Our planet is restless, and its poles are wandering. The geographic north pole is still in the same place it always was, but its magnetic counterpart – indicated by the N on any compass – is roaming towards Siberia at a record-breaking pace,… in recent decades, the magnetic north pole accelerated to an average speed of 55 kilometres (34 miles) per year. The most recent data suggest its movement towards Russia may have slowed down to about 40 kilometres (25 miles) annually, but even so, compared to theoretical measurements going back hundreds of years, this a phenomenon scientists have never witnessed before.

Earthquakes rattle Naval weapons development base in the Mojave Desert
A series of earthquakes was detected in and around a Navy base where new weapons are developed and tested. The Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake experienced tremors from Thursday afternoon through 3:30 a.m. Friday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. A handful of the quakes registered a 2.5 on the Richter scale, but none topped a 3.1 seismic reading.

Anti-Semitic Somalia Hit by Series of Plagues of Biblical Proportions
Somalia has suffered non-stop disasters for more than two years. An almost exclusively Muslim country, Jew-hatred is the rule and not the exception. Somalia’s two-year drought was followed by an antithetical flood. Authorities refused to say how many people were killed in the disaster. Crops growing in the wake of the drought were inundated and destroyed, raising the specter of famine yet again. a plague of locusts, the worst in at least 25 years, descended on Somalia last week, destroying at least 175,000 acres of farmland.

Israeli NGO to gov’t: Tax Arab Israeli terrorists on pay-for-slay income
…Last month, Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit ruled that pay-for-slay payments should be considered “income” according to the Income Tax Law, when he ruled that the National Labor Court should reject a request for state economic support payments by an east Jerusalem family who receives “pay-for-slay” payments from the Palestinian Authority.

Israel’s Christian population grows to 177,000 citizens
The Christian population of Israel currently stands at approximately 177,000 citizens, or 2% of the overall population, according to data published by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) ahead of Christmas. Last year, the population grew by 1.5%, compared to 2.2% in 2017. Over three-quarters (77.5%) of Christians living in Israel are Arabs, the CBS said, representing 7.2% of all Israeli-Arab citizens.

Italian exorcist says society risks collapse due to ‘aggressive Satanism’
One long-time Catholic exorcist has sounded an alarm over what he called an uptick in “aggressive Satanism,” especially among young people, which he insists is due in part to the rapid growth of cultural secularism and a lack of strong role models. Among other things, Dominican Father Francois Dermine said, exposure to the demonic at a young age encourages violence, ranging from bullying to more serious manifestations.

Iran warns Israel ‘will regret’ alleged strikes in Syria
Israel “will regret” its alleged missile strikes against Iranian assets in Syria, a senior Iranian official told Russia’s state-funded RT channel in an interview published on Monday evening. The comments were published hours after three foreign nationals, believed to be Iranians, were killed in an alleged pre-dawn Israeli missile attack in Syria on Sunday.

Iran begins new work at heavy water reactor 
Iran on Monday began new operations at the heavy water nuclear reactor in Arak, the head of the country’s nuclear agency said, according to The Associated Press.

Nearly 200 evangelical leaders slam Christianity Today for questioning their Christian witness
In a letter to Timothy Dalrymple, the president of Christianity Today, nearly 200 evangelical faith leaders condemned both its editorial calling for the removal of President Donald Trump from office and its editor-in-chief, Mark Galli, for dismissing evangelicals who oppose his views on the matter as being “far right.”

The Democrats Have Exhausted Their Options: THE CLEAR PATH TO CIVIL WAR
…With each passing day, the desperation of the Bolshevik Communist Democratic Party grows exponentially. As Mike Adams revealed, the Democrats have moved into a new phase, one I have labeled as Plan B. Plan B is certainly taking shape and it is decidedly moving the country in the direction of civil war.

California Governor Newsome Has Deployed His Private Army to Ukraine In An Attempt to Destroy Criminal Evidence Against the Democrats
..the most formidable armed resistance will not happen in Virginia, it will be on the “LEFT Coast” in California. However, before violent insurrection commences, the Democrats have one more card to play. They need to force a regime change in Ukraine so they can bury the evidence against them that could come out in a Senate Impeachment hearing. This is why Pelosi is hanging onto the articles of impeachment.

Pope Francis Tells His Followers That ‘True Disciples Of Jesus’ Do Not Share Their Faith, Says Christ-Rejecting People Are All ‘Children Of God’
Now we know that Catholics are not Christians, they are Roman Catholics after all, just as we know the Vatican system will be the fulfillment of the Whore of Babylon from Revelation 17 and 18 during the time of Jacob’s trouble. But here at the holiday season, in the spirit of brotherly love, let’s just for the briefest of moments say that the Roman Catholic Church is a denomination of Christianity. Let your imagination wander wildly when you do that. Now, have that picture in  your mind? Pope Francis has just proved once again why we call him the Antichrist.

Legionaries founder sexually abused 60 boys, religious order’s report says
Sexual abuse of minors was rife among superiors of the Legionaries of Christ Catholic religious order, with at least 60 boys abused by its founder Father Marcial Maciel, a report by the group showed.

Over 130 across 25 states now sickened in romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak
Federal health officials have confirmed more than 130 illnesses in 25 states from E. coli connected to romaine lettuce.

Japan gov’t proposes Fukushima water release to sea or air
Japan’s economy and industry ministry has proposed gradually releasing or allowing to evaporate massive amounts of treated but still radioactive water at the tsunami-wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant.

Death toll from New Zealand volcano eruption rises to 19
The death toll from a volcanic eruption in New Zealand earlier this month has risen to 19 after police said Monday another person died at an Auckland hospital overnight.

Australia on fire: 9 people killed, more than 800 homes destroyed, nearly 100 fires in NSW and hotspots in every state
Nearly 100 bushfires are raging across New South Wales Australia as of December 23, 2019, at 12:00 UTC (23:00 LT), with hotspots in every state– a fire tracker map maintained by Western Australia researchers show that blazes are also threatening areas around every major city and that the fires have ringed the entire continent. “Australia is literally on fire right now,” said Richie Merzian of the Australia Institute, as nine have been killed so far and over 800 homes were destroyed. The hottest day since records began was registered on Wednesday, December 18 — at 41.9 °C (107.4 °F)