2 Dec 2019

Traveling Through the Storms


Thanksgiving travel troubles in the US: Two powerful winter storms hammered the West Coast and Midwest on Wednesday, one of the nation’s busiest travel days as a “bomb cyclone” marched westward from the California coast. There were whiteout conditions on both sides of the California-Oregon border. Drivers reported being stuck for 17 or more hours in blizzard conditions. Parts of the central U.S. remained under siege from a storm that delayed or canceled almost 1,000 flights in Denver alone. High winds and heavy snow forced a temporary shutdown of I-70 in parts of Colorado and across the border into Kansas. In the Deep South, residents in Louisiana and Mississippi were cleaning up from overnight tornadoes. In the East, snow in northern New England and high winds were forecasted that could knock down trees and power lines.

And the travel back home this weekend isn’t any better. A powerful storm system hit the US West Coast this weekend. Snow, rain and wind slammed into the Southwest as the Plains and Upper Midwest brace for a blizzard. As of this writing, on Sunday — one of the biggest travel days of the year — the Northeast is forecast to see a snowy mix on its roadways.

In Europe, severe storms caused six fatalities, power disruptions, and widespread devastation last weekend. In France and Italy, four people died and one person was missing after torrential rain caused flooding and landslides. In Greece, thunderstorms and strong winds caused a boat to sink, killing two.

Severe weather in Africa: The death toll in Kenya has risen to 60 after a rain-induced landslide last weekend. Villages were also flooded. The severe weather is influenced by the very strong, positive Indian Ocean Dipole predicted to affect parts of Africa from October to December. The landslide occurred after weeks of destructive rains and flooding across East Africa. The violent weather has prompted 500,000 thousand in Somalia to evacuate, as well as in South Sudan where floodwaters engulfed major roads. In parts of Ethiopia and Tanzania, fatalities were reported due to flash floods and mudslides.

In Brazil, more than a month’s worth of rain fell in a 3-hour period in Salvador on Tuesday. Heavy rains produced flooding and landslides, leaving streets flooded and around 100 homes damaged.

Typhoon Kammuri is forecast to track through the Philippines early this coming week with dangerous flooding, storm surge, and winds.


In Albania, the strongest earthquake in decades (6.4) struck on Tuesday, killing 51 people and injuring 2,000. Over 2,000 buildings were seriously damaged. The main quake was followed by hundreds of aftershocks, including at least three with magnitudes of above 5.0, which complicated rescue efforts.

Hours after the quake struck Albania, a 5.4 quake struck 400 miles further north in Bosnia with continued aftershocks.

A powerful undersea quake (6.0) rattled the Greek island of Crete on Wednesday.


Food prices are climbing fast in the world’s biggest emerging markets. United Nations data show global food prices rose at the fastest pace in October in more than two years.


The US House committee (Dem-controlled) approved a landmark bill legalizing marijuana at the federal level. Some Republican members expressed concerns that the bill went too far and that it was unlikely to be taken up in the Senate.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8).


Teen “transgenders” regret their surgeries: Nathaniel learned the hard way that a man can’t ever become a woman, even with surgically refashioned genitals and feminizing facial surgery. He never had sound, effective counseling, which would have prevented this horrible mistake he’ll deal with the rest of his life. Another young person, Sydney, learned that a woman can’t be a man no matter what she does to her body. The good news where these two are concerned is that they’ve found Jesus. It’s a shame they didn’t turn to Him before destroying their bodies.


A gang of five men assaulted two Jewish teens walking down the street in Brooklyn, New York earlier this month. The group approached a 14-year-old boy dressed in traditional Orthodox garb, smacking him with a blow to the head. The assailants then turned on a second boy, 15, and grabbed the hat off his head. Crown Heights and other Brooklyn neighborhoods have seen a spate of attacks on identifiable Jews in recent weeks.

In London, England, video shows a man running onto a bus and ripping the hats off of Jewish children’s heads.

Also in London, a senior rabbi was brutally attacked by two teenagers who shouted “Kill Jews” and “F*** Jews” while beating him. This attack comes amid rising antisemitism in the United Kingdom. According to WZO vice chairman Yaakov Hagoel, “In 2019, nearly 300,000 Jews are living in fear for their own future and their own security.”

Angela Merkel’s gov’t continues UN assault against Israel, snubbing German Jews. Germany’s UN ambassador has voted again for an anti-Israel resolution, ignoring pleas from the nearly 100,000-member Central Council of Jews in Germany and the Jewish state to change its voting pattern. Yet Germany introduced 0 condemnations of China, Cuba, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Venezuela, etc.


ChristianPost.com posted an article titled, “Did the flood of Noah cover the entire earth? Hugh Ross on What the Bible Says.” No, Christian Post, Hugh Ross is not accurately quoting what the Bible says since he claims there wasn’t a worldwide flood. Ross is an acclaimed astrophysicist and so-called Christian apologist who is altering God’s Word. God says it was worldwide, and God is not a liar! Here’s a response by Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis: “Because Hugh Ross so comprises by accepting man’s pagan religion of evolutionary geological naturalism, he mutilates God’s holy word…”

Paula White claims not to be part of the prosperity gospel name it and claim it crowd, but she constantly proves that she is. On the Jim Bakker show last month, he suggested donations of $10,000… or a million, and she chimed in saying if you donate to help Bakker build a new TV studio, you’ll be rewarded by Heaven’s “Department of Treasury.” She claimed a “word of knowledge,” saying, “Right now, someone is about to send you that million-dollar check, in the name of Jesus.” Then there’s Joel Osteen who said, “When you’re poor, broke, and defeated, all that proves is that you’re poor, broke, and defeated; it doesn’t bring any honor to God.” People need to stop sending money to false preachers who use it to buy mansions and jets, etc., for themselves. They are using the pulpit for their own financial gain (1 Timothy 6:5-10).

In Texas, the Houston Satanic Temple held a Black Mass last Saturday at the Brash Brewing Company. From what I’ve researched about that beer joint, it’s easy to see why the Satanic Temple would be welcome there. The name of a beer they serve is too disgusting to mention, and the jukebox is full of heavy metal music such as that of Metallica.

Darkness there and nothing more. In Argentina, two Roman Catholic priests were each sentenced to prison for sexual abuse of deaf children aged 4 to 17 at a boarding school. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read on: The trial is one of several involving the school that have yet to begin. The school’s gardener was also convicted of sexual abuse, and a nun was charged with complicity with the priests. Several other staff were taken into custody, and the institute was shut down. In a trial last year, a 50-year-old former altar boy was convicted of sexually abusing the children. 14 more defendants face trial in separate cases involving the school. Prosecutors have investigated other cases of abuse at the La Plata branch which will also go to trial. These deaf children weren’t even taught sign language so they couldn’t communicate with each other.

From Jihad Watch: Pope Francis cited a French epic poem to claim that Christianity is as violent as Islam. But in reality, the crusades shouldn’t be called Christian since most involved weren’t true Christians. The Roman Catholic Church and emperors and kings from Europe ordered the crusades (11th-13th centuries A.D.) to take back Middle East lands that were conquered by Muslims. Yes, there was brutality involved, but so was brutality involved in the earlier Muslim conquests. Yet, the pope is holding Christians today responsible for what happened many centuries ago. However, it is Islam that has from its very inception to the present day been hell-bent on world conquest by any and all means.

Francis has been a staunch promoter of Islam, even advancing theological reforms in Catholic schools to promote a “common mission of peace” with Islam. He mostly ignores the gross human rights violations against non-Muslims justified by Islam in the Qur’an. He hasn’t called on Islamic leaders to condemn the Islamic texts that sanction such abuses. Instead, he’s stated that Christianity and Islam have more in common than people think and that the two religions defend common values necessary for the future of civilization.


Jennifer Jaynes, 47, an author who wrote about corruption in the vaccine industry, has been found dead. Unconfirmed reports say she had two bullet wounds to the head but that her death was ruled a suicide.

Starbucks strikes again. In Oklahoma, a policeman working on Thanksgiving went into Starbucks to buy coffee as a thank-you to the dispatchers received a receipt with the word “Pig” on it. No God-fearing Christian should support Starbucks. Among other reasons is their logo. Human-fish-deity worship dates back to Babylon, as does all false god/goddess worship.

“The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto other gods, that they may provoke me to anger. Do they provoke me to anger? saith the Lord: do they not provoke themselves to the confusion of their own faces? Therefore thus saith the Lord God; Behold, mine anger and my fury shall be poured out upon this place….” (Jeremiah 7:18-20).

This is yet another example of leftist indoctrination. Remember this one from late 2016? Democrat Rep. William Lacy Clay’s annual art competition decided the winner was a painting featuring police as pigs, and it was hung in the U.S. Capitol of all places. Republicans rightfully removed it, but the Democrats hung it back. It ended up going through the courts.

If the Democrats win the US election in 2020, this country will be no more. Here is the goal and how they go about achieving it. Read the article from 2018 titled The Nature of Chaos and Anarchy as Tools of Communist Subversion.”

Cultural Marxism not only wants to take down the US; they want to destroy the minds and bodies of our youth. Coca-Cola’s Sprite ad promoting transgenderism is just the latest example. And who can forget the Gillette razor ad, which promotes an effeminate male society? We could go on with examples. “Watch a brief segment of an interview in this article with the late journalist Andrew Breitbart, “who provides a compelling argument as to how and why the Western world is now plagued with stultifying political correctness and the social justice mindset.”

“30 years after the Berlin Wall’s collapse, [a number of] Americans don’t understand communism’s dangers. There’s a reason why after a great tragedy we’re called to never forget. Humanity has a tendency to make the same mistakes over and over.”

“How do you stay happy when our liberties and freedoms (particularly on college campuses) are under assault? Dennis Prager weighs in on this topic in his latest Fireside Chat. See video.

Indoctrination in the Education System. Read Alex Newman’s part 9 in a series of articles examining the origins of public education in the United States. The UN’s UNESCO was literally created to facilitate the emergence of a collectivist global system… Its tentacles can now be found entangled in schools across the United States and the world. If freedom is going to survive, it’s imperative that Americans become educated on the dangerous agenda of this supposed UN ‘education’ agency.”


The Leftist agenda to divide and conquer is making people crazy! In a program on the Oprah Winfrey Network, a black professor blamed her obesity on racism and Trump’s policies.


Students at the Ivy League school Brown University held signs protesting imprisonment for criminals; they want all prisons to be shut down. This growing so-called “progressive” movement is called “Railroad,” and the group’s thinking is aligned with comments from Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocrazio-Cortex of New York, whose recent tweet condemning prisons was posted on the group’s Facebook page.


New Likud proposal for a unity government. Members of the Likud party’s negotiating team, Levin and Elkin, drew up a new proposal for a unity government. According to the proposal, Netanyahu would serve as prime minister first but for only 3-4 months rather than the full year, then he’d revert to being an ordinary Knesset member. Gantz’s Blue and White party hasn’t yet responded to the proposal. Earlier, the party had stated that it wouldn’t sit in a unity government with Netanyahu.


Globalist Grab Agenda ruining lives. Around a thousand farmers in tractors descended on Paris in a fresh revolt against globalist government policies they say are ruining their standard of living. This is just one of numerous anti-globalist revolts taking place across Europe. Earlier this month, German farmers blocked roads in Hamburg with their tractors to protest against environment regulations. Last month, thousands of Dutch farmers also descended on Amsterdam to protest against a government proposal that livestock production be slashed by up to 50% in the name of preventing global warming. The Yellow Vest movement in France, which just marked its first anniversary, also began as a backlash against onerous gas tax hikes and other regulations impacting rural workers.


“Even in our polarized and right vs. left political paradigm, Republican and Democrat leaders agree that federal government should have vast snooping powers and conduct mass surveillance on everyone. They simply disagree over who should be in charge of abusing those excessive powers.

The California DMV has been selling personal information of registered drivers to the tune of $50 million per year. DMVs in other states have been selling non-optional information drivers must provide in order to obtain a license, such as names, addresses and car registration information. While California didn’t disclose exactly who they’re selling to, other states were making a handy profit from customers which include data broker LexisNexis, Experian, private investigators and others.


The Planned Parenthood Action Fund tweeted that abortion is “moral; it is important; it is health care.” One person rightfully responded to this insanity by tweeting “Abortion is ‘healthcare’ like the death penalty is ‘just helping someone get a good night’s sleep.’” Allie Stuckey, host of a conservative podcast, testified at a hearing in Missouri on the abortion debate. She said, “I don’t quite understand the logic of saying that killing the child in the womb is moral, is healthcare. In what other situation, besides when the child is defenseless in the womb, do we call killing someone ‘healthcare,’ do we call killing someone ‘moral?’” Stuckey later tweeted: “… Democrats’ arguments on the subject are truly nothing more than silliness. Euphemisms, generalities, strawmen and gaslighting is all they have. It’d be funny if babies weren’t dying as a result.”

All of the Democrat candidates currently competing for next year’s presidential nomination have staked out uncompromisingly pro-abortion platforms, and several have gone so far as to support making abortion pills available without a prescription.

God hates hands that shed innocent blood (Proverbs 6:16-17).

The US birth rate has fallen for the 4th year in a row, reaching the lowest level in over three decades. The data suggests Americans are not having enough babies to sustain the population.


Iraq’s prime minister al-Mahdi said he will submit his resignation. This comes after at least 40 Iraqi protesters were killed in 24 hours in the escalating violence. Anti-government protesters burned down the Iranian consulate building in southern Iraq on Wednesday. They’re protesting what they see as an Iran-backed government and corruption.

In Iran, its supreme leader called the week of protests (during which over 140 people were killed by security forces and up to 7,000 people were arrested throughout the country) “the highlight of the Iranian nation’s magnificence and greatness.”

China has warned the US it could take “firm counter-measures” if Washington continues to show support for protesters in Hong Kong.


London Bridge Killer Usman Khan was a Convicted Terrorist Released from Prison Early. The Muslim terrorist who killed two people this week before being killed himself was imprisoned for his part in a plot to bomb the London Stock Exchange and pubs in Stoke, as well as planning to establish a terrorist training camp in Pakistan in 2012, and was originally serving an indeterminate sentence for public protection — meaning he could have been kept behind bars as long as the relevant authorities deemed him too dangerous to release. But the court let him go after several years, thinking he was capable of being rehabilitated. Obviously, those who released him and others like him haven’t read the commands in the Qur’an.

In Australia, the three Muslim terrorists have received their sentencing this week for a 2016 Christmas massacre plot. In sentencing, Supreme Court Justice Christopher Beale described the plot as “an assault on the fundamental values of our society.” Justice Beale said the three men had embraced Islamic State ideology and believed the planned attack would be pleasing to Allah. “The stupidity of that belief was matched only by its malevolence,” he said. Correct! He said he accepted the three men were on the path to deradicalization and had reasonable prospects of rehabilitation. Wrong! FYI: This was their SECOND terrorism conviction!! How is it that they were free to plan more terrorism?


“Palestinians” had a day of rage following the US’ decision to back Israeli settlements. Thousands clashed with Israeli security forces, and set fire to posters of President Trump as well as Israeli and American flags.

Rockets were fired at Israel on Tuesday and again on Friday. Israel responded by attacking Hamas targets in Gaza.

Israeli Defense Forces on Thursday demolished houses of terrorists who killed 18-year-old Israeli Dvir Sorek (he was kidnapped and stabbed multiple times in August). Defense Minister Bennett said, “Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there will be no more terror, but we must charge a heavy price to anyone who raises his hand against Israel’s citizens.”

The Jordanian Army conducted military maneuvers named “Swords of Karama,” named for Israel’s 1968 military operation against Fatah that took place near the village of Karama, and in which the Jordanian Army fought alongside Fatah. The maneuvers took place in the presence of King Abdullah II and appear to be a message (threat) addressed to Israel.

North Korea fired two “unidentified projectiles” which traveled up to 380 kilometers and an altitude of 97 kilometers — posing a direct threat to South Korea and US forces stationed there. Japan’s President Shinto Abe called the launch a grave challenge to Japan and the international community. North Korea’s official News Agency called Abe an imbecile and said “Abe may see what a real ballistic missile is in the not-distant future and under his nose.”

Iran, China, and Russia will hold their first-ever joint war drills in the coming weeks, which leaders say are meant to send a “message to the world” about increased military cooperation between the rogue countries.

In Libya, prophesied to be part of the Ezekiel invasion of Israel, one of the armed groups fighting for control of its capital says it is imposing a “no-fly zone” there. Two unmanned drone aircraft — one American and one Italian — were lost near the capital last week.

Did Revelation 9 Predict the Rise of Drone Swarm Technology? Britt Gillette, author of the End Times Bible Prophecy Blog, warns that synchronized drones let us see the future of warfare. Some prophecy watchers find it interesting that the Bible describes “locust” type creatures that play a significant role in end-time conflict. In John’s vision in Revelation 9, he describes them this way:

“The shape of the locusts was like horses prepared for battle. On their heads were something like crowns of gold, and their faces were like faces of men. They had hair like the hair of women, and their teeth were like the teeth of lions. They had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the sound of chariots with many horses running to battle. They had tails like scorpions and stings in their tails. Their power was to hurt men for five months. They had as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek his name is Apollyon” (Revelation 9:7-11).


Events continue to escalate toward fulfillment of Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38-39.  

Israel’s defense minister, Naftali Bennett, says Israel needs to boost its campaign in Syria. He says a window of opportunity exists to strike at Iran in Syria. “If we do not act today and take advantage of the window of opportunity,” Bennett argues, “in the more distant future, the risk will be greater, and they will paralyze us because of the military capability that is going to develop. More offensive military action alongside increased US economic sanctions and political pressure, these are the things that could get Iran out of Syria.”

Surely, Jesus is coming soon.